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  1. Thanks for the info, Salk! I'll surely be watching
  2. Thanks for your comments! If DavidW can modernize the code, well, it'd be great, I certainly wouldn't know even where to start from anymore Although I'm sure the_bigg already did a lot of quality maintenance. Hope DavidW will be back. SCS is truly something... I spent an entire session yesterday to kill ONE Elder Orb
  3. Well yes, good catch It was so long ago! You know how it goes: the mod required so much effort (mostly the HLAs and the Sword Angel kit, especially since we insisted on doing things "against" the engine!) that I "forgot" to actually play the game.. Eventually the streak ended and, to this day, I never did a real playthrough with our own mod. I'm trying to rectify this, with the addition of the amazing Sword Coast Stratagems, which, I see from the read me, can assign the new hlas to enemies too! I noticed that DavidW hasn't been around lately, but hey, surely he deserves some time off
  4. Hi! A quick report about two components that failed to install, specifically: - Remove Arrows of Dispelling from stores - Potions for NPCs The installer failed to install these 2 components and rolled back to the previous state. Everything else went fine. I think the problem was missing resources (like a missing .2da file for the potions). I'm sorry I didn't keep the debug information: as I soon discovered that V28 changed too many things to preserve my current game I had to fully revert to SCSII V21 to continue with that. Still I'm hoping to be able to do a proper re-installation for my next playthrough (if it ever happens, you know life and all). I'd *really* love to see enemies use the Revised HLAs from the Refinements mods. Haven't had the chance so far. That's it. Thanks for the massive work done for this mod!
  5. Hi DavidW (and any other reader out here)! Checking in after several years of "absence" from the game. An almost surreal experience, to be sure. Those were great times, I miss them somewhat. Anyway, I'm glad to find that the community is still alive and well (if less "frantic", understandably). I'm going through the game and I'm making a heavy use of your mod this time around (I removed basically everything from Tactics and Improved Battles, which used to be part of my standard installation back then... some uhm, ten years ago?! ) So I feel compelled to drop by and leave some random feedback, as the mod makes really relevant and extensive changes to the game. I have a 3-man party: Main char Dual-Class Fighter/Mage (never played anything else), Jaheira, Imoen (after losing Yoshimo of course). Levelling is fast but, the party being small, many encounters prove ultra-difficult anyway: there are only so many things you can do in a given round after all, and enemies like to appear in huge crowds. Mostly I'm impressed by what I see. Mages are really smart and incredibly challenging. I've selected the limited pre-buffing option and I think I'm regretting it: facing mages does get a little tiresome after a while. Still, it's refreshing to see them so alert and aware of their arsenal. The game feels really different... it used to be extra-hard in selected places (because of Tactics and Improved Battles), now everything feels more coherent and organic. Still, there are places that prove extra-hard even now, at least for my style of play. Granted, I'm not the player I used to be, at the moment. A few cases worth mentioning: One of the first ambushes in the wilderness, with LOTS of ogre-like creatures who immediately get strenght enhanced. At that point in the game, my party of 3 can barely cast a Chaos spell: not enough to stop that many enemies from killing me in seconds. I'm not sure if you changed something here, actually.. Anyway, I cheated my way out of this encounter (while I could survive all the other ones, though some just barely). The Shade Lord. I had to flat-uninstall this component. That was my first major quest, and I was too low-leveled to face such a battle with my small party (even the vanilla version proved still difficult). The Harper Ambush. Very, very hard, since, again, it's early in the game, and I don't like pre-buffing if my chars have no reason to do it. But I beat it at last (it was kind of epic). Perth the Adept! O my!! This one was "infuriating". My level 12 mage could do little against his defenses, Jaheira's insects simply died on the encircling flames, and as soon as he cast Pit Fiend, it was game over every time (no +3 weapons since I always rescue Imoen ASAP, also Protection from Evil doesn't work here, so I could only scream in fear and die. Maybe summon an elemental, give it magical strength and manage to inflict A FEW wounds before that). Sometimes he summoned