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  1. Hello, can you explain how you are supposed to open ? And what's the content ?
  2. "The choice is your own. You know yourself better than I. I simply ask that you consider the life you might have led, the mortal life, had the taint never visited itself upon you back at Candlekeep. I look forward to my own." Okay, that is different. I simply ask that you consider the life you might have led, the mortal life, had the taint never visited itself upon you back at Candlekeep. I look forward to my own." --> He is asking charname to compare the life that charname lived (endless killing) to the life he would have lived if he was never a child of bhaal (so if charname was a huma
  3. If you need help of this kind, just tag me. By the way, I'm hoping one day you will release your mod for BGT and for the single installment of BG:EE and BG2 (by making the items or clues you find importable into the next game) - I don't use EET. Good modding.
  4. Okay I will try to explain to you what I think the author intends. It's been a while since I played Ascension, so I may be wrong. balthfinsol.tra @1015 "had the taint never visited itself upon you back at Candlekeep." // Balthazar to Charname -> I think he is speaking rhetorically. What he means is that Charname was hunted in Candlekeep due to the taint. the_five.tra @31 "I gave you life again, and I can take it away... for the third time." // Charname to Sarevok --> You meet sarevok in BG1 and in the end of BG2 - Soa (in hell). Yes, even if it's a ghost summoned by you, it's sarevo
  5. I would say that you shouldn't think about people exploit this or that stuff, because if people want to exploit, that's their choice. Just make it readily understandable/known that they can be killed with fire, because not everyone plays Durlag tower or has played Durlag Tower.
  6. DavidW, know that I'm really really looking forward to seeing your new version of Wheels of Prophecy. I know that you are busy, but that doesn't mean I can't thank you for the beautiful mods you've released (and that I'm actually playing). Thank you.
  7. I apologize for some of the bullshits I've said there. Sorry everyone, no one is forced to install this and I actually encourage Jabberwock, if he is still around, to actually release his mod for people that would be interested into it.
  8. One question just to make people know this project existed. Is it as Temnix said, a project with no hope of existing, or is even a beta supposed to come out, so we players can contribute or try to contribute in a meaningful way?
  9. Any progress for 2.6? But I have to be sincere: I also enjoy very much your dragon scale skin - please give a thought about a version for people that do not play Siege of Dragonspear
  10. I've given some thought about the fact that you made the resting inside tavern last way less. I think it should be reverted to the way the main quest was. That's due to the fact that that rest was so long to make the player able to explore the underdark.
  11. Are you still working on this mod? I admit this one and The demon and the dragon are currently my most anticipated mod.
  12. Got it. I realized now that there is no option for moving the items from EE-specific areas (I usually disable EE-npcs) to shops. Sad to say, but this way the mod is not my jam. Anyway, congrats for releasing the mod - hope you get some juicy feedback.
  13. Hey, is this mod compatible with both: 1) Thalantyr Item upgrade (mod for BG1) 2) Weimer item upgrade (mod for BG2) Or do we have to avoid installing them?
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