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  1. It WORKS!!! Well, I do not have sound and do not know yet why, but its just a matter of time I hope Version 0.7.0 so far. No worry, I will be back with questions on the compilation error of the latest versions, but now I just want to experiance some Baldurs Gate on my beloved platform Thank you for this absolutely stunning project!
  2. Well, its a good option also But that way, I want to first build and successfully run latest GemRB on my linux box. Will be back.
  3. I would love to run GemRB on one exotic platform. Its quite vintage and restricted (like for example does not have shared libraries) so I had some troubles building newer versions of GemRB. But the version 0.6.4 builds fine (yesterday I found out that 0.7.0 should build also, but I'm still at the process of slight code patching to build it). The binary starts OK, the starting videos run fine also but when at the menu I press "new game" and then "next" it freezes. I have built 0.6.4 with static linking also on my main linux machine. And when I run gemrb binary it behaves almost the same, t
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