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  1. Thanks for the responses! The good news is this has re-ignited my interest in learning how to mod. Maybe I'll actually get somewhere this time!
  2. Quick question as I'm obviously a bit rusty on all this. I have my save games. If I were to reinstall the older version of the game and then re-install the same mods, theoretically I'd be ok to use my save game? Thanks. edit: well, looks like I got lucky, was able to restore the install folder from File History to pre-update. Definitely turning off auto update on GOG Galaxy!
  3. Thanks. I thought I'd turned off the auto-update on GOG, but apparently I had not!
  4. I saw something on one of the Facebook groups saying that the latest update had broken parts of EET. Well I don't know much about that, but I am having a strange problem after the update. I used the Consistent NPC portraits for Minsc and Viconia. I had selected BG portrait for Minsc and SoD for Viconia. Minsc still works fine, but Viconia now just shows the placeholder image. I've tried running the setup again for her and gone through reinstalling it, changing it to just SoA and Uninstalling it. Nothing makes a difference. Since, at least so far, this is the only problem I've seen, I fi
  5. Hello everyone, I have a question that's hopefully fairly simple to answer. First off, I've played these the whole series a number of times, but my last full play through was probably 2010 or so, so I'm a bit rusty. I played the old BG Trilogy on at least one of those play throughs. Anyway, so for this play through, I did the EET and loaded up a bunch of mods. I hadn't played SoD yet, so that was completely new, and I just finished it. Well, now I'm onto SoA, but I'm considering re-installing BG2EE and partly starting fresh. My reasons are mainly that I'm a bit worried I nerfed the
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