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  1. Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting wizards lose familiars. I was simply mentioning what *I* do in my PNP game, not that I think wizards should lose them in BG. I know most gamers see familars as a wizard thing. I know I'm probably alone in seeing them as druid things. That's why I was simply asking that SD consider adding them, possibly, for druids to get. I could explain at length why I think they're more appropriate for druids, but I don't know if anybody cares to read it, nor am I overly inclined to write it.
  2. That's where I disagree. IMO a familiar is a druidy thing, going back through the history of medieval europe and how the idea of familiars started in the first place, with christianity and satan. Obviously this is all fantasy, but I've always felt they really belong to druids, not wizards. I think rangers should have animal companions (watch the Beastmaster movie) and druids should have familiars. Wizards could make pacts with demons for powers, giving them an imp or quasit, or they could create a minion, such as the homonculous. I know wizards have had familiars in D&D for decades
  3. Just wanted to drop off two tiny ideas. Cantrip for Diviner = Farsight. I think this would be a neat cantrip for players without being OP. Feature for druids = familiars. All the way back in 1E I felt that the devs were wrong to give familiars to wizards instead of druids. It was even more weird that wizards had to get help from druids to find a familiar, wizards who routinely chop up creatures for parts and care only about themselves, while druids, people who dedicate their lives to helping animals, can't get one. In my own PNP druids get familars and wizards don't. So I'd sug
  4. Excellent. You get me inside and I'll do the rest. I can slip past the guards, hack the mainframe, and get your launchcodes, just make sure you wire the money to... um... Just made an acct there, same name as here.
  5. Hey all ! Miloch told me this was being made, and I'm very pleasantly surprised to see it. What's the rough outline of the mod?
  6. I suggested an idea for a li'l quest for UB over on PPG, but they say they're wrapping things up. As such, I'll drop the idea here if anybody thinks it's interesting or wants to include it in their mod. I don't know what mod it would go best with, which is why I mention it here in the general forum. In the southeast of BG1 there's a farmer whose cow is being attacked by xvarts. If you kill them, the farmer asks you to look into where all of them are coming from. However, if you wipe out the xvart village, the farmer never says anything new. What if after wiping out the village (pos
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