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  1. Yeah this is impressive! I continued the same thread on the beamdog forum, since it was mainly the same people answering, but it really is a godsend for me, really streamlined the process. I should be able to start PI in a few hours and see how it goes, but this was already beyond helpful.
  2. Ah that's great, than I'll make up my mind on the list of mods I want to run and I'll make sure to post the weidu log of the installation order that I chose, hopefully carefully. What do you mean by this? I assume a typo was involved
  3. @Caedwyr I'm all for making the game more lively! And yes stability is what I'm looking to achieve, with a good balance of options and adventures to pick and enjoy through multiple runs! So the curted list of the plethora of popular and quality additions to the game, even if I end up enjoying a portion of it per playthrough, sounds just like my cup of tea. The book club idea for this game is so good! I wish more friends were into this kid of games because that sounds like a lot of fun. @Jarno Mikkola Well that sounds easy enough, as long as I know which mods co
  4. Thanks! Yes you are right, I should probably go light on the mods for my first playthrough. What about quests mods, and class tweaks? I know for sure I'm keeping the Bg1 NPC project, and I was probably going to make a blade bard as Charmane. As far as roles to fulfill in the party, I'll keep that in mind So a EET with a couple of supported mods are fine to install manually?
  5. Hello everyone! (TL;DR at the end) A little background to better explain my situation: around march this year, I finally decided to give Baldur's Gate 1 a try with the enhanced edition (vanilla with the exception for BG1 NPC project, so much quality) , and I had a blast. So much so, that I got so invested in the plot, during the final stage of the game , that I rushed through the last chapter or two caught by the urgency of the situation. I loved the game, and was about to jump into the DLC and then the second one, when I decided I wanted to thoroughly enjoy the first game and
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