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  1. Thank you for your response! Ultimately the problem resolved itself...or rather, I tapped the "Enter" key out of frustration and whatever was stuck ticked over and kept running other processes. Game is running well and all the mod components seem to be functional! I'm beyond excited to play with a fresh take on the game. Not sure if having it in Program Files will cause further issues down the line, but for now I'm having a blast. Thanks to the team for making such an astonishingly in-depth mod!
  2. Hello all, I'm a long-time BG2 player with some experience with a few mods, but never SCS. I'm midway through the SCS installation right now, and so far nothing seems to have broken. It's taken awhile in some spots (the mage tactics especially) on my fairly new computer -- over an hour and a half so far. But now the installation's been stuck awhile in Improved Vampires, on a few "copying and patching 1 file" lines. As I was searching the forums to see if this is a common problem, I realized that trying to install it in your Steam folder in Program Files is apparently a problem, but I can't find answers about HOW BIG of a problem it is. Does it just sometimes break? Will it be unusable? Basically, I have several questions and I'm hoping someone can help out the newbie: Flat-out, will I have to re-install elsewhere? Or is an installation in Program Files salvageable? How long is the installation supposed to take? If I close the installation DOSbox right now, or if I close it when it freezes again, will that permanently screw up the game? If everything's broken and I have to completely uninstall, will uninstalling BG2EE completely remove the SCS stuff? Or do I have to uninstall SCS first, and then the game? Thank you so much for your help!
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