MORE than one demon... funny. Backstabbing him was an option of course, but it didn't feel right. In the end I "settled" for an almost cheesy tactic: Yoshimo enters while hiding, places a trap at his feet, then the other 2 enter the room and everyone goes at him at the same time with fast attacks as soon as he turns hostile (magic missile, bullets etc.) With some luck this combo brings him down. I could honestly never beat him in a fair fight. I'm going through Spellhold right now, so many challenges I have yet to meet. Yet I can already say that the mod makes for a hard, at times frustrating and slow game, but I'm having fun, and I'm finding myself using potions, wands, summoning dolls, and anything I can think of to survive. So I guess it's mission accomplished! Now a few notes on specific spells and rule changes: Individual Spell Immunity versions: oh my great, thanks for this! Extra spell scrolls for hard to find spells: could you add Spell Trigger? Still avaible only as drop in SoA, AFAIK Prevent Clones from using magic items: I removed this one. I know it makes sense because of the possible abuses, but items that can be used once/day should remain accessible, just like spells. I guess I'll exercise some old fashioned self-restraint for everything else Removed Invisibility from the Staff of Magi. Yeah it's overpowered but also iconic. A few items are supposed to be overpowered, and it really is no easy task getting them (especially with SCS!) I'm using SCS with Refinements, a mod I co-created with 2 fine modders eons ago and barely had the chance to use myself so far. I assume it won't conflict, other than NPCs still using the vanilla HLAs ? I'd consider this a very minor issue, and you could always consider your party somewhat "special" and deserving of a more specific selection. Ok, that's all for now! Summarizing, great work. Thank you for the great mod, and for the insane level of possible customization. Also thank you if you made it this far
  6. Ok, time for more thoughtful feedback. I've faced the first "serious" mage, still lacking most of the tools that obviously are now a necessity to deal with mages. I admit, it's been a blast. Finally they act "almost" as I would with that arsenal at hand. A high level mage becomes something to be feared indeed, as he certainly should. [i have the full-prebuffing mode installed, but it's fair, the script not being able to really "think" and all]. In the end, all I could do was to wait (!) for his spells to wear off, suffering even casualties, resisting at all costs, and then hunt him using Invisibility Purge and such (fittingly, at that point he was just trying to evade me!) I'm even reconsidering my bias against your Spell Tweaks. Admittedly, most of them make perfect sense. Just a few notes: Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility is good as it is, you wouldn't need it to entirely bypass Improved Invisibility, even if it was possible to code it: after all, it's fair to leave some advantages to him who prepares such formidable defenses, and the chance to miss him is only logical More consistent Breach spell is fine, Spell Turning should indeed protect against it. Liches IMHO should remain immune to it, though. I mean, immunity against 5th level spells should implicate exactly that, let players deal with it. They can always wait or flee after all. Liches "live" for ages, they ARE powerful and are not supposed to be taken down easily by an adventuring party I see your point with the blade barrier tweak, but the visuals assigned to the spell make the modification feel like cheating, while as human players, we can still tolerate if the scripts cheat a little bit (for the same reason I installed the full-prebuffing option) Finally, I agree with the point made by Arkain: One possible solution might be to make it so that SI:Abjuration protects against every abjuration spell up to a certain level. So for example Spell Strike and Pierce Shield can dispel it, while Pierce Magic can't. Not entirely adherent to either interpretation, but supposedly balanced. I seem to have some issues with the spell descriptions too, but that can be caused by another mod. I'll give more precise reports when I'm home and able to have a look at it. I hope it'll all be helpful feedback, anyway
  7. except that you tweaked existing spells ok, don't get angry at me, the fact that I installed the mod and the component despite having issues against it only proves that I trusted the quality of your AIs, by the comments I gathered and what I have read myself in the docs Anyway, I passed the random encounters exhausting Jaheira's capabilities, lots of potions and my own patience with micromanaging the battle (flee there, throw a bullet *just now*, run back, get a lucky backstab with Yoshi etc...) Didn't know/remember you could cast mage spells in those areas... No matter, now my fighter/mage has reactivated the fighter class and this means I'm basically unstoppable, again. Ah the old, comfortable feeling, after so many years! Should I be worried? I wonder how Ascension will play this time with your mod installed. Can't wait
