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  1. https://www.collabora.com/news-and-blog/blog/2020/08/27/using-the-linux-kernel-case-insensitive-feature-in-ext4/ Parsing is reading a variable from a file. It depends on the language if this determinates the variable's type. Which is why I suspect that with the way you're mixing Windows and Linux there causes case-sensitive issues.
  2. Try with a case-insensitive filesystem. Ext4 can do this in recent kernels. Although I wonder what is your exact issue with the Linux version... I do remember it violating the AppImage standard to load something from the system but I don't remember what is that.
  3. EET_Fixpack is only used by Roxanne at this point (because it's not needed and it breaks the 2.6 patch btw) but Roxanne's tool does not support IRR and the install order looks worse than what she proposes.
  4. Sorry, I was wrong there, the ubsetup.tra file is from BG2 UB (it even exists in my current EE location, hah). I still don't know IR(R) at all, but is it possible that IR(R) tries to load BG2 UB strings based on detecting a component?
  5. This isn't an automated install, although it has some issues with ordering for sure (EET Fixpack is trash btw). Note that BG1 Unfinished Business is installed to BG1 and migrated from there on EET installs. If IR(R) expects the bg1ub mod folder in the current installation, that can cause the issue.
  6. I'm interested in this and this makes the most sense to me. Can someone give me the list of items IR changes for the setter->buffer mode? I can't find where it even does that in the code and I'd try wrapping this up into a separate mod. I wouldn't install SR/IR for this anyway.
  7. Wrong. If Steam is running in the background and you're playing the versions from there, it picks up you're playing the game even when it's bypassed. My current EET run using the Steam executable/assets outside Steam folder unlocks BG2 achievements and is counted in my BG2 play hours. And I also get the Steam overlay and FPS counter (which I have permaenabled due to other games). Ofcourse this only works with that version, the GoG version remains ignored by Steam.
  8. Could you clarify this in the readme as well, mentioning the compatibility at one of these components to make the order straightforward?
  9. Also you can stop carrying spare ones when you have a +1 weapon.
  10. From the Spiders component: the Hairy Spider swarmer (mh#swmhs.cre) reveals the fog of war.
  11. Yeah, the FAI hobgoblins always end up with three items for some reason. Also, the HQ arrows have miscentered BAMs and the HQ Longbow/Composite Longbow artwork is flipped (heard it was flipped by EEs but then this assumes classic behaviour).
  12. Tweaks Anthology only provides a component to remove the XP cap. EET_Tweaks provide XP changing components which are global and stack with the mod-specific ones multiplicatively.
  13. What are the other mods you've installed? This sounds like a wrong install order bug. Weidu.log on both installs, please.
  14. Yeah, I don't think the Bracers of AC are ever touched up, that was more of a suggestion...I prolly sit down at one point and carve this functionality out into a private mod at one point then.
  15. I've been told that IR (or IRR? I dunno) changes stuff like the Gauntlets of Dexterity to not set a stat to 18 or so but to buff the respective stat instead with a few points. Generally I find what IR and IRR doing too much and too arbitrary so I'm only interested in this particular feature (especially if it also covers the kinda-unless AC bracers), but as far as the readmes tell me, this is impossible to be installed on it's own without all the other changes. Is this actually IRR-only? is it possible to have this separated out to a component?
  16. Made in Heaven conveys to the standard (which is among the reasons why I play with it). This is false info.
  17. Can we have taslols affected by this? They seem to be omitted from the scope.
  18. @CoraMoose According to the readme @ http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Mods/Readme/drizztsaga_readme.htm , you need to pick up Drizzt after the gnoll encounter and Regis's muttering. I never played with this mod though to know how to trigger Regis.
  19. I'll be returning this a bit, since IESDP actually explains this one - https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/files/2da/2da_bgee/statval.htm and expanding this one with additional values from stats.ids as suggested there might allow a fix. I'm not sure which value should be included in the calculation though.
  20. Installing the random weapons element with HQ weapons allowed turned all hobgonlins around FAI which are not the specific one dropping the Flamedance Ring giving out three HQ Scimitars in EET. The ones under Beregost work proper, so I presume it's something specifically with these ones. EDIT: Actually some of the other nonFAI hobgoblins sometimes doesn't drop a melee weapon. But they still use the ranged ones so it still seems all working.
  21. Figured out my own glitch with Neera-as-Chaos Sorcerer and that was actually... Scales of Balance. Chaos Sorcerers have some spell slot penalties and that along with poor Neera having 11 Charisma when SoB even moves Sorcerer spellslots to be based on Charisma ensures that all the penalties eat up her available spellslots.
  22. You need to pick one. You can mix the styles though, in a way like: [standard subtledoc-suggested install order with Tweaks Anthology before Scales] cdtweaks:2163;cdtweaks - IWD-Style Proficiencies with Weapon Styles scales_of_balance:124;Scales of Balance - WPO - Fighting Style Changes [other preferred Scales components] cdtweaks:2060;cdtweaks - Weapon Styles for All (alone after SoB)
  23. Exactly. That thought is really motivating in my head. It is "off" by default though. If you start your game in say, BG2, you can't enter to Nashkel (EET creates a path between Nashkel and Athkatla to allow revisiting) to revisit BG1 or SoD. If you start in ToB you can't go back to anywhere beyond Watcher's Keep. You can only revisit a game area if you have finished the primary campaign associated with it. I think this actually works better than explicit switches.
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