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  1. Okay, never mind, the bug was my fault, for renaming the original versions .tp2 to have "setup-" prepended to it. Installing v2 didn't overwrite that, and WeiDU thought the setup- one took precedence.

  2. Are you sure the ACTION_IF isn't just local? I don't recall seeing it at all in the .tp2 I downloaded (v2, if that there icelus.net site is to be trusted).

  3. Ran into a few bugs while trying to install v2. I fixed 'em all locally, but it's bizarre that I got them and no one else seems to have.


    First off it couldn't find any .tra references, so I put LANGUAGE ~english~ etc. at the third line of the .tp2.


    Then it couldn't find the Imoen banter file, and I didn't see any checks or anything for it in the .tp2. Added a line to check for _Bimoen, then run the imoen.d you provided (with a change to make it fit the Tutu naming scheme. Namely, adding an underscore in front of the filename.) Changed the banter file to refer to Imoen's tutu banter file.


    And... that was it, as I recall. Let me know if you want these fixes.

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