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  1. Oh, I can't wait! Thanks so much for putting all the work in this! Maybe I will finally be able to finish the OC now ^^ I wonder, do you still plan to eventually upgrade this to a full romance, Berelinde?
  2. Ok, I totally had to come and resurrect this thread. Happy Birthday, Domi! Hoping you will have a great year, enough free time to pursue whatever activities strike your fancy, be it modding, travelling,mushroom hunting or simply relaxing, and a great cake besides ! (and yes, where I am it's 25th right now ^^)
  3. ...?! I knew there was something wrong with the climate. O.o I mean, we had an actual *tornado* last weak. The first in... well... ever? As for the update... Yay for Cernd! ^^'
  4. Heh, after you *accidentally mentioned* that she has hots for Rizd it was pretty obvious, was it not? Geez, no Diriel goodness for me. Sniff, sniff. Oh well, Rizdaer is the second best
  5. Kelenthial

    ToB flirts

    Druid... weave a girdle of vibrant/fragnant forest flowers for Amber and crown her the queen of the forest? Prepare a relaxing herbal tea for Amber? ...find a wild hot spring in the woods and show it to her/take a bath with her? Perhaps take her and go tree-climbing? A very romantic scene can be written under the canopy of oak leaves.. And she is very dexterous after all! Or maybe use a small nature blessing to show her the wilderness as you see it? It could develop nicely in a scene of (ultimate?) mutual understanding...* * inspired by ID talk in Kuldahar when you can bless a peasant with a similar vision, if you are a druid
  6. I know it is a bit offtopic... but are you speaking of Diriel? :> And, oh, I know that you won't, Domi, but if *anybody* wanted to write a romance for Sand he/she would become my personal hero. Thank you for your attention, modders ;p (and you could even include it in the pack...! to not be totally OT)
  7. Aaaww, thank you, Domi, Muffin! If you like strawberry cake with pineapple, then sure, be my guest ^^'
  8. Hm.. could we actually *add* a new NPC to the OC? That would solve so many qualms... And, sorry Domi, but between Casavir and Bishop, I would choose a monastery. Hamlet was right on that one. Sand is tons of wasted potential, and about Gann.. I have no idea. No MoB here.
  9. I know but that... that was a masterpiece and one that justifies you now concentrating only on evil/neutral romances. Because Kivan is *the* ultimate good romance. At least in my humble opinion. And, besides, you are the only person that writes evil/neutral npcs so skilfully. So, don't waste your time at goodie two-shoes! ^^' Um, yeah, I guess I am... leaning towards evil? ahaha...ha*cough* (compared to the state from few weeks ago the poll... has changed :|)
  10. Um, I don't have MOB and I absolutely despise NWN 2 OC 'romanceable' npcs so... yeah. But good to see you working on new things!
  11. I must second that. That is not even a very personalized npc version, it is simply a different npc with the same name. It may have some continuity with 'Fury', but not with BG. Sorry, SV. And, while we are at it, I would prefer to see fur-ierized (^^') version of Shar-Teel in BG2, rather than Angelo. Your Xan was also great (but that is out of question, of course),btw. Other than that, your great writing and Kulyok's master coding constitute a great mod.
  12. Well, considering we have an encounter with BODHI..... Why don't you write one? Personally I think Underdark is as great as it can get a place for this kind of things.
  13. Hm, well, you may want to email Fisha about it; I remember her showing up a year ago or so to see if anyone has completed HD romance mod. She wasn't interested in coming back to modding, but I guess that if she still has a mod done 4 years ago, she would repost it. Other than that you may ask the older (meaning: being here nearly from the beginning) community members if they have a copy somewhere on their cds/hardrives/anywhere.
  14. A pity. But, oh well, it is only reasonable, I guess. And a big 'thank you' for informing your faithful fans of your decision. (You can still write it as a fanfiction, too, like the Bishop Dialogia; and then, perhaps, someone, one day... )
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