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  1. So there are no mods anywhere. Cool.
  2. I'm not one of the people who cares how sloppy something is if it isn't seen by the end-user. End Product justifies the means, and all that. The hassle of downloading a mod with a whack of redundant code is far less than being notified of and downloading an entirely separate mod, I feel.
  3. There's no repeated content, because the installation also checks to see if the banter's installed already.
  4. That's not how it'd work, though. Let's say Bons and I got the lead out and actually finished the banter components, and Finch/Mur'Neth chatter it up, too. We have three mods, all with content for each other. User Joe installs Mod A. No other NPCs are installed, so no cross-banter. User Joe installs Mod B. Mod B's .tp2 has a check to see if Mod A is installed. If so, it installs the banter without even asking the user. Joe then installs Mod C, whose installer checks for and finds both Mod A and B installed, and installs the banters for both those mods. A can = Indira, Finch, or Mur'Neth B can = Finch, Mur'Neth, or Indira C can = Mur'Neth, Indira, or Turnip Golem Finch All this without the user having to download a separate pack, go back and re-select a component from a mod, etc.
  5. Finch/Indira banter will be self-contained, as well. I can only assume that's the plan for Mur'Neth/Finch. I guess this means you've joined the ranks of the elite, Grim. You're obsolete.
  6. Nope, that was the link I intended. Perhaps since it goes against developer intent but is still a good idea, we can put this bit in the Not A Fix But Cool Anyways component?
  7. I just saw this on the BioWare site, and it looks like a bug to me. We should get rid of it.
  8. How can you combine clubs and maces, maces and morning stars, and morningstars and flails? Isn't that all just one big jumbly mess? Club, Mace, Morning Star = 1 Proficiency. Choosing points in this reflects the character's proficiency in smashing things with a stick with a knobbly bit on the end. Flail = 1 proficiency. This indicates that a character is skilled in swinging a ball on a chain (handle included!) , thereby allowing him to smash things with it. At least, that's how I read things, and that's how I think things make sense.
  9. When Cromwell says it'll take a day, does he say/mean it'll take 24 hours exactly. Maybe it takes him 13 hours to forge a Hackmaster +12, whereas it takes him 30 hours to assemble a suit of Hack-Off +7. Of course, that's getting into tweak territory by a long shot.
  10. Heh, wow, as soon as I posted up above, I knew it was a mistake. My misconception was from way back as a kid when I heard the argument that flails are farming implements and morning stars are the spiked ball and chain thing, and y'know... kids take things at face value. So anyways, yeah, looks like the morning star and flail should basically be merged into the same thing in BG anyways, right? Since the stick with a ball that has spikes on it is in fact just a mace with spikes.
  11. Or you could make it so morning stars are balls and chains, as seems to be the case. http://images.google.ca/images?q=morning+s...ff&start=0&sa=N A morning star as depicted in BG1 is basically just a spiked mace. Whacking someone with a mace with spikes and one without probably doesn't take a different skill set. Come to think of it, what's the deal with clubs, too? As for flails, they're actually more like this: http://www.scottishmist.com/assets/farming/Flail.jpg Flails aren't even in BG2, so if anyone's aiming at sorting out nonsensical proficiencies vs. graphics vs. what the weapons actually are, removing "flails" entirely and re-naming them morning stars with a morning star proficiency, and then making the current morning stars just be maces would make more sense. Edit: Oh, and if anyone says flails should be included in the game, I demand that there be double-bladed scythes, too. That can be dual-wielded.
  12. I have some odd behaviour to report that might be a little hazy, since it was a long time ago, and it was BG1. I had Kivan in my party, and he joined at a level below 6. Then I kicked him from the party, levelled up a bunch, and when I found him again, he had lost all the equipment I'd had him wearing, and he'd become level 6. So perhaps each time an area loads it checks the .2da for out-of-party NPCs? Or each time the game loads. Odd.
  13. I rather think he was faking it, that he might inflate Annakin's ego, since it'd be easier to convince him to turn to the Dark Side. Not that I'm defending Ep. III or Lucas or anything. I'm just going to go back to pretending that IV through VI are the only ones that exist. The originals, where Solo is not entirely virtuous.
  14. Code a mod for a man, and he'll have one mod. Teach a man to code, and he'll mod for a lifetime. http://modlist.pocketplane.net/index.php?a...=105&cat_id=105 Help yourself.
  15. The No Scene. Heheh. That was terrible. Poor Vader, he was so cool in Episode IV through VI, but turns out he's just a teenager with some ego problems. If you replaced the words "Jedi Master" and "Jedi Council" from his speech with some other word, let's say candy, he'd sound like a spoiled idiot, I'm sure. "But I want candy! I'm strong enough in the force to eat a whole box of cookies before bed if I want! I WILL stay out late and you can't stop me! I'll run away! Or... or... or turn to the Dark Side!" Bah. Kashyyyk was way cool, though, as were the space battles. And all the other battles. Edit: I should note that I have the original IV-VI on tape, haven't seen the spiffified new versions, and avoided episodes I and II like the plague due to reports of extreme badness. This might mean my view on III might be a bit harsh because my expectations haven't been lowered by all the other suck going on.
  16. Is it just me, or won't think result in two Chorister kits being listed if you install both mods? Wouldn't it be better to just keep the prefix the same, and have a check to see if the kit is already installed? That way you can assume the kitname stays the same when you assign the kit to the NPC, or if some other mod wanders along and builds upon it.
  17. As far as I know, it already is variable. Using a long sword is 1d8 damage, so x7 is 7d8. That's anywhere from 7 damage (stabbed him real good in the pinky finger), or 56 (exploded his spleen).
  18. I thought it was for monsters like, say, an orc, who goes "grunt grunt" when he does attack 1, and "grugrugrunt" when he does attack 2, and so on. Check the m*.2da files, which I think deal with that. Okay, yeah, mor1.2da has the melee orc avatar's sounds in it. Not sure what specifically attack and attack_slash and all that relates to, though.
  19. Mulahey, the master of the effort to poison the Nashkel mines in BG1 also says Cyric. "[MULAHEY 3] Fools, you would turn your back on a servant of Cyric? "
  20. Okay, that sounds cool to me. What's the curse, now that we're talking about such things?
  21. This is happening here, too. Clicking the forum links from the main page doesn't work, but I clicked one of the news item links and it worked. I'm using MSIE, by the by.
  22. All scrolls are intended to be cast at level 10, unless there's either a bug anywhere, or it's specifically intended otherwise. And yeah, if you take a look at any spell; fireball, skull trap, lightning bolt, their first usable incarnation is at level 5, so why bother making an effect for levels 1-4? I think the reason they make the first usable effect work for level 1 is in case they mistakenly code an enemy as level 1. An ogre-mage, say, who has fireball manually added to his repertoire, or perhaps cast via script. I put forward that making fixes for instances in which it will never ever have an effect should not have effort wasted on it. Much like writing content for the CG Korgan, or the Romanced Valygar. I forget who did that, and which one it was. Quitch and Korgan, I think? Anyways, the point still stands.
  23. Are you assuming that they're coming to the Sword Coast from Jap--Kara-tur, or what? I suppose if they all got on a boat and floated over here they might have brought their swords with them, but if they're a native of the Sword Coast, then a bastard sword seems good to me. Maybe someone powerful like Kahrk would have a katana +1, and another unique ogre-mage (who's that dude with the Nereid?) might have a non-magical one. I think that might add the flavour you want without going too crazy and flooding the inventory of one guy on the sword coast with more katanas than exist anywhere in a thousand mile radius. Where does TutuTweaks add the katanas as it is?
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