  8. Hi! I'm trying the mod for the first time (back to the game after a LONG, LONG break). I'm very positively impressed, so far. I've always hated how mages looked stupid and totally uncaple of mastering their art, in the past. So far I have only a few issues with the mod. First, I'm not much fond of the changes made to the spells (I grew affection for the old mechanism). But I won't argue that much, here, it's a basic design decision after all, and I installed them anyway since you state that the scripts assume to work with those changes. Second, well, I too am having a hard time with the random encounters. The point is, they can get you in an extremely untimely way, you cannot skip them by selecting other quests, and tend to become a tad frustrating. See, if you have a small party (or soloing) and/or have a dualled, not reactivated character, it's easy to run immediately out of options when facing these guys (even if you accept to cheese with prebuffing and such) Especially since mage-types cannot cast in the open. I reckon many low level parties can have the right combination of skills to deal with them, but hey, mine ATM definitely isn't (I have Jaheira, Yoshimo and myself, fighter mage with the fighter class not yet reactivated). I know, I could use more help, but how can I get it if I can't travel between city blocks? Anyway, great work, I repeat. I'm eager to face a smarter Lich And oh, a special "good to see you again" to Caedwyr! Long time, uh?
  9. We're in need for a few coders to help us out. There are a lot IE gurus out there, so who knows, someone might be interested. I sincerely hope so, as I'd really desire to save this mod. Latest screenshots here (and details linked after the images).
  10. Oh, damn, now I recall why I couldn't use it: we use some of those "external" animations in Refinements already... On the other hand, the improved ground icons should fit pretty well in any installation
  11. Any progress report? For testers, you may decide to trust your work and release to the public... bugs will be identified in time. Sure enough, we can statistically assume that the majority of fixes will be correct
  12. Yeah, screenshots would be nice, thx, although the modification is not too invasive, I guess But, hey, come on! Nobody plays with PnP Spell Progression Tables? I'd really like some comments/experiences about this one...
  13. This new realease of the Tweak Pack seems a lot interesting. Some components are a must, some -for my likings- are better avoided, while some I'm not sure about: so I thought I'd ask for comments from users/modders. Icewind Dale Casting Graphics How does it look? I don't remember much of Icewind Dale. Icon Improvements Well, same question, though I think I may just trust the authors here Weapon Styles for All While I agree on the concept, I think a bit of differentiation still wouldn't harm. For instance, mages might be prevented to pick more than a star per style (or maybe is this what happens in the original game already?) PnP Spell Progression Tables Well, this is a hard one. I'd be tempted to use it, but I fear my magic users will become highly overpowered. Also, a major counter-argument is that enemy mages will keep the old, small set of spells. Any comments from players who use this component? Does the game really become as much easier as it would seem? Thanx for any opinion
  14. Sim, there's no need to mock me with that, that was not the point and you know it. You will see that I can live pretty well even with the methods of the jungle, from now on. Lots of time spared, for sure
  15. Oversight puts a wrong version of KIT.IDS (happens with a couple of components). Oversight is pretty popular, so we had to fix even that one in order for Refinements to work more widely. Problem is, if you just use the two "stacks" of REPLACE_TEXTUALLY commands one after the other, they'll just mess between themselves... So there's need to use some workarounds, and the fix becomes rather tricky. As I said, the current version of Refinements has already this fix, but it has also a typo with the Barbarian line (spotted by SimDingo, corrected for V2). Now, should someone find it useful, I would be happy if they will reuse it, but, this time, it would be nice if the modding_etiquette would also be followed. I've done my part from the start crediting Diara (99% of the merit still to her, of course).
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