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  1. This sounds great, look forward to it! Glad you've avoided the option of importing your demigod ToB character, level 40 characters get pretty old fast and the "OH NOES I HAVE AMNESIA SO AM NOW LEVEL 1" approach isn't much better. A few questions: -any estimate of how long it will be/level cap (same as BG1 ToTSC?)/number of areas? eg. ToTSC/ToB sort of size? -will it have a separate install (actually this is more a request for a "separate install" option so we don't need to mess with our Easytutu installation ) -is it restricted to BG1 areas or will there be any forays dow
  2. OK, have been playing through Bgtutu with SCS+Grey Clan Ep 1 installed, solo & on insane, and am a shade below the BG1 level cap with my Geo Sorc. So far so good. Sleep+wave spray was a useful combo for mobs during the first couple of levels. As with a normal sorc, the breakthrough comes with getting fireball, and being able to take out the groups much more easily. With resist fire I can also cast fireball on myself when surrounded by enemies [incidentally, I thought fireball was a "magic fire", but prot from fire seems to protect against it completely..even though it says it only give
  3. Caedwyr As an interim solution to allow folks (yeah, I mean me really!) to play this with Tutu, would it be possible to include an item which could be CLUA'd into the game and which activates the kit? Then we can just fire up the kit in Candlekeep or whatever. Cheers coaster
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