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  1. No problem. I think this "enemy" though needs some kick however you can do it. If you take the "evil" path, this should be a pretty big fight for the PC. EDIT: I think he should be treated like a major boss/baddie.
  2. Fair enough. I enjoy this mod but this particular fight is pretty brain-dead compared to the rest of the big enemy encounters. He should at least have a death spell at the top of the repertoire, I think, so you can't block the door with skeleton warriors and throw in some area-affect spell and kill everyone.
  3. For me, it has to be the battle with Sendai. I think a lot of it has to do with the music in that fight. I just love that piece. I think one of the BG1 mods should fix her character though. She's a "forest encounter" throw away in BG1. Her stats should reflect her BG2 stats, even if that makes her basically unkillable at this point in the game. Unleashing that womp would be pretty awesome and hint at what's to come.
  4. OK, so he's a thief/mage (someone in that fight I thought was casting cleric spells). His stats are honestly pretty lame by the time you get to that fight, I think. Can you amp this up a bit? He's Bhodi's antithesis if you chose this path and I think this fight should be more substantial.
  5. Does this mod change anything with the Aran Linvail fight if you side with the vampires? I threw a death a fog into the room and everyone stood there and died...? At the least they should come running out of the room and fight. I think he's a thief/cleric and there's two mage-somethings in that room.
  6. Being evil aligned has everything working against you in this game. I think the PC should *always* be evil, (alignment) based solely on his/her Bhaal heritage. You're the child of an evil God. So you're evil, and you have to deal with it. That doesn't mean you can't walk a righteous path and do good deeds. You should have to fight this urge (if you choose), and this plot line should be encouraged within the game. It's pretty clear to me, the SoD plot-line is some type of metaphor for the Iraq war and Caelar is supposed to be George Bush. Maybe I'm reading too much into all of this. So there's notions of moral ambiguity (or not). But if you buy into the idea that the PC is inherently evil, then you should be able to do "evil" things, like join the Throne, or in a more philosophically ambiguous position, join the the Crusade. Ultimately it's a role-playing game, and one might want to control a character that's somewhat different than their actual persona in the real world.
  7. Calahan seems like an idiot, and he hangs out right in front of Mendas' house (who can't manage to get the charts without help). I think this plot element is either too convenient or very unconvincing. I understand why this is needed but the way this is currently implemented doesn't really make much sense from a role-playing POV.
  8. I was thinking about a way to introduce the player to the history of the tower. Ultima VII is a game that's very mechanically similar to BG. In U7, There's a museum in the "main" city of Britania, that has exhibits and artifacts dealing with the hero's past deeds and the history of the realm. A "Balduran Museum" doesn't seem like something that would be out of place in the tower (and a target to steal something from, if inclined, like the Balduran items from BG2). Maybe even a reward for donating Balduran's logbook from the island to the museum (otherwise useless)
  9. I was the original poster but wasn't logged in -- - I might not have had the latest version -- I'm going to re-do Candlekeep and I'll post back. - I didn't use Charm but was a hidden thief when I initiated the dialog with the mage.
  10. So I'm playing through with a mage (with the same mods). If the PC identifies the belt, all is well. If a storekeeper identifies the belt, then the lockup occurs.
  11. The names of the towers are good - it supports game lore. but each description also had something along the lines of "door" or "stairs" to the tower, right next to them, which might be redundant (I don't recall exactly how these were named).
  12. I played BST in my latest playthrough and thought this mod was enjoyable and *very* professionally done. I didn't encounter any bugs whatsoever with this mod. I have some very nit-picky recommendations, understanding this is beta software and incomplete -- The first quest the PC is likely to encounter is the crypt. I was confused WRT exactly what I was supposed to do here. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to kill everything (or not). The dialogs and log entry hints at how this encounter should be handed, but I just wasn't sure. I was expecting a Demogorgon-like enemy but ended up hacking a bunch of generic skeletons (I appreciate all the arrows). Exactly what the Sea Tower *is*, should probably be explained somewhere. Maybe a character at the entry way, similar to how the tour guide operates in Durlag's Tower, or maybe some books on shelves, or something at the Balduran statue that gives a condensed history of the tower and why it exists. If I wasn't up on Forgotten Realms lore, this area would probably be perplexing. The map view is too busy with too many "tacks". I don't think every staircase and entryway to each tower on the wall needs to be identified individually. The backgrounds also tend to look somewhat blurry. I assume probably everyone has newer and better monitors than I do (I have a triplet of 12+ year old Dell monitors that I run at 1024x768) and this might not be obvious on 4K displays or whatnot, but it shows on low-end displays like this. I'm essentially blind so I don't bother with buying good monitors, and I run the game fully "zoomed in", by the mouse wheel, which is probably how the game looked in 1990-whatever at 640x480. Anyhow, this is just some *very* nit-picky criticisms of an excellent mod with a lot of potential. This mod caused no problems with the game overall which is very refreshing.
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