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  1. Domi Have you tried doing a search on Google? If not, that might give you some of the material you need. I normally use Google when researching anything. TTYL Bren
  2. Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to check this out, if nothing else. Have the following installed: After TuTu Conv. TuTu Fixpack TuTu Sounds BG1NPC Music Pack BG1NPCs TuTu Tweaks The dreams will not crash every time you hit Done before they are finished, but since I still have the issue of CTD leaving Beregost - I avoid anything that could potentially make it CTD. Seems to be more prone to it, after it crashes the first time. I have tried to figure out what is causing the CTD when leaving Beregost. Mainly happens starting in Chapter 5, but does happen as early as chapter 3 sometimes. If you have any ideas on how to resolve this also, that would be great! Thanks Again TTYL Bren EDIT Most of the time I have the Sharpshooter Thief Kit installed also, just missed it this install.
  3. Bren


    Jinnai I wish I could tell you what would fix it, but this is one I have not come across before. My only "guess" would be that there may be a conflict with your sound card, graphics card, some other software, driver, etc. You can check to see if there are any related known issues with the specific sound card and/or graphics card that you have on your system. Should be in the readme files or at the manuf. website. It it possible that BG2 will not be compatible on that system the way it is configured. My old machine will not run either BG1or2 - with a NVidia graphics card and Soundblaster Sound Card. If you have not tried yet, you can try running it in one of the compatibility modes. You could also try reverting back to an older version of your sound and/or graphics card drivers and see if there is an improvement. Or go back to last version of DirectX you did not give you problems. (Note: Only do these if you are having problems with the latest releases.) If it is due to a software conflict somewhere, finding it can be a tedious process, to say the least. And, if available, the manuf. tech support will not walk you through doing this process. If I were you, I would uninstall/reinstall Windows, to make sure Windows files are not corrupted due to all the uninstalling you had to do earlier. One thing if you do a reformat/reinstall or a uninstall/reinstall, make sure you are "not" connected to the internet during the process. After you have Windows installed, install the game, patches, etc. from a backup disk. (Yes, prepare this ahead of time) and do not install your internet software, if you have it, do not install anything else that is not needed for the game to run. And "do not" connect to the internet before you check to see if the game runs correctly. This could narrow down the cause for you. If the game runs correctly with only the base Windows install, the problem, most likely, is related to an additional piece of software you are adding. (ie: Anti-virus files, Win Update files, other programs/drivers etc.) To narrow it down from there, you have to install one and try the game. Repeat this until you find the culprit. If the game does not run correctly with just the base install of Windows. More than likely, there is a conflict with the system itself. Most common is the graphics card and/or the sound card. After doing all this, then you can install your anti-virus software before reconnecting to the internet. Also, if you do an complete reformat or uninstall/reinstall, be careful of the Windows Updates once you reconnect. The XP Service Pack was corrupted for a while, and don't know if they fixed it or not. They haven't fixed the Java update for Win98SE. (My old sys, and for those with Win98SE) Norton grabs that every time I have tried to download it, saying it is infected. But, a short time ago I kept having to reformat/reinstall my mother's and my brother's computers, because one would not boot after installing Windows Updates. And the other had very strange things happening. One thing was, for no reason, it would cut off or restart randomly. Finally, convinced them to carry the machines to the local computer repairman, to confirm a component was not going bad. He said the Service Pack was corrupted and he contacted Microsoft weeks prior to that. Also stating, many others had brought computers into him for similar reasons. He installed the SP from a disk, and problem solved. I have had to reformat/reinstall on both of their machines again since then. One got hacked and the other got a virus, so they uninstalled/reinstalled Windows. When they downloaded the Service Pack from Windows Update, it was still corrupted. I tell you all this to let you know, if you find it is not related to your system setup/components, Windows Update could be the cause. It would not be the first time. TTYL Bren
  4. Let's just say it was bold enough that someone removed it since I was last here. Which was a very good move. IMO. TTYL Bren
  5. Replay and Done are the only two buttons. And I had to quit hitting done before the dream actually plays itself out, it will sometimes crash the game ending it early. That is the reason I asked about cutting them out. TTYL Bren EDIT @Icelus: Thanks for the warning, but had no intentions of adding GbG. Maybe, warn a little less boldly next time, OK? And I'm not even close to a first time player... Alpha/Beta Testing BG1NPCs would not get very far with that on my system. (Know the blasted dreams by heart almost.)
  6. Bren


