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  1. An article from myself on Return to Windspear. Linked Here.
  2. Link to Article: https://medium.com/covering-baldurs-gate/the-truth-behind-edwin-and-valygars-conflict-one-of-baldur-s-gate-ii-s-greatest-mysteries-8441400f8d22 Summary of what is entailed: A bit of background which includes a direct quote from Baldur’s Gate II’s original Game Manual. Brief sections within my piece: It is no surprise they dislike each other. For instance, in one particular exchange between the pair, Edwin sneers, “I’ve been told the gods love a fool. They must think fondly of you then, ranger.” However, whether the ranger or mage spill into a violent co
  3. I certainly won't be! In life, the negative feelings must be blocked out. I have one or two smaller projects lined up, before a much bigger piece. So, I'm focused and committed towards productivity and reaching my goals! Thankyou! Thanks for the link, as well!
  4. I wrote an article on the mysterious sewer encounter. Linked Here! What is covered in the article: https://medium.com/covering-baldurs-gate/unfinished-quests-and-inaccurate-rumours-inside-baldurs-gate-ii-s-minotaur-secret-cd98db0b388d Andorian’s backstory and scripted death. Common theories are addressed. Such as the sewer encounter being cut content due to time and budget constraints. Was the minotaur covered up by Baldur’s Gate 2’s developers? A quote of mine, from one section of the piece: “This particular encounter is shrouded in mystery, so much so, numerous pla
  5. I'm a Baldur's Gate fan & writer. In the past I've written a fanfiction on Jon Irenicus with some spectacular visuals. Description: "Within the city of Athkatla, Jon Irenicus faces tragedy, bloodshed and romance. In a desperate race to restore his soul, the scarred wizard must also deal with his powerful ambitions to become a god. Based on Baldur’s Gate II, the original game’s plot is reimagined and rewritten." The Tales of Jon Irenicus Homepage is linked here. I've included a feature image below! You can read it here: Part One: Through the Sewers.
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