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  1. What those sentiments typically miss out on (even though we try to say it all the time) is that plenty of people cooperate "across forum lines." For instance, to help make up for the fact that some of the "PPG core modders" have wandered off in recent years, people like Jastey and DavidW have helped update and maintain some mods recently. Over time, most of the prolific/accomplished/whatever you want to call them modders have contributed in some way to mods developed/hosted outside their "home" forum. (Sim is credited on a zillion mods. I've lent some time and voicework to non-PPG productions. Kulyok has produced popular mods on both G3 and PPG. Etc.) Although there are arguments, disputes, and disagreements from time to time, the fact is that most modders seem to feel pretty comfortable lending a hand on most forums. The divisions are mostly cosmetic, or represent benign differences of opinion, but are still valuable for the reasons I mentioned. Like I said, I'm a little bit behind. As far as keeping existing entries up to date, the modlist actually allows people to establish a username and password when they input their entries so that they can maintain their own listing, although in practice most people do not avail themselves of this option when they submit a link. So then it's up to the free/available time of the modlist maintainers (these days, Kulyok and me) to fix problems as they occur.
  2. This has recently been brought up again here. To summarize: - People don't always get along, so it's a good idea to have multiple destinations so that everyone can have their say. - Even when people do generally get along (like, say, CamDawg and me) they can still have different ideas about how things should be done, what kinds of mods are worth encouraging, etc. - Competition, even when perfectly friendly, is good for the species. - Every so often a mod site administrator has been known to flip out and nuke his board. It's nice to not have the entire community seize up when that happens, and multiple sites helps preserve that continuity. Oh, and I don't understand the question about updating the mod locations--can you clarify?
  3. We're a little behind on some updates but it tends towards completeness.
  4. This is pretty funny, although not as funny as my credit in the later version.
  5. I'm not complaining (well, not exactly... it is a little jarring to go to the character view and suddenly have the screen focus drastically change, but you never promised me a rose garden), just saying that I think a little more explicit "this is what you do and don't get" documentation is warranted.
  6. Strong suggestion: State clearly "This mod only affects the main, playable game screen. It does not affect the resolution of interface screens like the New Game and Load Game screens, which will default to use the conventional resolution you selected in BGConfig." Unless you like getting spurious bug reports from the impatient and/or timid who see that the initial screen isn't any bigger and figure your mod is no good. (unless of course this behavior is actually a bug...)
  7. Anybody else who cannot reach PPG ever, please PM me a traceroute. It's possible that your IP range is being blocked for some reason which only makes sense to server operators and that I can have it corrected--that's actually been the case for one person already. (tracert pocketplane.net at a Command Prompt window will do.)
  8. Typically a traceroute (tracert, for Windows users) can help indicate where a connection is breaking down. But yes, the site has generally been up--certainly not down for four days. However, it's always possible that behind the scenes the server operators have taken some sort of action that bans certain ranges of IPs so if you continue to have trouble, PM me the result of your traceroute here and I'll see if it's something on our end.
  9. No, it's part of the design that Solaufein doesn't care.
  10. Since plenty of mods seem to already be detecting on Kelsey anyway... Name: Kelsey SoA Script: J#klsy ToB Script: J#klsy25 Romance is serious number: 2 Romance kill number: 3 For female?: 1 For male?: 0 Can kill other romances?: 1 Can be killed by other romances?: 1 Romance Variable: J#KelseyRomanceActive Added
  11. And the PPG link can change to http://modlist.pocketplane.net/index.php?ax=list&cat_id=37
  12. When will Blonde Imoen be translated?
  13. Yes, although the "everyone has a personal prefix" thing can still get to be troublesome if you're collaborating with someone else. Unless I planned to use Ghrey's J# prefix for Kelsey (which I didn't because it was "his" prefix and I am morally opposed to the dangerous abuse of the reserved # character), we ran into some "bah, you called it THAT?" problems, especially on Kelsey-TOB. And yes, farcture's hell on prefixes.
  14. It's still possible to write conflicting mods even WITH prefixes especially if you have a larger group using the same prefix... one particularly lamentable incident involved overlap between Kelsey and the FW Item Pack. While it's certainly possible to worry "too much" about prefixing, in general, yes, it's better to have than not to have.
  15. jcompton

    A FAQ...

    I actually wasn't prompting, I was just hoping you'd reassure people that it doesn't sound too much like them. Oh, and that I don't sing. This seems to be very important to people that I don't sing.
  16. jcompton

    A FAQ...

    Q: I've heard he sounds like Kelsey, or Jasper or Alivad or something like that. Is this true?
  17. TISpack's author, Per Olofsson, is now compiling Mac binaries with the new official distros, V0.91 has both PC and Mac OS X executables. Click here.
  18. Oh, yay for the linkmaster, I couldn't find it. I've put it on the PPG TISpack site as well.
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