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  1. Aww, talks 13 and 14 are so cute. I love the beginning of romance talk 14, when he Lava, you always find a way to liven up the talks! In my opinion, the mod is nicely written and very engaging. Especially if one is a sucker for romance/betrayal stories. Obviously, he's a little more open and curious than he was in vanilla game, but it's hard to imagine a romance otherwise. Well, Edwin's romance also slightly altered Edwin, and it's still an adored* mod. (remembering that the original Edwin was usually on the lookout for cheap prostitutes and thought the PC was a monkey like all the rest...) Yoshimo romance is a story different from the one planned by the game authors, but then, they did plan to make us ladies stick with Anomen. I prefer a game in which the characters who would normally be attracted to a female character, recognize that my character is female. It doesn't mean that everyone has to like her at the same time, but what if I wanted to play a character that Yoshimo would really like? Which, at one point, I wanted (ah, those thieves...) *although the only mod I think everybody likes is Dungeon-be-gone. And I might be misinformed.
  2. Salomeya. I always remember her and her garrote. Didn't romance the males much.
  3. It says Valygar Romance - is this for real? A full romance?
  4. Hi... Here is what I'm trying to make. I would like another NPC's talk to trigger a talk from my mod NPC, like an interjection, only with PC choices that follow. This is supposed to happen after the last line that other NPC has to say. How to best solve this? Is there a clean command for it? If this reference is of any use, the talk should continue after state 4 of the dialogue file SHANK. Edit: Ooops. I dug up something and this seems to succeed compiling. EXTEND_BOTTOM SHANK 4 IF ~~ THEN EXTERN Z_FIARSJ bubbles00 END CHAIN Z_FIARSJ bubbles00 ~Blah.~ EXIT I hope that's it, then o.o
  5. I better use InMyArea() for interjections, too, lest I bet a half of them won't trigger.
  6. Aww. Then should we warn players against this, or make banters work from across the map?
  7. I'd rather choose See(), as it's how the OC solves it (if I'm not mistaken). It doesn't seem like the best time for a talk when one of the guys supposed to participate is trying to hide.
  8. Thank you for the tutorial. I've yet to test if I did my encounter correctly.
  9. Edit: my installations are killing me. I've changed the "working" place, and the command is there now.
  10. And I'd like to play a romance again, but I already played all the ones that I like - the finished ones, of course. Complete Aklon, BigRob, or we'll put *you* on a leash!
  11. Ok, maybe the problem sounded complicated, but I solved it myself. I separated the item's and Fiars's parts of the talk and now the item's dialogue doesn't directly trigger Fiars's, but it sets a global and then his script triggers it. The not displaying names maybe has something to do with the computer I am currently forced to use.
  12. So, if I write UNLESS ~Z_zmija~ it should be OK? Z_zmija is the name of the item I've added to that 2da. Now. I've changed some things, added conditions to the conversation (maybe that's why it now works ), but it does strange things. I don't know if the problem is in my installation, I doubt it. Normally when someone talks to you, you have in the dialogue screen. When you talk to my item, it doesn't display its name. There's just the player's portrait and the sentences. The item's name is a bit long, but then when Fiars gets involved in this conversation (I've APPENDed his J file, is that right?), his name doesn't show either. The stupidest thing is, if you've finished the conversation talking with Fiars, the next time you try to talk to the item, his lines appear, those that started his share. It happens like this: Next time I want to talk to the item, this will appear: Only the next time, the item will talk like it should. I've tried to right this with globals, but it's no help.
  13. Making a talking item that for some reason won't listen to me, I'm wondering what that UNLESS part of appending a 2DA file is for. And is it important how many spaces there are between columns? I don't understand what is wrong; I compiled its dialogue file and made the item conversable and now it has the button for Converse, but when I click on it, nothing happens.
  14. I can't believe how I clogged your topic with that cat! I need a talking item, too.
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