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  1. You'd think that would apply to moderators too.
  2. Nice. I included some similar templates in BAM Batcher (under "Tools"), but that was some time ago, and I was using PaintShop Pro.
  3. +10 And of course, I'm nominating Cam to do the work. Even though he (or some other Lumbergh) already had me do it for some EE or other (IWD if I recall arightly), so it should already be theoretically compatible with some heavy-handed code juggling (i.e., translating Orcish WeiDU to something understandable). But then, Cam has been a bit standoffish about assimilating other mods (and this after he proposed the Tweaks Borg--resistance is futile).
  4. TL;DR (kidding, I scanned it at least). Not exactly new news I suppose, but it might be for the L1NPCs tp2. Do you traify the LANGUAGE strings themselves? This has traditionally been the problem. I don't know much about French, but Espanol and Español are two different things. Some modders have gotten around this by using "Castellano" instead (as I see someone specified in that thread). Subpar, in my opiñion (sort of like using "American" instead of "English"). Don't get me started on how to handle Russian and such as in that thread; at least I'm talking about Latin languages that should have native ANSI characters.
  5. I don't know if I've done it quite like that, but last I checked (and it's been a while), I thought this worked: StateCheck(LastSeenBy(),STATE_CHARMED)
  6. In the command (installer) window, these characters should translate to Français and Español accordingly, unless something different and innovative happened with WeiDU when I last wrote in it (which is entirely possible).
  7. Well, I guess Kentucky and Bourbon press a certain vocabulary on a man's soul. Still, I have no idea what we're talking about, but I asked some questions I intend to receive answers for. And if not, them damn yankees got something comin' to them.
  8. It's good, but I've developed a very heavy hand as an editor. ~Noober? You know, you might think I'd do anything to get a small sum of gold. But I wouldn't take in Noober for all the gold in the world. You can't expect me to do that to my sister who'd be the one listening to his endless babble!~
  9. *Casts "Summon Ascension64. Fails.* Yeah, that would be great if it succeeded. Last I heard, he was busy being an MD in Asia or something.
  10. Offhand, it seems like an issue with EET not recognizing Linux filepaths. Hopefully, someone can remedy this.
  11. Snow was never really implemented in the engine, from what (little) I recall. Maybe hurricanes and earthquakes would be more realistic, but I don't know how we'd implement those.
  12. What a weird bug. "I have had this bug for years. I can confirm that it only happens in SCS. In my experience the problem is not caused by the spells that he is casting. It has to do with the other druid. When the other druid attacks Osmadi it crashes the game." Someone else said something about the spear of backbiting being an issue, but without real confirmation. I dunno. DavidW is usually smart enough to have fixed this years ago.
  13. How many times have you tested this? Offhand, I think there's a percentage chance for the battle cry to fire on each charge, but I'm not entirely sure.
  14. Sounds fantastic. Like, literally the stuff of fantasy heh.
  15. Well, see, we don't get it because you made Cam delete [old user's] name. I didn't get back here quick enough to see who it was, though I might hazard a guess. And more oddly, I might even agree with Ardanis on something. We regularly revive old jokes at others' expenses, just like we revive the Cold War. Good times.
  16. This is Cam's next task, after he finishes his TPS reports and the glowing gnoll zombies in the stronghold dungeon (eh, inside jokes... you probably wouldn't want to see what's buried in the ancient forum history for this mod).
  17. Whoa, what's with all the new stuff? Did you bring in some entry-level graduates, farm some work out to Singapore, that sort of thing?
  18. Feel free to slurp up all the tweak components from Aurora while you're at it (which is like all of them except the first two). Oh, and if you could just ahead and make it all EE-compatible while you're at it, that would be terrific. Mkay? Thanks! [Edit: I see your post now about "economic" tweaks, but they're still tweaks, and Tweaks already contains some, no? I'd say those SCS components sound like tweaks too. In any case, a Canadian goose that's flown to Mexico for the winter is still a Canadian goose.]
  19. So... I can't talk you into writing several thousand lines of new code? There's also approximately a metric shitton of mod NPCs to add per author requests (as per the pinned thread). I also coded a whole slew of bugfixes in my v2, but I'll be damned if I remember where I put it...
  20. I can't say I've ever heard of such a thing, and I put the comprehensive Tutu mod list together (in my signature), years ago anyway. Then again, my memory is a bit hazy these days. There are newer mods that mess with this sort of thing, but I think most of them are EE-based.
  21. It only took you 12 years. Summon Cow should've been at the top of your priority list.
  22. As for slowness and stuttering, you should definitely install Generalised Biffing on a Tutu install as the last entry in your log. Tutu isn't biffed (well) to begin with and has a lot of duplication and redundancies. Installing mods only multiplies the issue, and biffing certainly will speed things up. I don't know if that was the root problem, but it won't hurt, especially if you have an install you're happy with.
  23. Surely someone has done this by now? I don't follow the newer forums (or hell, let's face it, even the elder ones like this), so someone throw me a bone here, eh? If not, I'm willing to get back into it. Ehm, wait, I'm willing to crack my knuckles, flex my fingerbones, and cast the spell to pass the coding wisdom handed down from the holy Nythrun (and others) on to the next acolyte. Ehm, wait, I'm willing to sit back and observe someone who's already done this. This has happened, right?
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