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  1. Absolutely, perhaps any religious discussions Viconia and the PC have could be resolved with a mutual "I guess we both have a lot to think about don't we?... Let's press on."
  2. This might be a no-brainer, but a few subtle complimentary sort of comments might work. Perhaps something like: "Viconia, how do you get your hair like that? It's beautiful, I wish I could do something like that with my hair." Depending on the status of th relationship, her replies could be something like: "My hair is as all Drow's are iblith (is that the word for "surfacer"? I forget), you could never aspire to my perfection." "Just wash it regularly and brush it out at night <Charname>, you're not a lost cause yet." or "There is nothing at all wrong with your hair *insert vaguely affection drow term*, you have your own beauty"
  3. Viconia only came to Shar's service because of the intense feelings of loss she felt after being cast out by her family and coming to the surface. I think if Viconia could come to feel loved and accepted in the PC's company, serving Shar could come to feel hollow and unfulfilling. I'm not certain off the top of my head which deity she would be drawn too instead. If I remember her portfolio rightly, perhaps Sharess could be a good match. The problem there is that as well as Lloth's minions hunting her, she'd probably have Shar's on her butt too, since Shar and Sharess are enemies
  4. [bS] Morgan, Swashbuckler NPC (BG2) Author: Tsuru (and just about all the Blacksheep) A male human swashbuckler, Morgan is a charming rogue who was smitten with the female human, elven or half-elven Bhaalspawn on sight back in Baldur's Gate. Following her to Amn, he offers his aid in her hour of need. Currently in Alpha for the female only romance. A friendship path for male PC's will eventually be penned by Dashael. Will also eventually include an alternate route to spellhold. Homepage: http://www.blacksheepmods.net/mods/ http://blacksheepmods.net/baa/index.php?showforum=16 Added
  5. Clifton is a long, and I mean long, way from completion, but I'm still very interested in him having some crossmod banter So here goes: [bS] Clifton Hyrde, Advocate of Tyr (BG2) Author: Dashael As an Advocate of Tyr, Clifton Hyrde serves as legal counsel, and hardy combatant. He has strong feelings about right, wrong, justice and injustice, and won't stand for unjustifiable evil on the part of the Bhaalspawn. I'm not sure how many banters he'll have with the Bioware NPC's, count on at least one each. I'm planning for him to romance Nalia, as in Clifton's backstory they have history together. Homepage: http://www.blacksheepmods.net/mods/ Forum: http://blacksheepmods.net/baa/index.php?showforum=11 Added
  6. I assume (though I don't know where the "F" came from) that he means Halflings At Large, his NPC mod over at BlackSheep. naturally correct me if I'm wrong Cib
  7. My Clifton NPC is by no means ready, but when he is I'm definately game. Added
  8. Granted I haven't read this whole thread yet, so if someone has already basically said this then I apologise, but here's my take on how Viconia found Shar: My understanding of the Sharran faith is they wear masks and hoods when observing their rites, this provides anonymity to each memmber, and amusement to Shar as she sometimes observes her followers betraying each other. Anyway, travelling amoung surfacers, Viconia would also wear a hood and cloak to disguise her identity. I don't find it too much of a stretch that while looking for some dark secluded place to hide in a large-ish city, she would come across a coven of Sharrans (for want of a better collective noun) and listen from a discrete distance.
  9. It's my understanding that lies and deciet, for manipulation or even for their own sake, are looked upon favorably by Shar, so yes, everything Viconia says in game could easily be an elaborate web of lies. I'm sure there would be seeds of truth, all the best lies have them, all the details are probably acurate, but the glaring omissions would be the key.
  10. Ah but once you know how far the spots go, next begins the pleasant task of counting them
  11. Inara my dear, the only parting I could endure is that of your sweet lips, be it in speech, to smile or indulge me in a kiss...
  12. Yeah, here she is, just having unburdened herself about her rape, and now apologising for the apparent vulnerability and charname says he's ignoring her. He deserves the harsh reply.
  13. This is my first post on this or any other subject on G3, and I haven't read this whole thread yet, but let me just say, I completely support this idea, and as far as Juhani goes, damned right, I think hers was possibly the best written romance, regardless of gender preference, I've played in any RPG bar none.
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