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  1. Hi ! I've the same error on "initialize AI components", "no effects altered on spcl321.spl"...the component installs with warnings. I really don't know what to do here. Can I simply remove the file before the installation and put it back after it?
  2. Thanks to Taimon too then !
  3. I know about but I have read there are some incompatibilities with certain mods and install order of these ones, which is actually the kind of mess I'm trying to avoid...I've already enough to do with the mods I have right now, not to say that this new install order I've just made introduced a new "cannot find block matching" error for a "bgttweak" component I hadn't in the previous installation. However, better stick to the "ol' good ways" for now. EDIT : corrected order of the mods, just kept the original order (1st weidu log) but moving BGT and "bggraphics" right before all the big mods (thus having Ascension 1.4.24 still before BGT, as jastey suggested to check). The "cannot find block matching" error is gone, so I keep confirming that for now all is properly working.
  4. I'm glad to confirm that the instructions provided by jastey allow the Balduran Seatower mod to be successfully installed without warnings. Here are the logs Setup-bst.debug WeiDU.log
  5. Thanks for this !! I wouldn't have ever figured out by myself, even tho I don't get why in the book they are put before BGT (probably because the people behind BWP are going to make a new re-arrangement of the mods' order in brief time and for the 19.1 version they are still keeping the "classic" order that was fine with the older CtB & RoT versions). So what about if I put as very first three ToBEx, BG2Fixpack and BGT, and then follow my order as in the weidu log ? Do you think it could be a better solution? lol .. thanks for your assistance jastey ! I'm going to report back asap
  6. jastey here are the logs you asked for...excuse me if I've posted the wrong file before, but my knowledge of the things is near zero, hope these ones can help your investigations. change-log worldmap.txt WeiDU.log
  7. Sure here it is Setup-bst.debug
  8. Hi jastey , you are welcome ! And thanks for the recommendation , but indeed the name of the area which gives me the warning is not AR1800 but AR8100, I've re-checked the log. This happens installing Seatower with Project Infinity and installing it "manually" as well, using as source beta4, beta5 and beta6. I will do as you say, bypassing the warning and moving on. Got to say I'm really enthralled by the dynamics behind the coding of such wonderful creations ! A pity I did not start to study such stuffs when I was 10 ! Forgot to say I'm onto BGT, vanilla, would you say I may safely install the latest beta in place of the v4, recommended by BWP? Thanks again !
  9. I just want to say that this mod appears to be great, CONGRATULATION ! I'd love to play with it installed in the megamod, but there is a question I need an answer to, that I can't find anywhere in the net: following BWP v19.1 book, this mod is positioned at the end of "3 - BG1 QUEST MODS" chapter, and it is suggested to install "BP-BGT Worldmap" after it. But if I install Seatower without the worldmap already installed, I get INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS, in particular: "links from AR8100 were not added because AR8100 does not exist in the worldmap.wmp" then it says: "1 areas and 2 links added to worldmap.wmp" hence I don't understand if it's fine as it is (so I can go on with it and when "BP-BGT Worldmap" is installed near the end of the megamod all things get fixed) , or if it's better to install Seatower right after "BP-BGT Worldmap" (as I already tried to do, and it gives me "SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED" message). Thanks for any suggestion, the Noob has just spoken...
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