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  1. Oh if it's that don't bother. I will reinstall the mod with the newest version then. I have it pretty late in my mod order so that should work. EDIT: Just as expected, it works now after reinstallation. Thank you.
  2. Uh, oh, I have a problem still with identify. While it works fine with traditional casters now I had my Arcanist memorise it, but it won't show up as a spell that I can select to be casted. Not even greyed out, just nothing.
  3. Hooray for you! Now I can enjoy your improved identify spell with Lefreut's in all its glory. Thank you so much for your tireless work!
  4. Thank you, that looks really cool. But from the looks of it I'm not surprised it doesn't play well with UI mods. When I migrate my run to BG2EE I will be sure to use this component.
  5. So how does this work then? Sorry, if I'm dumb. I cast the spell and then enter inventory and inspect the items to identify and a script will then identify them for me?
  6. Lefreut's is about first in my install order. Maybe I didn't understand what needed to be done. I had Identify as a lvl2 Spell even though the description said lvl1 and it was always greyed out like regular identify. On hover on the main screen it said "use right mouse button" or something along the lines. Identify via spell from inventory was not working.
  7. Thank you so much! I couldn't get the hot fix to install, but uninstalling the old and then installing the new version of the mod fixed my ongoing game. I have included the debug file from the hot fix just for reference. Yes, I play with Lefreut's UI. I can't bring myself to bear with the hideous SoD-UI so I will just give up on identify for now. Shall Xzar be on identify duty. SETUP-5E_SPELLS_HOTFIX.DEBUG
  8. Oh cool, for the time being, I will just limit my self to casting spells from second level on myself, I guess. I hope you can find a way to make it work. Btw, I noticed, that the ring that doubles the first level spells does not give the ability advertised in the readme, but rather adds one lvl1 cast as well as one lvl1 slot. I think this is just fine, but might be an oversight. Sadly I haven't gotten the Arcanist Identify to work. maybe a conflict with spel_rev? EDIT: Another thing I noticed is, that it takes two rests after choosing new spells to have them memorised. When the script switches to 5e-mode, I have to rest again to be able to cast them. Might be by design, but I noticed that after character creation, the script directly adds the unspent casts after switching to 5e style.
  9. I, too, have this problem when casting a second level spell. I have aganazar's and sound burst in my book and casting any immediately depletes all my spells casts. I do have cheated my PC to be a Arcanist/Thief multi class via DLTCEP since eekeeper would kill the Tome and Blood scripts, so maybe that has messed up my save? It did work fine for lvl 1 spells. WeiDU.log Thank you soo much for making these awesome mods and making my favourite game better and better still. Especially this mod, out of all the excellent work you did on BG-mods, fulfils a childhood dream of mine! YOU are AWESOME! EDIT: I did recreate this bug with a new and uncheated arcanist. Losing all casting slots after casting sound burst on another creature. Interestingly, casting sound burst on self does NOT deplete the slots. Also I can cast resist fear on creatures and the ground without any problems. EDIT2: Also Agannazar's only depletes the casts when cast on another creature. I can cast on self without losing the other slots. EDIT3: I Also noticed, that shield protects from beneficial cantrips also. Is that intended?
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