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  1. Make sure the text label is listed in spells.ids else it won't know what to resolve to when the script is compiled. Your first block will process whenever the timer has expired and any other triggers return valid. So, always when the timer is expired and that global variable is set to 1. Since you set it to 0 in that block, it should only run once per 70 seconds
  2. Ask the player if they want to install the portrait changing aspect. Ask them what portraits they want to use with Boo and without Boo. If they choose default (your setup) you make sure Minsc has it properly assigned and set the swap up accordingly. If they choose custom portraits then have them type in the file names, then set things up to use those. It doesn't monitor what they have, but it gives them the option to have the component and the portrait(s) they want. UB might even be able to offer additional portrait combo options with this setup.
  3. You could ask Lava or Zed (can't remember their full usernames). They've done extensive banters between NPC & the PC. I did a Polish to English translation proofread for one of those NPCs. Don't have any of that on my computer any more else I'd just look up the code.
  4. An idea... don't look to me to write it tho. Exploding Ogre: Mage at Nashkel fair casts a delayed version of his exploding ogre spell. Ogre has enough time to fawn over and/or entice the female PC before exploding at the "crucial moment". Use it or not but it's been begging to be heard for a few days now. I finally caved and posted.
  5. Look at the default script (dplayer2.bcs) for the stock NPCs. There is a block that handles switching the script and initiating dialog with the PC. Should be something like this (google search result - BG & BG2 are not currently installed) IF !InParty(Myself) HPGT(Myself,0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetLeavePartyDialogueFile() Dialog(Player1) ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT) END You'd probably want to change that block to not run the dialog command. However, all joinable NPCs use this script so you'd be better off saving the changed version as something else. Be sure to check any dialog blocks that handle joining, those same blocks might set the dplayer2 script. If they do, they would need to be adjusted to use your modified file. NOTE: this is just a wild hair brained guess.
  6. I read that there is a 1% failure chance despite being set at 100%. Hard coded limits I'm sure. The question is this: Are specialist mages more prone to the failure than general wizards? The reason I ask is that in my first run I had a general wizard, not once did she ever fail learning a spell scroll. This run with an Evoker she's just failed two times in a row. They were from schools that she can cast but they were not from her specialist school. I'm wondering if perhaps with specialist mages the non-specialized classes have a greater chance to fail than those within the specialized field. i.e. a transmutation scroll will fail before an evocation scroll if the school of focus is evocation.
  7. Got a situation that is just irritating to me. (fyi - this is my second time in normal mode) On my way to clear the horde fortress, I have to get the key from the orc shaman Trugnuk. That's all fine and good. I kill him and his party and get the key. The problem is that even after death he keeps casting a lightning bolt. If one of my characters is in sight of the corpse they will most likely get hit. If I'm on the other side of the map, the chat box gets spammed around once per round with statements that the lightning buildup dissipates harmlessly. I've narrowed it down (I think) to one of the scripts assigned to his entry in the area file. 30TRUGN0.BCS Contents of which follow I'm not exactly sure how to read that. IWD2 is a different beast than the other IE games. Is there any one particular block that might do well to have some sort of check to make sure he isn't dead? I've not heard of any orc shaman that can call upon lightning from behind the grave.... Saving and exiting the game then reloading for some reason clears it. I'm not yet sure but resting long enough to clear the corpse might also clear it. I can deal with it for this run through as it is gone now since I had exited to look for the offending script in NearInfinity. But I was thinking about future runs and perhaps having it available for anyone else who wants to use it.
  8. Reaction should be the equivalent of base 10 plus charisma modifier (see rmodchr.2da) plus reputation modifier (see rmodrep.2da) The end result is compared to reaction.ids which then determines the action to follow. See entry 0x403c Do note all that is based on BG1. You are talking about BG1 content after all. There may be slight differentiation if using BG2 engine (but I doubt it).
  9. Regarding the bear river thing.... Probably is the Bear River running thru that map. I would hazard to guess that when they positioned the original world map icons that they did so to ensure clarity in what was what rather than trying to put them in exact spot. If you will note the High Hedge map fits with the Beregost map as does the Temple map. All three side by side like they were cut from each other with 0 time travel between provided you walk across Beregost yourself. But they are spaced apart by some distance on the world map.
  10. If Widescreen mod is installed prior and iSeries is installed later (perhaps for a second run-through) there will be an issue crop up that will cause errors during iSeries compilation of scripts. These errors do not halt weidu but may cause problems with proper execution of the iSeries scripts. For some reason WSM includes code to add the file attstyle.ids. It does so by creating an empty file with that name. see code block iSeries also has code to create such a file but with a purpose. The attackedby command in trigger.ids looks to an attstyle.ids for the type of weapon (default, melee, ranged). However attsyle.ids was misspelled and shipped as attstyl.ids. iSeries properly copies and renames that file to attstyle.ids provided it does not exist. see code block Do you see the issue? If WSM is first the file exists but is blank thereby causing iSeries to skip making the correct file. Further causing weidu to complain and display errors during compilation. see code block for sample The suggestion for WSM would be to break attstyle.ids out from the other ids files and copy it separately and properly for the IWD2 game.
  11. Using version 2.2 The component to sell slings, clubs and staves for 1 gold piece does not include clubs. Instead it checks for maces (type 17) rather than clubs (type 44). A check in NearInfinity shows that the clubs while using the mace proficiency are assigned to type 44. Is there some other mod or component intended to be installed first to switch the clubs to a type value of 17? Weidu log
  12. Check your override folder for a copy of the potion file. If there is one, back it up. Then use NearInfinity and edit the potion so that it can give a 100 point boost or something insane like that. Then try. When done, remove the edited copy and restore the backup.
  13. If I remember correctly... When you load into an area that has a potential party member, that NPC will load with the CRE file that is closest matching to your level. If you choose to talk to them, their level is set. If you do not talk to them, then the next time you enter the area they may load with a higher level CRE file depending of course on whether or not your character has gained levels. (Do note that I'm not 100% sure about whether their level is fixed if you talk to them, I always avoided talking to potential followers till I wanted to add them because I wanted to play it safe.) Once you've added them to the team their CRE file is fixed. That means that they will only gain XP and get new levels when in the party. If you drop one off somewhere, do something and get a few levels, go back and pick up the one you left behind, they will be of a lower level. There are, I believe, some mod options which allow them to level up to your level both newly met and re-acquired team members.
  14. Make a duplicate of a save file. Use Near Infinity to edit their ability scores so that all values are the same (i.e. 18 in each). Then test your XP rewards. If they all get equal amounts then you may be on to something about there being an adjustment based on ability scores. Then again crazy as it sounds... perhaps distance from the event might play a factor. Why should a party member on one side of the map get XP for something that happened on the other side of the map?
  15. I saw this in the text box after my fighter/paladin accidentally triggered a trap that my rogue/wizard didn't detect (tho she did pick the lock without setting off the trap). I'd rather like to think that Larissa left that fireball trap behind for Sasha. After all Sasha can be a bit uppity what with being a Aasimar and a paladin. BTW - Playing the game can be surprisingly more fun than modding the game. Especially when one doesn't know what yet to expect.
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