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  1. Heh, we had this discussion in IRC when I pointed it out. Viconia/Korgan Banter. Vicky: Korgan, I'm interested in whether your clan has ever had interaction with House DeVir? Vicky: It seems to me, if memory serves, that our sphere of influence was quite close to your Bloodaxe clan's stronghold near Talthalra Wern'nt Szithla Har'oloth. Korgan: Nay speak that vile tongue to me, blackskin. If it moves I've killed it, but if it be drow, I've tortured it fer days, first. Korgan: As fer that house of yers, I burned it and relieved meself on the embers and dead. And the necklace of darkelf ears fetched me a king's ransom in Waterdeep. And then another one. Blah blah... Korgan: One of yer bakerlegged ilk out under the sun. Rumor has it ye melt, cook like lamb on the spit or'll fall apart, all limbs askew. Viconia: Your tone, like your manners, is absent of charm, Korgan. Our kinship as Those Below should be celebrated, not ridiculed. Though equals we are not. Korgan: The Underdark I left a lifetime ago. Ye blackskins are all the same; good fer three things... owning, hunting and killing.
  2. Um... isn't Korgan already a duergar?
  3. I think the point would be to fool the enemies though, not the Player. And fooling the enemies would require lots of scripting, unless you could somehow change that player's Allegiance to EVILBUTGREEN or something. Maybe you should see if something like that works, Galc? Also make sure the scripted character is in the party, because I'm not sure what would be the overriding factor, being in the party so as to set allegiance to PC, or the script that sets your EA to EVILBUTGREEN.
  4. The contents of the .bat should look like this. The .bat is copied to the main BG folder, and the .tiz and .exe are copied to the override during the regular installation (.tp2). @echo off cd override tisunpack j#*.tiz del J#*.tiz del tisunpack.exe cd .. view Beregost\Beregost_ReadMe.txt
  5. You use tispack.exe to compress your .tis files, and then put the .tiz files in your mod for ditribution. You also include tisunpack.exe, and call that from a .bat at the end of your .tp2 with the AT_INTERACTIVE_INSTALL ~tisunpack.bat~ command. I think this question should also be here.
  6. I had to do this once or twice in the distant past, and I know BioWare had information on their site about which keys to delete. Try searching through their FAQ at www.bioware.com
  7. Well, when you think about it, what is WeiDU but a big trumped up Hex Editor? Oh yeah, and there's SET_STRING. We can't forget that.
  8. Invisible, unremovable helmet item that is given at level 1 via spell, as an AP_CLAB? Of course, he'd still get protection from critical hits, since any item in the helmet slot will do that.
  9. Yeah, 0d is both 00h and 0000 0000h. Another method I think I once used to solve this problem was opening my .tp2 with a hex editor and making the two trailing spaces in the field "00". Heh.
  10. Hahahaha, you'll just be more fodder to be crushed underfoot during my triumphant return to glory!
  11. About the random door question, yes, I think it could be done. An exit region is basically a trigger region like a trap or an info point, so the following action would work on it: 177 TriggerActivation(O:Object*,I:State*Boolean) Just have a bit in the area script that does something like: IF RandomNum(4,1) Global("J#AreaDestination1","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 TriggerActivation("MyDoor1",TRUE) // Door1 is the script name of the particular travel region that sends you to area 1. TriggerActivation("MyDoor2",FALSE) TriggerActivation("MyDoor3",FALSE) TriggerActivation("MyDoor4",FALSE) SetGlobal("J#AreaDestination1","GLOBAL",1) // The variable makes this action only happen once. END And so on for the other possibilities. Possible? Yes. Lots of work? You better believe it.
  12. I led a charmed skeleton to these guys (well, he followed me), and in the middle of the discussion he went hostile and started whacking me.
  13. I just tested this on Aerie, and basically just copied the cavalier entry in kitlist.2da, changed it's kit number and class number, then levelled her up. She got the extra mage spell slots that mage kits get.
  14. It seemed to think it was a level 9 cleric spell. Maybe that meant it overlapped and went from cleric7, to wiz1, wiz2.
  15. Aerie has just joined my party, and has the Moonblade spell in her level 2 wizard slot. And yes, like SnowKing, trying to load the game crashes BG2.
  16. Version 19 of Ashes of Embers has been released, and includes the following changes: - Weapon proficiencies for fighter/clerics /druids has been fixed - Weapon proficiencies for the BG1Tutu universal weapons component fixed - Added some unique and actually useful items of the five new flavours inotruced by AoE; Katars, Bolas, Banded/Scale/Field Plate armour - Added support for numerous weapons that were missed (enchanted weapon for instance) Thanks to Nim and the bigg for their bug reports (as well as others I've probably missed. My memory is terrible). You can find AoE v19 links here: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=114.0 See this thread to learn more about the added items, including their locations in the game. If you speak either Spanish, German, or French, and are willing to translate about 40 or so strings, please check this thread. All other translators are welcome to give it a shot, too! As usual, feel free to stop by the forum and post any bugs you find, and suggestions as well.
  17. Well yes, I can see that, but if you want to add a BG1 NPC you're going to have to use the ADD_GAME_NPC function, since BG1 doesn't allow things into your party that aren't already in the baldur.gam file.
  18. I've been on a bit of a tutorial binge recently, and happened upon this one. Having just tinkered with adding a BG1 NPC, it struck me that this is geared entirely towards BG2. Go here to read japh's tutorial on how to use ADD_GAME_NPC with WeiDU.
  19. So what is the exact command you're going to use? From reading the explanation on kits above, I think BOR is what we want to use, since if a flag is already set, we want it to remain set, and if it isn't set, we want to set it to how it shall be. COPY_EXISTING ~aran.dlg~ ~override~ // Looking at the journal entry for response 102 READ_BYTE 0x1514 "resflag1" // This is the first byte of the dialogue response flags. We want to make sure flags 4 and 7 are checked WRITE_BYTE 0x1514 ("resflag1" BOR "0b01010000") READ_BYTE 0x1515 "resflag2" // This is the second byte of the dialogue response flags. We want to make sure flag 8 is checked WRITE_BYTE 0x1515 ("resflag2" BOR "0b10000000")
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