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  1. Hmm. Well it wouldn't be for every game but I bet that one could modify the sorcerer class itself & replace it with a Sorcerer-Bard of some sort. Still not very pratical. Oh, well.
  2. I've been playing IWD2 these days and I really like how Bards turned out there. It got me thinking though. Is it possible to give BGII Bards sorcerer like spellcasting?
  3. Ironic that you mention this. I'm playing IWD2 for the first time right now. I just used Mordenkainen's Sword ingame for the first time last night. That was pretty cool! I realized yesterday that Ranger would be the perfect class to make a soulknife kit ... if not for the alignment and hardcoded falling restrictions. It's a sneaky fighting class. All one would have to do is disable the spellcasting and replace that with the Soulknife. Too bad about the engine limits.
  4. There are literally dozens of good & cool melee weapons in the game. There are some decent launchers. There are only a *handful* of good thrown weapons. I fail to see how making the Mind Blade ... the signature ability of this kit ... more like the most numerous good weapons in the game would make them more 'unique'.
  5. Well it's cool for one. True to the PnP version for another. But most of all making it a ranged weapon has the possiblity of eliminating cheese ... or creating bugs. If the Mind Blade is a ranged weapon then the engine will prohibit you from dual wielding it with another weapon. That could be good if you don't want a Mind Blade + Blem setup. It could be bad if you want dual wielding Mind Blade short swords. In PnP the 3.5 Soulknife can only throw the Mind Blade once per round until 17th level. After that he can make a full BAB throwing attack. Maybe the 'throw Mind Blade' should be an innate ablity rather than just making the weapon ranged.
  6. Chickenbu*t! Sorry, but couldn't resist. Anyway.... The PnP Mind Blade occupies an uncomfortable middle ground somewhere between being an actual psychic power and a supernatural ability to create a real weapon. I have seen actual debates about whether or not the PnP Mind Blade has mass for instance. It's possible to argue that the PnP Mind Blade is in some ways a 'real' weapon and thus you throw it like real weapon ... i.e. the range doesn't increase with level. I can see how you could make a theoretical argument about the range increasing as well though. Bottom line for me is that I like the single range thrown concept better. YMMV. I am highly interested in seeing how this rework of the kit shakes out though. I'm already starting to think about what kind of Soulknife PC I would like to play....
  7. Thanks & yep! I like your smoothed out level changes. My suggestion for the Psychic Strike was modled on the Kensai's Kai & Blade's Offensive Spin abilities. I think that your +1d8 of damage works ... but I will note that the 3.5 version gets +4d8 damage at high levels, though that's probably a bit much for BGII. I like that suggestion a lot.
  8. I see the logic in your fighter suggestion. The 3.5 Soulknife is an odd hybrid fighter/thief. The Psychic Strike acts like an alternative sneak attack (backstab) and the Soulknife has Hide & Move Silently as class skills. However he lacks any sort of trap disabling ability. He has medium BAB (like a rogue or cleric) and can only use ‘simple’ weapons and light armor without spending feats. Yeah, he plays more like a skirmisher fighter than a rogue and has d10 HP, but in terns of translating this to BGII his armor and weapon restrictions would probably look more like a thief or bard than a fighter. My thinking is that as a fighter kit the Soulknife would have stinky thief THACO but balance that out by getting multiple attacks per round. As a thief kit he would have sneaky skills instead of extra attacks. My suggestion would be to keep this a thief kit like this: Advantages: - Add +1 to THACO every 10 levels. - Can achieve Mastery in short swords and long swords - Can max out all weapon fighting styles (i.e. three stars in Two Weapon Fighting, two stars in Single Weapon Style, etc.) - Manifests a Mind Blade at will. This is treated as a Short Sword with an enchantment of +1 at level 4, +2 at level 8 and so on to a maximum of +6 at 24th level. - At level 5 a Long Sword or pair or Shortswords can be manifested instead. - Psychic Strike useable once per every 5 levels. This ability infuses the mind blade with incredible power causing all strikes to inflict maximum damage for 1 turn. - Mind Blade gains the following special powers at a levels 6, 14, 22, & 30. * Can be thrown like a returning weapon (level 6) * Does an extra 1d3 magic damage (level 14) * Adds 1 extra attack per round (level 22) * Dispel Magic per the Holy Avenger or Staff of the Magi (level 30) - A 'knife to the soul' HLA which does serious damage. Disadvantages: - Cannot set traps - Only gets 15 skill points per level - No Backstab - May only dual class to Fighter
  9. The 3.5 XPH Soulknife basically uses his weapon all the time. I think that the BGII Soulknife should be the same. IMO the weapon should be coded as a real undroppable weapon that permanently occupies the character's first primary hand weapon slot. The Mind Blade should improve by level as you mention. At 5th level the Mind Blade should gain different 'modes' like the Firetooth Dagger or Throwing Axe (ie melee or thrown mode). It also needs some sort of special ability (or abilities) that make it 'competitive' with enchanted weapons of a given level. I.E. the Soulknife should 'want' to use his Mind Blade more that he would want to use another weapon in most circumstances. One suggestion would be to give the Mind Blade or Soulknife a few 'spell like abilities' that could be accessed via the Item or Special Ability buttons. These could be touch spells that cause a bit of elemental damage or an effect like Hold, stun, or confusion if the blade hits. As an alternative to making the Mind Blade having melee or thrown forms create a 'Knife to the Soul' attack that is useable a few times per day at range and has some nasty effect (either a lot of damage, stat drain damage, etc.).
