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  1. the link in the fist post is correct now, and the archive contains updated macroes, with (hopefully) understandable readme, as the bigg suggested. They are actually pretty simple, when you get used to it. Iedsp is of great help=).
  2. super-slow is no different from super-haste. Same as you grow bigger or all the other world gets smaller. There's no difference if there's nothing else to compare to. edit: on the second thought, there are deities, though
  3. ha, I thought I was the only one who was tinkering with it=). I've made some code that makes potions effects refreshable and non-stackable, but never got to release it. There were 2 issues, though - I could only make them dispel self within a second - immediate dispel didn't work with any order of effects, and each time such dispel used a hardcoded line from mssectype.2da appears. If there's no line or there is an immunity to it, then an empty line appears anyway. So I considered it non-suitable for the fixpack. Did you manage to avoid these? I'm too lazy to read your code thoroughly=)
  4. Use Viconia with some magic resistance items on her
  5. i just deleted them, the new link was several posts lower. I updated the first post now
  6. could anyone make an update? or remove the old ones from wiki, at least? I'm feeling ashamed of them
  7. COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.cre$~ ~override~ PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x2d3) THEN BEGIN READ_STRREF 0x8 name READ_BYTE 0x237 sex LOOKUP_IDS_SYMBOL_OF_INT gender_text ~gender~ sex READ_BYTE 0x272 race LOOKUP_IDS_SYMBOL_OF_INT race_text ~gender~ race READ_ASCII 0x2cc dialog PATCH_PRINT ~creature=%SOURCE_RES%, name=%name%, gender=%gender_text%, race=%race_text%, dialog=%dialog%~ END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES I can't check how it works right now, but it should be fine. The output is in the debug. Gambatte kudasai=)
  8. You should only create an empty .wav file in the override folder. If nobody answers you earlier, I'll tell you it's name tomorrow - I'm at work now.
  9. Gort


    maybe you should open your game with NI and see if you have some effects attached?
  10. Gort


    I would suppose *.2da means all 2da in this folder=)
  11. I would first try #183, although iedsp says the effect does not work.
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