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  1. To change the walkign speed in that saved game, you'd have to edit the saved game itself. Oh, or what you could do is this: Load your saved game. Export your character. Edit him as shown above. Reload your saved game as a multiplayer game. (just move it to the mpsave folder from the save folder) Import your newly fixed main character. Start the game. Save it. From there you can either put it back into the save folder, or leave it in mpsave, or whatever.
  2. You can backstab with any weapon a single-class thief can use.
  3. That red band bugs you that much?
  4. Hehe, wow, ego trip. I'm known to an infrequent visitor, and you talk about me (albeit rarely). Go me. Excuse me, my head seems to be swelling, so I think I ought to go have a lie down.
  5. Heheh, well, thanks. I'm surprised more people haven't done any. It's lots of fun. As for being recognized, I'm not sure what you mean. Your friend was like, "Hey, that's that pirate dude from your video game sites!" or something?
  6. Wow, this is some kind of awesome. Here's me, if I had several million dollars: http://members.shaw.ca/jessedmeyers/misc/southpark_fain.jpg
  7. I'd prefer paladins of specific gods. Ilmater especially.
  8. What if there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for dropping an NPC in a dangerous area temporarily, though? Sending them back to an inn--which could possibly be (nearly) inaccessible at the time--when all you want to do is drop them off could be irritating. Why change the irritation of being unable to send them to an inn with the irritation of being unable to send them anywhere but an inn? I can't recall which areas those are, but I'm in favour of allowing the player more options, not less. Dropping them off, only to have them die in Saradush/drown in the Cloakwood mines, is part of being a leader. Or something. Heh. I agree with you to some extent. If one of my NPCs is dead beyond resurrection (chunked, fireballed, lightning-bolted, disintegrated, etc.) I don't reload, but deal with the consequences. I'm not so sure a convenience feature like this should have consequences on the rest of the game. Like NPCs running off with my suit of ankheg plate just because I wanted them to stand around for five minutes while I "freed" Skie from the clutches of her father.
  9. That won't work. The frozen death effect is like petrification and disintegration. They all destroy all non-quest-essential items.
  10. Okay, that's all I could find. The code seems solid, it's just the writing that could do with a tweak or two, I think.
  11. When you boot Khalid from the party, the first player option is "Jaheira, blah blah blah." Edit: This is in a danger zone (FW1900). In a safe area (FW2301) the options are both for "Khalid".
  12. Found a few things. Will report further as I find more stuff. First, string #86956 isn't fixed. In the .tp2 it seems to think Jaheira will say "Perhaps it is for the best. I would rather be somewhere else, as you appear to be somewhat of a lost cause. You have some of Gorion's sense, but little of his wisdom. Come, Khalid, there are better places for us than this." but for me it says "Sometimes people do things that make no sense." I suggest changing all SAY #xyz to SAY ~Actual text.~ since WeiDU will automatically re-use a string that's in the dialog.tlk. You won't have to worry about duplicate strings. That brings me to the fact that the player can choose an option that actually results in Jaheira and Khalid leaving forever. That seems a bit silly to me, since you're not able to do that in the game already, can you? I want to be able to tell them to stay put, even in a dangerous area, if I want to. Maybe I just want to drop them off for a second while I get another NPC, check out his stats, and tell him to meet me at the Friendly Arm Inn. Finally, both Jaheira and Khalid use the same words for the same situations, the only difference being Khalid's stutter. That seems a bit odd, too, but it could just be because I read them in the .tp2, not in-game. I'd still prefer they have different dialogue. I might have two or more separate occasions in-game where I kick them from the party, and I might click Jaheira for one, and Khalid for the other time. Will continue testing.
  13. Yeah, that should be no trouble. PM me a download location or e-mail it or something? ghreyfain at pocketplane.net
  14. Can one actually put a magic missile enchantment on an arrow fired from a longbow? Hehehe. Nice job distinguishing the difference between reality and parody.
  15. Why 100? For Tutu we use 1, and things seem fine. Or does it still mess things up?
  16. Verify that the death variable (or Script Name) of the creature is actually S_ARRICK, would be my guess.
  17. My Yahoo! doesn't seem to like that url. It comes up with an error. I figured maybe it was ".rss" at the end, but while that worked, all it did was bring up an RSS for the forums.
  18. Ah, in that case I'd say all the evidence comes together logically. Psychic zen mastery of the universe > dudes with inside-out faces who won't even use guns because they consider them sissy.
  19. I'm telling you, it's all about her psychic zen kung fu. I'm not sure why they didn't just shoot her, though. Maybe they ran out of ammo.
  20. I haven't seen it used in BG1 or 2, but in Icewind Dale I saw it used with Arundel. When you highlight him and press tab, the name that pops up is "Old Man" or something, and then in dialogue it's "Arundel". Could be a good way to disguise quest NPCs, because everyone knows you always have to talk to people with names.
  21. Are you sure it was a fighter, and not just an unarmoured thief? In BG2, all unarmoured characters except mages look alike. With the hooded-unarmoured-avatars component, that changes so that all unarmoured non-mages look like thieves with leather armour. The fact that you're using a robe makes it look like they're unarmoured.
  22. I've been told that kensais are very weak in Tutu, so I'd avoid them. As for the others, I haven't really thought about it too much, to be honest. Bounty Hunter might be fun, with all his array of traps, but he'll likely suffer in other areas if you want him to be any good at actually setting traps. Whatever you decide to do, let us know. I'm sick of hearing bug reports, and wouldn't mind actually talking about how fun (or unfun) it is to play the mod.
  23. So if yours proves to be least buggy, couldn't we just CALL it the BPDetectable Spells package and let KD distribute it?
  24. Her SPACE LONGBOW was pretty dumb. And yeah, her attempts at wrestling with the space assassin reminded me a lot of the scene in The Princess Bride where Wesley's attacked by an ROUS and Buttercup whacks--not even whacks, pokes--it feebly with a log a few times.
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