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  1. The NWN nuwisha portrait definitely has my vote. It combines the best of the sultry and tribal. Is it my imagination or is there a big BG2 - White Wolf RPG cross-over group here?
  2. Thank you for this - I am DELIGHTED with the map notes! Baldur's Gate has been driving me up the wall. But I have one question/bug to report. I installed the "Bags of Holding" fix and traveled to the Friendly Arms Inn and High Hedge. But neither had any bags in their inventory! Am I missing something? Did the fact that I have sold many items to both somehow over-write the scoll case and gem bag? Thanks!
  3. Keera

    Aklon's Bio

    6'SEVEN inches? Is that a misprint or is Aklon very very tall?
  4. I don't claim to be an expert on the gods, but any child might know that Selune wars ceaselessly and tirelessly with Shar. If Kiel had been "rescued" as a child from a temple of Shar, I can easily imagine a community of Selunites protecting and raising her in the faith. Devout and powerful priestesses are valued by both goddesses. The Selunites would be able to save and cleanse the child while causing on-going anguish to their enemy temple. Selune, whether in her role as merciful mother or vengeful hunter, would approve.
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