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  1. I know but that... that was a masterpiece and one that justifies you now concentrating only on evil/neutral romances. Because Kivan is *the* ultimate good romance. At least in my humble opinion. And, besides, you are the only person that writes evil/neutral npcs so skilfully. So, don't waste your time at goodie two-shoes! ^^' Um, yeah, I guess I am... leaning towards evil? ahaha...ha*cough* (compared to the state from few weeks ago the poll... has changed :|)
  2. Hm, well, you may want to email Fisha about it; I remember her showing up a year ago or so to see if anyone has completed HD romance mod. She wasn't interested in coming back to modding, but I guess that if she still has a mod done 4 years ago, she would repost it. Other than that you may ask the older (meaning: being here nearly from the beginning) community members if they have a copy somewhere on their cds/hardrives/anywhere.
  3. Actually, you could do both of them -- it would take a long while, but you could. And 'gruesome' doesn't bother me - rather insensetive person, I am- if you need some proofreading, feel free to send it in.
  4. Why hire? When you hire, you must pay. Let's get Aklon instead. I don't recall him being liberated yet...
  5. LOL! RAWR! Sure we read&wait! Someone must motivate (&keep an eye on) you, right?
  6. She is rather.. tall, isn't she? But, awww, Mal fanart! I guess he is just the way you draw him, too. Bravo for you. And I hope your scanner will work soon!
  7. Yeah. The last moments are always the most trying... LOL. I would actaully LOVE to meet a guy more like me! But I fear it would mean a true disaster for the rest of the world XD And while we are swinging of-topic... Jenova I have just noticed from WHERE exactly do you come from... And I found it highly amusing for some reason, lol. Pozdrowienia, krajanko! ^^'
  8. Actually, most of them believe in the cliche 'he is not evil, just misunderstood'. And: 'if he only would get enough lovin' he would turn out a good guy in the end'. I must say that I would be actually tempted to romance a guy like Rizdaer (in the personality area, not the homocidical one, lol... ) in The Life of Real, and I would probably give it a try. With Diriel... Hm, I don't think so. Why? There is one thing I am no lacking and absolutely can't imagine my partner lacking: tolerance. A chauvinistic or racist guy has no chances with me. In the fantasy setting people can change the
  9. On the one hand, you are right. On the other hand, when I see that *really a lots of fangirls* whine at the NWN2 forums that they SO LOVE Bishop and simply HAVE to romance him, all of my doubts as to Diriel's eventual popularity dissolve into thin air...^^' True with the lack of drow romance. To be honest I can't see why some people see drow NPC mods as a cliche when, honestly, no (or very little of) really well done ones was ever developed. They usually stop at the 'idea' stage and get badly critiqued by some people :| And I must say I am really happy to see YOU doing a drow ro
  10. Yeah.. Diriel.. Diriel, Diriel, I still can't get used to the thought that you can't have a full romance with him... ESPECIALLY when Mrs. Cake has done one of the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen in the ID2 series. And yes, I am an aesthete. Domi, perhaps a mod for the mod? Lol...
  11. I didn't say I don't like him at all. I just REALLY don't like him as Elrond. Besides that I have nothing against him:) And see? We brunette-lovers lead now;p Yeah, told you so. (just kidding, just kidding.. ^^')
  12. Ooooohhh... I like it SO better ^^'! Thank you, Dear. And stop with this Elrond-thingie... That actor (what's his name, again?) was SO horrible in that role... *shudders* I will have nightmares if I associate any of that wth Rizdaer... Thank you once more:)
  13. Oh, you are my hero! Or should I say.. heroine:). But, seriously, it is a rare thing to see someone so open for requests and other POV's. You make The Gibberlings proud, I am sure;). I will PM you -- just later. It is kind of late (4 AM) and I would like to have a little sleep...^^'
  14. Oh, I can see it now, too! And I am sorry, but I must say I like it the least;/.. The hair looks just artificial to me, and therefore it doesn't accomplishl it's aim. I mean, Rizd died his hair to not stand out so from the surfacers. With a hair like that every guy would be focusing the attention of every being within a mile radious, like his clothes were afire and clouds of smoke were bursting from his ears. I know, I know, I am complaining and even whining, perhaps, but I still think that it is a bad idea to do his hair in so 'outstanding' way. besides, If I were him and wanted to die my hai
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