  10. OK this is cool. I'm a huge Soulknife fan. However I have to ask what the point would be in playing with this Kit in BGII? You sacrifice skill points and traps and all you get is a normal enchanted weapon? A vanilla thief wielding the Firetooth Dagger would be far more deadly than this guy. I think that the Soulknife blade needs to have some more umph. Maybe it could cause confusion, grant an extra attack, be throwable, or something more than just being a +x weapon. I also suggest giving the Soulknife some sort of resistance to psionics. That could be MR, limited free action, or something else. However it makes sense to me that he should be able to have a slight advantage vs the Illithids over a non-psi character.
  11. Both are good changes though I would suggest making the Dragon Scale and Anheg armors useable by F/D characters as well. That always seemed like a reasonable thing to me.
  12. As for the new PC, there are some online spellchecking sites that aren't bad at all.
  13. You might try looking at the REFINEMENTS mod. It totally redoes the HLA system for all classes and adds some pretty interesting stuff for Druids. It also makes changes to druid shapeshifting in general and to the Shapeshifter in particular. Refinements GWW form is incredible. Refinements does nothing for the XP table progression or spell selection and doesn't add new non-HLA stuff.
  14. Idobek, if I'm not mistaken the latest version of the Imoen romance mod changes things so that changes to Imoen, from say the starter dungon, carry over to spellhold. It would be nice if the NPCKit mod did the same for her.
  15. Thanks for the info Domi! I'll be curious to see what other folks have to say about in game useage of Deheriana or PC C/F/M types. Two other quick questions. 1. Did you ever consider Deheriana a canidate for something like BobTokyo's Semi-Multi-Mod? Her low physical stats would seem to support an implimentation like this. I keep having a mental picture of her as a Bard or Blade who can cast mage or cleric spells. 2. How long do you usually take to play Chapter 7 in SoA? Do you rest? Generally I knock Suldanessellar out in about half an hour or maybe a bit more of real time. I don't rest until just before the final confrontation with Jon in Hell if then. Would playing this quickly derail anything you are doing with Deheriana?
  16. OK, I'll admit that I've yet to actually play a C/F/M or this mod yet, however I had viewed this class as sort of the ultimate buffing melee type. As a tri-class they will have a fairly low relative THACO, but have access to all sorts of buff spells ranging from Strength, to Mirror Image, to Stoneskin, to Barkskin, etc. The one big downside would be low THACO even after most buffs. Given my playstyle I figured that they would make good 'meat shields'. I generally have at least one party member who's job it is to soak damage. They don't always have the best HP in the party, though they might. Jahiera often gets this assignment in my games. She gets the best defensive items and loads up on ironskins. This party member's job is to be the first to rush into melee and to draw as many attacks as possible while the rest of the party follows, concentrating on dishing damage out or otherwise subduing foes. Every kill the 'meat shield' makes is a bonus. One of the main benefits of this tactic is to reduce healing needs over several encounters. However, with this in mind I don't know that 'meat shield' would be a good role for Deheriana. From a RP perspective I just don't see Kivan putting up with this. Having her along on the Bhaalspawn quest would be bad enough given her new found life without putting her in the single most dangerous party job. Secondly from a mechanical point of view her stats just don't seem to support a melee role. Sure with spells and the right items she would be OK, but even so she just doesn't seem durable enough to really do what a first in melee 'meat shield' should. On the other hand she looks to make a decent slinger, but her magic will be too weak (even with an XP boost) to make her a good secondary, let alone primary, blaster or healer. With Ashes of Embers' universal weapons installed she would be an OK archer type with Shortbow, but still this just seems ... lacking somehow. So my question is how could I best make use of Deheriana? What tactical role should she have in a 6 person party? What are some good ways to use her most effectively in the game?
  17. Re: Psionic Monks ... All RIGHT! The 3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook had a nice Monk PrC, the Fist of Zerkon.
  18. Ever seen Swedish girls? I'll second that! It was in fact my first though upon seeing the tweaked portrait. I've never cared for the orginal. Good work!
  19. Barren I agree to an extent. I *hate* int drain. However in 3.5 only one PrC gets immunity to this, not general psions, PsiWars, or Soul Knives. As for psi combat I vote against. It's one of the things I like about 3.5. The 'combat' modes got turned into normal powers and can still be used in combat but they don't really take over an encounter they way the 2nd ed psi combat did. 3.5's way is much more party friendly and IMO better suited for BG. That said I hope that Psions can get some sort of defenses against the mind blasts and whatnot. Heck, as it is the Ring of Free Action is pratical immunity to the existing BG mind attacks. That might should be changed somewhat as well.... As for other attempts. I seem to recall that the Tower of Iron Will project sacrificed Diviner Mages to create Psions types. Psi Warriors seem like they could be done with a Paladin or Ranger base save for the 'falling' issues. Your Soul Knife does need a bit more. I can't remeber exactly what the 3.5 soulknife does, but I do remember that he has a fighter THACO and a nice 'Knife to the Soul' ability. Given that I think that your SoulKnife ought to gain +1 THACO every 5 levels or so. Might not be a bad idea to give him a more advanced version of the Soul Knife around level 20 or so too.
  20. He probably ought to make a comment about being turned into a drow in the underdark. I imagine that he might be able to shed a bit of light on Bad boy Jon's past too. He really ought to give criptic hints from time to time. Underdark exit / questioning might be a good spot. He might start to say something and then be told 'Silence! It is not for you to share this with outsiders!" or some such. It would be fun if he tried to defuse the fight with Mencar Pebblecrusher ... and ened up starting the battle instead.
  21. If no one here was interested in actually making the kit I was thinking about pointing the folks who made the warrior pack to this post.
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