    Upside down?! That's a first for me. Are you sure your system is not infected or hasn't been hacked? Make darn sure one of these is not the culprit first. No game should run upside down. Have you noticed anything else not working properly, or doing strange things? If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers. Make sure you follow manuf. instructions. Some require you do this in safe mode. If you are loosing resources, you could have a program that is a resource hog. Or one with a memory leak. Either way, the resources do not return after the program is closed. The only way to get resources back is restart. And if this same program starts with Windows, the resources will drop again. TTYL Bren
  7. Similiar to the Faster Chapters 1&2 in EOU... Is there a way to cut down/cut out those never ending dreams in BG1TuTu? It would be a welcome change... IMO. BTW: Great work on the TuTu Tweaks! TTYL Bren
  8. Bren


    Jinnai I am guessing since you stated, new computer, that you have XP. Check out the site below on how to cut off unnecessary running programs in XP. See if that helps. XP has a lot of stuff running by default, that is not necessary, especially for gaming. There is also a complete file you can download - XP Services, IIRC, is the name of the file. http://www.blackviper.com/ PPG - Pocket Plane Group - BGTuTu/fixpack forums http://forums.pocketplane.net/ Other things to check - Especially if you have a constant internet connection: Get AdAware and/or Spybot and make sure you have no adware or spyware on your system. Make sure Windows, Window Media Player, Internet Explorer -(any web browser), or any other progam on your system is not automatically, (ie: by default), checking for updates, many do. If you have multiple programs doing this, it can also slow you down. You may find you need to disconnect your internet connection, so you can turn off the Anti-Virus program and any other internet related software. Norton can slow down things drastically, in some cases. At least, that is what I found when I had DSL service. It was actually slower than dial-up, in the navigating. And I could not run any game that was graphically intensive, to any degree, with Norton and the internet software running. Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card, graphics card and the latest version of Direct X. If you need specifics on any of this, just let me know and I'll PM it to you. Hope that helps. TTYL Bren
  9. From me also, Happy Birthday!
  10. Thanks Domi That's good to know... Thought something was going haywire in my game for a minute. Just a suggestion, but if they want to give him a shield... Maybe change his prof. Two handed swords and shields don't go together very well. Whoever is in charge of this, just give it some thought. TTYL Bren
  11. Domi, Q1: Are these suppose to be showing up now? If so, there are issues. The only new things that have appeared in any I've tested so far was the spear for Kivan, the amulet from Imoen and the scroll from Zeke to Jaheira. Q2: Why would Ajantis have a shield when his prof. is ++ Two Handed Sword and ++ Two weapon style. He joins with a two handed sword equpped, so he could not have a shield equipped. Just curious. TTYL Bren
  12. Andyr FYI. I have had no problems at all with Sharpshooter and BG1NPCs. I've been using v2 with the latest release of BG1NPCs. Love It!! TTYL Bren EDIT: Just an update to this post. Currently using v.3 with the latest Alpha I'm testing of BG1NPCs and it is doing fine also.
  13. Nice! My only request would be to do a little gamma correction or similiar task to lighten just a bit. Just seems a touch dark to me. But other than that - Great Job. TTYL Bren
  14. Just to add a note here... If you have already killed Davaeorn you will need to load a save from before his death after uninstalling the exotic items component and kill him again for the key to reappear. (for those who don't use the CLUAConsole as much) TTYL Bren
  15. Bren

    Help wanted...

    Hi Domi I know zip about coding, but if you need my help for anything just let me know. Can do other things for you between testing. TTYL Bren
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