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  1. I retired and left it in the hands of Miloch and other community members who have access to the workroom here at G3. As far as I know it has not been abandoned.
  2. The GTU is a separate component. Everything else should (as far as I know) work on other languages. As far as still being maintained... I've decided to step down. It is no longer enjoyable and when that happens it's time to move on. I do not know yet if any of the co-conspirators wants to take charge as I've only just posted my intentions in the Fixpack Workroom.
  3. yeah I didn't notice that when I tested as Reevor is off screen and I apparently quit too soon. It was brought to my attention in the workroom as well (just saw it today in fact). I've already whipped up a solution that doesn't make Reevor go hostile in the proper situation.... Try this when you get a chance Just copy/paste and replace the jondalar tph file as instructed in the other post, then reinstall the fixpack Are you talking about during installation? I've heard of that on other mods but have never ever experienced it. Widescreen mod only works with selected version
  4. I just tested this out and it is indeed screwed up. Totally our fault. The original scenario with Jondalar isn't broken however if the player attacked Jondalar first instead of talking it wouldn't play out properly. Jondalar would talk to the PC as if the PC hadn't hit him and subsequently not recognize any further hits. Rather than adding new text etc as the Jondalar Fix for BGT does, we opted to have him turn hostile and shout for help whenever he is attacked outside of the practice session. Therein lies the problem. We gave him the generic shout script, this had no specific checks
  5. I don't know about that container thing you mentioned... sounds weird tho Shouldn't happen like that, but there was some patch work done... could be something messed up with that. it's a new edition in the last release... Tho it was tested and reported that everything happened as normal... Perhaps the tester(s) didn't have every patch installed or up to date. Can you list out the exact steps you took in regards to Jondalar and I'll see if I can repeat it? If I can repeat it, then I can look at seeing what went wrong.
  6. If there is, not sure what it is. Bioware didn't state it in the original... I'll be honest and say that spells are not my strong point. I'm not too sure how to interpret the spell file as to indicate what the proper save would be, if any.... Gonna have to ask in the workroom and see if anyone else knows....
  7. i did not see that cause i was reading the TEXT description not the statistics. To quote Miloch "You gotta spell it out for me"
  8. You actually have the last publicly announced release... There is a more recent internal release available at the same link. (actually replaced the other) However nothing was touched between the two in this regard. potn28.itm Potion of Fortitude modified description potn19.itm Potion of Agility modified description They are correct after installation. Their inventory graphics are similar with one being grey and the other being white. perhaps you are misremembering the colors? potion of fortitude is grey potion of agility is white Feel free to check for yourself with D
  9. version # should be listed in the wiedu.log... That should be the most recent tho. your picture shows that it is the Potion of Fortitude yet you said That description is the proper Salk adjusted description for Potion of Fortitude as the unmodified description says and the potn28.itm file for potion of fortitude isn't touched in the fixpack either. Are you saying that you drink a potion of fortitude and it acts like a potion of agility or what?
  10. I've not yet played ToTSC, any changes that affect ToTSC content were contributed. I have since gotten a copy of ToTSC and need to slowly go thru everything and make sure it all does what is advertised. However I have no documentation concerning any changes made with regard to these topics. And while the description gets revamped in Salk's GTU. It doesn't say anything about constitution. Nor is the potion of agility file being adjusted in any other way. I am not sure what you are experiencing. Have you installed other mods? Which version of the fixpack were you using?
  11. I believe I have successfully streamlined the ICT workaround and in the process removed the need for a 'stupid passback' line to quote Kulyok "watch my hands closely" Example will be in regards to using an ICT from Tutu Finch in BG:ToTSC First we need to establish whether or not Finch can talk. Best thing to do is let Finch tell us this, so we add a few blocks to her override script file IF StateCheck("sufinch",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("sufinch") Global("abFinchCanTalk","GLOBAL",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("abFinchCanTalk","GLOBAL",0) Continue() END IF !In
  12. out of curiosity how do the the bioware originals in BG/BG:ToTSC perform their banters? I've not seen any scripted method to get them to talk with each other, they just do. Is there some sort of internal banter engine that is hard wired for only the bioware originals? I've only ever gotten the fight between Jaheria/Khalid & Xzar/Montaron once and I interrupted it cause I didn't know what it was. LOL been trying to get it to repeat and there is no noticeable way to get them to do so. anywho... off to figure out how to convert tutu style banters into BG:ToTSC style... i think i
  13. actually I was going to report similar however I found it to be no more than 7 characters if you include the level #. also there must be a base character without a level # otherwise there will be a crash. (at least this has been my experience....) I've also had difficulties with one version in one area intended to be non-joinable with one dialog and another set of creature files intended to be joinable in a different area (similar to what Imoen does). Even tho the proper character file was indicated in the GAM file, I would continue to get initial dialog from the non-joinable version. Eas
  14. I so understand... I've been meaning to take a look at Finch and fix her up and make a "Finch Redux" mod that's got all the reported bugs fixed and is friendly to install on BGT as well as Tutu. But there is this half-orc who keeps brandishing a shiny weapon and redirecting my attentions to the BG Fixpack and lately something to do with Xvarts.....
  15. I don't remember this happening when I used Gavin a couple years ago on EasyTutu. Running BGT have both BG1 Gavin and BG2 SoA Gavin installed. Selected the recommended 1 hr timer between talks. My party is around level 3 & 4. Finished up the Nashkel mines and due to being too nice, Xzar and Monty left the party. So back to Beregost I trudge to resolve UB's addition to the liquid used on the ore and while there I pick up a joinable NPC from some other mod and Gavin. The other npc is decidedly silent so far. But Gavin as soon as I picked him up he's been non-stop talking. In fac
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