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  1. The problem isn't in READ_ASCII, actually. I had this problem just yesterday, in fact. It's in the STR_CMP line you have. PATCH_IF ("%name%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "NBODHIS" = 0) This is what it should be.
  2. Yeah, the clone from Chateau Irenicus, as I recall. I always thought it would be neat if pulled off properly, but would wind up being a heck of a lot of work.
  3. You'll want that SetGlobal to be SG, I believe. SetGlobal requires the extra "GLOBAL" or "LOCALS" thingamajig.
  4. It's a big red footprint! What's not to love? It even has toes.
  5. Heh, that's definitely a good explanation for why the loose end is left as it is, so we can all stay in denial for the meantime, but as for arguing against a sensible fix, I don't think it flies. Sensible > Bizarre.
  6. True. This idea's best reserved for a tweakpack somewhere. Hopefully not one I have to code it up for, either.
  7. I find the odd way she gained so much XP while being holed up in Spellhold disconcerting, myself. Then again, I doubt I'd have as much problem playing with an NPC that started out level 1 while I was level 9, or similar. See: Ghareth, Goo, Hubelpot. Sigh. The Imoen factor adds so much suck to BG2. :-\ I'm for keeping her at the amount of XP she had in Chateau Irenicus if we go through with this component.
  8. In a recent flurry of activity, Tutu activists were recently seen updating the fixpack to version six. When asked for comment, local man, Ben Evastion, exclaimed, "It's got that thar Temple of Bhaal bug fixed!" "An' the Totemic Druid's summoned critters have been balanced!" "An' the Monster/Animal summoning spells are more like in BG1!" "An' cleric NPCs now have all thar spells like they should!" "An'... an'... and LOTS MORE, I says!" A local police chief who wished to remain anonymous confided, "You can download Tutufix v6 here." When we phoned his office, SimDing0 was unavailable for comment, probably because he doesn't have an office, but this reporter is confident enough to state that the forums can be reached here. Other sources have mentioned a possibe connection between these Tutu extremists and the Tutufix readme, which gives instructions and details on how to install the fix, and what it changes.
  9. Presumably we want her DV to be Imoen when she's in Chateau Irenicus, and Imoen2 elsewhere. Can't WRITE_ASCII that.
  10. All right, as far as I can tell it's impossible to change a DV, and I wouldn't know whether interdia.2da and pdialog.2da would sort of be "re-evaluated" if we did that. If not, I'm not sure how we'd go about assigning her a banter file, since there's no equivalent for SetDialog() or SetLeavePartyDialogFile().
  11. Nah, because we can just assign the new Imoen2 dialogues to Imoen10.cre via script, too. I'll go check this out.
  12. ALL MY HARD WORK ON THAT FIX HAS GONE TO WASTE YOU MEAN? And actually, yeah, that'd not a half bad idea. All we need to do is remove her belt via script, change her DV (or any script that checks for Imoen2), change her override script, and... anything else?
  13. Everything in here looks so tidy, I didn't want to post in an existing thread. Anyways, Skulltrap's range in the first header is 55, but for every header after that, it's 15. This is within the radius of the blast, so I'm going to go out on a limb and infer that it's meant to be 55 all the time. As a comparison, I believe 55 is the same range a Magic Missile has. Here's the patch: C_E ~SPWI313.spl~ ~override~ WRITE_BYTE 0xa8 55 // level 6 header WRITE_BYTE 0xd0 55 WRITE_BYTE 0xf6 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x120 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x148 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x170 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x198 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x1c0 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x1e8 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x210 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x238 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x260 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x288 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x2b0 55 WRITE_BYTE 0x2d8 55 // all the way to level 20 Then for Animate Dead, the level 11 header gives a 0-35% chance to summon 1 skeleton, and 46-100 to summon two. This leaves a 10% chance of getting no skeleton at all. The code: C_E ~SPPR301.spl~ ~override~ WRITE_BYTE 0x2b6 45 Fin.
  14. This link could help you out, too. http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2489
  15. I remember some trivia or other about darts having the strength bonus removed, because min-maxers would have a fighter with 18/00 strength and grandmastery in darts dealing out like a bajillion damage five times a round or so.
  16. With her attention focused on Kivan (et al), Valygar is probably stewing and fuming with jealousy. I guess Tutu's to blame for that.
  17. I can't remember if we have the NPCs in the .gam file, but if so, that'd explain why the Ajantis from your saved game still has his old weapons. The .gam file is basically the saved game file, and it's loaded right from the very start of the game, and contains info on visited areas, stores, and NPCs, among other things.
  18. Short story shorter: Andyr was wondering if there was a tool that could quickly paste the sounds from one .cre to another, and I mentioned that NI could copy and paste multiple blocks. I also mentioned that I had made a .tp2 that set some other options in a .cre that had been newly converted from a .chr by NearInfinity, to make it more easily editable. Here's the instructions.txt: "What it does: CHRtoCRE removes a few leftover flags that are part of a .chr file, for easier editing. These are: - Export Allowed flag is deleted - Sounds are blanked - Portraits are blanked - Script fields are blanked - Dialog field is blanked - Morale break is set to 5 (a default for many humanoids) - Morale recovery is set to 60 (a default for many humanoids) How to do it: 1) Convert any newly made .chr files you want as .cre's with NearInfinity. 2) Copy the newly converted .cre files into the CHRtoCRE "Start" folder. 3) Run the setup.exe WeiDU file. 4) Copy the newly super-converted .cre files from the "End" folder to wherever you want in your mod." So anyways, he suggested I upload it, and here it is. ... Okay, so I can't attach files here. Here's a link to the PPG post: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=17670 EDIT: I'll shove it here, too. Two sites are better than one. index.zip
  19. Ghreyfain

    DUI stop

    That entire thing must've been a present for their sergeant or something. No way could it be real.
  20. As I mentioned over at PPG, Tutu is one year ahead, too, because of us not bothering to change it. BG1 takes place in the spring/summer of 1368, I'm pretty sure. BG2 is in 1369.
  21. The line about tapping him on the shoulder didn't quite blow down the fourth wall, but there were some very definite holes that one could put one's arm through. Edit: Oh yeah, and thanks for making the changes. Heh.
  22. Well, in BG1, the rare selection sounds only ever came up if you clicked on an NPC time and time again. When you did hear them, the clever joke was just that. However, in BG2:ToB (not sure about SoA), there are two sound slots labelled "rare" by the IDS, that aren't quite so hidden. You can be clicking away merrily, playing the game as normal, when all of a sudden Mur'Neth will spout "I don't appreciate your constant tapping on my shoulder" or whatever it is. Sort of breaks the immersion. This is the same problem Chloe and a lot of other NPCs make, and it's why we have the option in Tutu to do away with the rare selection sounds on the NPCs.
  23. The point behind ogg and tiz is not saving hard-drive space, since they have to be unpacked before a mod is playable anyways. It's bandwidth that ogg and tiz saves. Have pity on the poor dialup users out there.
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