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  1. I made a new portrait. The zip file above ^ has been updated to include her. Not that anyone cares.
  2. Okay, I made a zip file containing these 13 portraits formatted for both IWD2 and the EE engine. Here's a link. Is there any way this pack could be included in the portrait packs section here? Or is that only for people who are special? (I wish I was special)
  3. I hear ya. This pretty awesome but yet unreleased modding project should interest you, as it would allow you to play the game with the actual IWD2 engine instead of the BG2 one.
  4. Seems I maxed out my allotted attachments on G3 already. Pity. I have a bunch more, but nowhere to upload the BMP files. I might zip them up and upload them on zippyshare.com if anybody cares. Here's an out of format showcase for most of what I have now: Comments, suggestions, critique, anything, any sort of attention would be appreciated.
  5. Now this I like. Thanks. Here's a couple more owl bearers: I play IWD2 on Windows 10 without a hitch... what issues are there supposed to be? I could certainly make them in any size. Am too lazy to find out myself what the dimensions for EET portraits are.
  6. (G3) is a very active modding community + zero interest = sadface
  7. Hello world. Here's a pack of hacky IWD2 portrait edits. The Owlbearers Portrait Pack The zip file contains 14 heroes to be used in either IWD2 or the Enhanced Editions. Here's a couple for a taste... I would really appreciate any comments, especially suggestions for improvement. Also, I'd love to know who you have to kill to get a file on the Portrait Packs section!?
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