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  1. I am going insane. I can't find the place where you are supposed to buy Ajantis' locket. I talked to the guy in the docks district, but the only locket he would sell me was the one with the pictures in it. I can't seem to find anyone who will make a locket for a man.
  2. How long is it supposed to take for Douglas to show up after PC and Ajantis marry? I've had the after-wedding dialogue and have played a couple of hours after that, but so far no messenger. I'm in Spellhold now, but he should appear once I get back to Athkatla, right?
  3. I might have missed something, but is it possible to complete the Maevar quest without Ajantis leaving the group? I know that he gets angry if you steal the necklace, but is there a way to get the necklace without stealing it or killing the priestess? I tried talking to her to see if she would let me buy it off of her, and I went to the ring maker in the Promenade to see if he could make me a replica. No dice. I ended up just cheating in Edwin's key so I could finish the side quest and get the goodies.
  4. Any updates? I'm bored and have free time and need to play a new BG2 mod.
  5. I CAN'T READ. Anyway, this sounds like an interesting mod. I'm a little sad that there is some Anomen hate, but I suppose I can understand. He ain't a popular guy.
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