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  1. And is it possible to set ALT (highlight) as always pressed or to make it a toggle?
  2. Well, I found a Windows build that lets me access the Worldmap while we figure out my issues with Linux. Playing BGT in the BG1 section and the game does pause while looting or in inventory. I can't manually pause either while in these screens. Is there an ini setting or unhardcoded somewhere to set Pause to loot or inventory? I have pause on dialogue. Also, would it be possible to recompile the Windows build with all of the latest commits? The most recent is 7/13. Thanks!
  3. I replied to the closed issue, but it looks like I have a new error now. Should I start another thread?
  4. darpaeklightmaps.tar.gz It couldn't find my chitin key. So I cheated and installed wine WOW! I'm like an official bugtester!
  5. I don't have either in my Override. It doesn't seem like it would be a problem with just those two lightmaps. I'll bet I'm having a problem with all of my lightmaps.
  6. So, AR6600 is where my saved game is at. The first exterior outside of Candlekeep in BGT Yeah. On a new game it's giving me AR0015. Candlekeep.
  7. It found Python and a bunch of packages it couldn't find earlier. I don't understand how it can't find SDL_Mixer but the music still plays. Here are some compiler errors I am getting with the second line: I don't know if this is good or not, but the loading bar got more full, so we seem to be making progress. And the error message is different this time.
  8. I updated the Python dev and recompiled. Had a couple of objects recompile. Still crashed on Loading Game, but the error log is slightly longer. I wouldn't know how to change the Python path if I tried. My knowledge of Python ends at PANDAS and Anaconda.
  9. No luck. Failed on load again. Also, failed on chargen. Tried BG2 and TOB imported and created just for throughness.
  10. Above are the errors I get when starting GemRB Freezes on load. Below is the error when it freezes: This was the re-build. It looked like it worked, except it still can't find a bunch of libraries that I have installed. This is the backtrace after the freeze on load:
  11. I fixed the sound problems. Apparently it is sending the sound to my tower in the other room. I had the door closed.
  12. Good morning! The windows binary crashed on the Worldmap I boot into Ubuntu, follow the instructions on the first page and I have no sound and I still get the error on chargen and load. I use the AppImage, I still have no sound, and I have the green squares. However, I am able to access the Worldmap. LOL
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