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  1. I don't have the mobile versions to check, but the files exists on all four PC variants. The flavour lines even differ between BG1/BG2/IWD (shared filename, different content), which actually causes a bug in EET because it copies over and manges to override the BG2 flavour lines with the BG1 variants of these voices but keep the BG2 subtitling. All communications implied they'll throw this in freely to all owners so I'm not too worried about mobiles either.
  2. Thankfully we have a bunch of markers for this one, just one example: IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~bdtpag00.WAV~ (Some of the lines in the AoN voicepack couldn't fit into the BG2 singlechar-suffix system, and these additional lines got biffed into a separate package included among all the other ingame files. Every voiceset has 17 of such lines, counted from 00 to 16.)
  3. Okay, makes sense (I was unaware that the casting blocks are specifically tailored to each spell, thought that's also procedurally generated). Thanks for the explanation!
  4. Forgot to attach WeiDU.log incase the components selected make the difference. Silly me. WeiDU.log
  5. I have a question for this one, actually. Would it be possible to have a setting where these files are partially externalized out to somewhere to allow other mods expanding them? Similarly like how BP-BGT Worldmap uses the Worldmap folder to expand the default map with whatever data content mods throw there. This would allow other mod(der)s adding spells to the game allowing SCS to also pick it up and utilize (some of) these spells. Since these would be externalized, you could also offload the responsibility of compatibility maintenance to the projects utilizing them.
  6. One question, why does YARAS change Darkmail's armor class, now that you bring it up? Also, another report. I am using the SoB weapon styles but the dual-wielding AC bonus for smaller weapons throws the game off. When I equip a longsword to my offhand, I momentarily gain the AC bonus of wielding a dagger and it does correct itself after a round or so, but that correction also means every armor piece which would affect my AC are marked as better than what I currently wield (portrait going yellow). This can include a duplicate of the same ordinary helmet I currently wear.
  7. There is a very reason why I haven't said anything to this topic. I don't believe in all-talk-no-bite solutions. I am participating in the EET Compatibility List maintenance already because I know that is time not wasted. I don't believe the same scenario applies here.
  8. Huh, I remember you had issues with this at one point but I can't find the discussion. Duke Eltan's Spare Minute broke again. Order is EET->EBG1->Transitions->BG1RE. ProjectInfinity-Weidu-Debug-bg1re-6-Error.log WARNING: internal label [50] not found in processed DLG [BDELTAN]
  9. There's one issue with YARAS's description though - YARAS drops the modifiers. For example; Plate Armor is listed as Armor Class: 3 but the (0 vs slashing) information is lost from the description, simply because there's no newlines in front of it (atleast on EEs, I'm not sure if classic keeps this separate).
  10. For the record, I accidentally have tested the IWD import after ToTLM with IWDification RC1 two weeks ago and that errored out the components, so even the update to 34.1 might not ensure the install to be error-prone with that install order. And the log attached had ToTLM installed. A7-TOTLM-BG2EE/A7-TOTLM-BG2EE.TP2 0 0 Installed A7-TOTLM-BG2EE/A7-TOTLM-BG2EE.TP2 0 20 Installed A7-TOTLM-BG2EE/A7-TOTLM-BG2EE.TP2 0 30 Installed
  11. My best guess would be a mod conflict here caused by a bad installation order. The tool's maintainer forces a bad installation order on you with the Trials of the Luremaster mod getting installed before SCS's spell components. The ToTLM mod expects to come after SCS's (or IWDification's) IWD spell import but if it can't find those, it'll perform it's own cruder and limited-in-scope conversion which will error out when it's SCS's turn to convert the spells over. Try it without the Trials of Luremaster conversion. Or better, abandon that trash being EE Mod Setup.
  12. Considering that only the WED definition is exposed in the ARE file (with all the others hardcoded to share the filenames)... the obvious answer is yes, it does. Consistency is a nice thing to have.
  13. @abj9562 1) Yes. 2) Try with the components from IWDification RC1, that would be better. Or wait until the next version is released.
  14. Beware with DragonspearUI++ because it might not enable the Beamdog NPCs. I've read two reports about it on Reddit in the last ~10 days but I haven't got there to confirm and tunnel the issue to meowdog and neither person came back to actually confirming if they had the issue with Pecca's version or his one despite I asked them to reporting it there.
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