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  1. Waterworld had a great concept. Damn Costner. He fucks everything up. Rrgh. And re: River being the heroine, she seemed more like "the powerful artifact that could unleash untold destruction upon the world, so the heroes have to keep out of the evil dudes clutches" than anything. Gina Torres and the horny mechanic girl were more heroic than her, although that's just me. Animal Mother was cool, too. He's like the space version of The Man With No Name.
  2. He's like Jules from Pulp Fiction! I also think the hippy girl was supposed to be really good at kung fu because her mind was honed by the Alliance. Like Pai Mei, the old sensei from Kill Bill. Mind over matter. I thought it was a pretty kick-ass movie, myself.
  3. Yeah, but that's because nobody wants to play NeJ. Har har is joke don't kill. Even if BioWare didn't crack down on a ToB-without-ToB mod, I'd still say ones time would be better spent elsewhere. Just tell people to buy ToB. It's not rare like PST or BG1 (is BG1 rare these days?).
  4. As I said before, the last two lines from each BG1 NPC don't even exist in Tutu, because there's no room for them in the .cre file. That's why you never hear them. Unless you're talking about something entirely different, like the lines the NPCs say to each other every now and then if you let them stand idle for a while. Eldoth in sulting Shar-teel, Alora complimenting Edwin, etc.
  5. Well, Watcher's Keep is a part of ToB, so no. And porting it to be playable in SoA doesn't seem like that great an idea, since it's affecting BioWare's ability to sell copies of ToB. Unless you do like Tutu does and require that ToB be installed before installing the Watcher's Keep mod, but... yeah, it'd already be there.
  6. The soundsets for NPCs between BG1 and BG2 are different. In BG1, you had, say, 4 "selected" sounds, and 4 "easter egg" sounds. I call them easter eggs because they didn't play unless you clicked that NPC exclusively for about four cycles of his regular "selected" sounds. In BG2, an NPC has "selected" sounds, and two "rare" ones. These, however, play at random, they're just rare. You could click once, move around a bit, equip an item, select another NPC, then come back to your first NPC and they might spout a "rare" line. In BGTutu, you are given the option of keeping two of the four "easter egg", because that's all the room that exists in a BG2 .cre file for "rare sounds". The Xzar sound you're not hearing is just one of the ones we had to cut. All that said, I'll add my personal preference on the subject, with an example. In the Chloe NPC mod, the developer has her do some BG1-esque "easter egg" lines--jokes, basically--thinking they would behave as the rare sounds in BG1 did. Except they don't, so you have these silly lines interrupting your game every so often, which I find irritating. All NPC mod authors, don't do this! Or if you do, be aware of what you're doing, and offer the option to not have rare joke selected sounds.
  7. Unkillable children is only in the european versions of the game, of course. I've fireballed a number of little tykes accidentally on a number of occasions. They char up real good.
  8. Hey, I haven't been reading this thread at all, but I thought I'd share an amusing anecdote. It was back when I played Warcraft 2 a lot, and had created a campaign for it using the map editor. If I do say so myself, it was far and above one of the best there was (at least on the site I uploaded it to). Anyways, some guy came along and e-mailed me about how he liked my work, and suggested we should collaborate on a campaign. I expressed interest, and asked him what he had planned. He told me details of his plot and stuff, which I read and thought "Wait, one of the other awesome-level campaigns available for download has the same exact plot." Then he showed me some maps as examples of what kind of work he could do. They were my maps, with the terrain-set changed (which could be done by flicking a switch), and the starting units in different spots/quantities. I told him to fuck himself. And that's my copyright infringement story. Oh, oh, and once upon a time, I also bought a CD full of like 200 or so Warcraft 2 maps, thinking they were officially endorsed by Blizzard, but it turns out it was just a collection of incredibly lame maps created by some random schmoe. An example from the IE would be if someone created hundreds of overpowered insta-kill items or permanent improved alacrity, and made them available on CD. And you had to CLUA them into your game. Imagine if we could sell our stuff, and someone thought they were getting BioWare-level quality, but wound up with TDD. Or imagine if someone was making a CD of mods for sale (assuming BioWare let them do so), and they used our mods without permission. That little copyright bit is the "go fuck yourself" thing you want. Edit: Oh, oh, and I won my copy of the expansion set in a level-creation contest on MSN. I was just that good. Heheh. In reality, I think there were ten winners out of a couple hundred entries? Something like that.
  9. I recall dual-classing her in naked BG1, and with her massive strength, her backstabs were something terrifying to behold. I think I dualled her at level 3, which I don't think is entirely power-gamed for maximum kickassness, but she was still good.
  10. Pfft, I thought about releasing 9 mods the other day, but I decided to take a nap instead.
  11. Hey, I'm drunk right now! I knew I did it for a reason! Happ biorthday.
  12. Yes, Tutu mods are awesome. Try not to unbalance things with the IWD weapons into Tutu, though. I say this because I want mods that I'd play, not because I want to forbid you from making mods with +5 weapons or anything. It's just that IWD and BG1 were quite different on the power scale, as I recall.
  13. You do. You need to play Core or above to get varying hit points.
  14. Don't all throwing daggers increase attacks by 1? Darts by 2?
  15. Heheh, I haven't got my schedule that far ahead, but possibly.
  16. Have you tried re-testing this thing with a new game, instead of a saved game?
  17. Hey, that reminds me, did you take any pictures when we went to Kelsey's? I seem to recall your husband taking a photo, but I'm not sure now.
  18. I'd like to chime in on Andyr's side of things here. To me it seems that you can have a long sword, and there are a bunch more. So a longsword that strikes a bit harder/faster/whatever due to magic is called Long Sword +1. Then you have Arbane's Sword. Is it Arbane's Sword +2? Does that mean there's an Arbane's Sword +4 floating around somewhere? Could I commission a few Arbane's Sword +1s for my bodyguards? If anything, I would go the route of having its name be "Arbane's Sword", then the description would be something like: Arbane's Sword Short Sword +2 Story here. STATS! After all, people name their swords and stuff, even if they're not magical. What if the PC picks up a long sword named Jordo's Whacker? Are we going to name each individual long sword? No, so all these individual long swords fall into the generic category of Long Sword. Same goes for Long Swords +1 throughout the game. There're too many to have them all named, even though each one is unique. Anyways, I'm not sure I've made much of a point here, so I'll quit my rambling while I'm ahead. Or while the deficit's not too huge. Yeah.
  19. Ghreyfain

    Father Nature

    I really question how bad guys aim can be. I don't recall ever missing in my twenty-three years. I mean... wtf? A toilet bowl is what, 12 inches across? 16 even?
  20. Did you learn to drive a standard? If not, try to learn that next. So much fun. Edit: But cars are bad though and you should ride a bike or take the train or something.
  21. I'm not too clear on what you're actually asking. Start what appropriate strrefs? Actor's string table?
  22. Unless you somehow have LOCALS in mastarea.2da? Heheh. Would that do anything, I wonder?
  23. I tried having AR0309.bcs do DisplayStringHead() on the PC when a LOCALS was set to 1. It never happened.
  24. I've never tried it, but I don't think they do. The joke's probably that Sim was high while he coded it or something. Maybe I'll go check that out now (after having voted. Heh).
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