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  1. Some magical items seem to make sense, however. An infinite supply of Freedom Scrolls at ribald's place, while sort of silly in a realism sense, it probably an intentional designer decision. I would also like to selfishly request that if mundame items become limited, that spears remain infinite, since some of us use 'em as ranged weapons.
  2. Separate item usable only by Anomen? Class, stats, and alignment restrictions?
  3. Right, adding's fine. Replacing's not good, though. Having both ASSASSIN and ASSASIN in the IDS won't do anything bad, nor would having extra GTIMES stuff.
  4. Oh, oops. I thought ToB was chapter 7.
  5. I recommend a duplicate entry for ASSASSIN / ASSASIN in the kit.ids. Some mods might be written to check for ASSASIN, and this fix could break 'em.
  6. I think the thread on PPG had triggers that worked, but you'd want GGT("Chapter",6) for the ToB stuff. If you only have LT and GT 7, poor ol' chapter 7 gets excluded.
  7. Epic Endeavours is a partial-conversion, so it doesn't exactly work with any other mods. It's like a separate game in its own right.
  8. randcolr.2da didn't exist in BG1, at least, so all the commonders are individually coloured. And coloured garishly. Pink shirts with teal pants, yellow pants and red jackets... hehehe, it's certainly a scene. The entries can only go up to 255 without crashing the game. It already goes up to 253, so sucks to be us. :-\ Probably just better/easier to change the colour to a pre-existing puke-brown, rather than edit the .2da since, again, a mod might want a flamboyant random colour for a character. Would make it flop if they turned out to be wearing grey or brown. I'm not too sure what this sentence means. I never suggested using fixed colours. randcolr.2da is the way to go, for sure. Just without editing it.
  9. Gems, perhaps? What else besides gold has the treasure pick-up graphic?
  10. Plz no. Some mods use randcolr.2da. Not good, not good, not good. Compatibility above all. See above. Also, many monsters use randcolr.2da, too. Hobgoblins, kobolds, basically anything with a palettized avatar.
  11. I'm going to have to agree with Bri on this one (unless she's not actually saying *she's* one of the ones that dislikes that). Adding a last name to an existing character bugs me for some reason. Possibly because if it's a name I don't like, and it becomes popular in various mods, I will like that mod less for that simple reason. It's like arbitrarily changing Jaheira's charisma from... uh, 14? Whatever the hell it is now, to 20, because it's the Jaheira romance-enhancement Mod. Edit: And the Alora mod you're making is for BG2, right, NiGHTMARE?
  12. Could use japh' untraify script on 'em all, then re-traify the .tp2 once its combined. Dialogues and stuff could remain in their existing .tra states, couldn't they?
  13. Heheh, true enough. I suppose my relationship with the IE could be summed up as Love/Crash.
  14. The trouble is not with his end of things, it's with the mirrors, as I understand it. The speed will still be the same on a T1 line as it will on a 56k (unless the 56k is even slower than the mirror, of course).
  15. You guys were all actually early, so your good will and all that count for nothing. NOTHING. And don't even think about giving me any of that time zone guff. As it is now twelve minutes into the 10th, everyone can wish her a happy birthday.
  16. I realise what your goal is, but I'm trying to ground it in reality. It's the best idea I could come up with off the top of my head, and it's not very good, all things considered. Adding entirely new features like you suggest just isn't *possible. *Okay, I'm sure it is, but the effort required would make it a silly waste of effort.
  17. You should know by now that it doesn't have a single redeeming feature.
  18. Those new flags may have munged things up. I originally had the http://forums.gibberlings3.net/rss.php link on my My Yahoo! page, to show the news things and whatever. Then it started turning up every new post on the entire forum, and upon checking back it looks like that url is the default one for all posts. So I changed it to http://forums.gibberlings3.net/rss2.php to get the news posts again. Except I still get every post showing up there, with a four hour delay or so.
  19. You could make every single container in the game have a trap (which does nothing when triggered) that's set to be detectable at whichever percent you want, to indicate difficulty, and then disarmable at 1% or 0%. Trouble is, the PC would get XP for disarming it.
  20. 2004 - WLMDs (WHILE Loops of Mass Destruction) found in various non-UN-sanctioned mods. Mod world leaders claim .2da's may be shredded as a result.
  21. As for the facts, I'm pretty sure it was 1998 = BG, 1999 = TotSC, 2000 = SoA, ToB = 2001. And as for biased histories: Kelsey and WeiDU started it all! I am 33% responsible for the mod revolution! Woohoo! Edit: Wait, wait, if we're to be really biased, I'll skew things even more in my favour. I am 34% responsible for it all.
  22. Where do you read the "meminfo_off" value?
  23. It's separated into distinct components, yes.
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