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  1. Heheh, I haven't got my schedule that far ahead, but possibly.
  2. Hey, that reminds me, did you take any pictures when we went to Kelsey's? I seem to recall your husband taking a photo, but I'm not sure now.
  3. Short story shorter: Andyr was wondering if there was a tool that could quickly paste the sounds from one .cre to another, and I mentioned that NI could copy and paste multiple blocks. I also mentioned that I had made a .tp2 that set some other options in a .cre that had been newly converted from a .chr by NearInfinity, to make it more easily editable. Here's the instructions.txt: "What it does: CHRtoCRE removes a few leftover flags that are part of a .chr file, for easier editing. These are: - Export Allowed flag is deleted - Sounds are blanked - Portraits are blanked
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    Okay, never mind, the bug was my fault, for renaming the original versions .tp2 to have "setup-" prepended to it. Installing v2 didn't overwrite that, and WeiDU thought the setup- one took precedence.
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    Are you sure the ACTION_IF isn't just local? I don't recall seeing it at all in the .tp2 I downloaded (v2, if that there icelus.net site is to be trusted).
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    Ran into a few bugs while trying to install v2. I fixed 'em all locally, but it's bizarre that I got them and no one else seems to have. First off it couldn't find any .tra references, so I put LANGUAGE ~english~ etc. at the third line of the .tp2. Then it couldn't find the Imoen banter file, and I didn't see any checks or anything for it in the .tp2. Added a line to check for _Bimoen, then run the imoen.d you provided (with a change to make it fit the Tutu naming scheme. Namely, adding an underscore in front of the filename.) Changed the banter file to refer to Imoen's tutu banter
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