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  1. Anybody? BTW, am not really interested in the same sex thing with Jaemal, though it seems I do have to take him for my spellcasting needs. I'm planning a Male Monk PC playthrough as well as a female PC playthrough. Any advice on what class and race to play for a female PC? I want to play both Diriel and Rizdaer for the female playthrough. Who are the ones to pick for that party?
  2. DocLem


    Glad you guys like it It has a better-fitting expression than the first one. Can't do anything about the cut-off head though, it's a limitation of the original pic.
  3. I just found out about this mod and it sounds great! I may get to playing IWD2 after my playthrough with BG2. However, can't figure out which NPCs to take. I plan to play a Human male Monk PC, so which guys are the best to take? I hope there could be good party banters without missing much of the story as well as a romance.
  4. Ayt! I really am waiting for this release, the other Monk NPCs I've seen are, shall we say, less than appealing. So I'm excited over this mod, even just a Beta release. I really hope it arrives soon BTW, have you seen these threads on GameFAQs by DarthMordechai? http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage....;topic=41439809 http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage....;topic=44056480 I'm wondering what your thoughts regarding them are with regards to Aklon, considering he's the most cynical mod critic I've seen out there lol
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    Sorry for the double post, here's another one. Again edited, from the original pic found here. Though it's a bit younger-looking...
  6. Hey, just like to say that I'm looking forward to this very much Any word on a release date, even a beta release? Like is this gonna be released in a few weeks or months? Am kinda about to start a new BG2 playthrough one of these days, and am looking for a Monk character to test them out. And Aklon sounds great
  7. DocLem


    I am glad you guys liked it Actually, that was my main problem with the pic, that it might be 'too noble-looking' for Angelo. But this is the best base image I could find that kinda fits with the style of the Bioware NPC portraits.
  8. DocLem


    First of all, I take no credit for the original picture. I'm not an artist, just some minimal skill with Photoshop. I took the original pic here, a brilliant work by sporeboy!: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Portr...tail&id=313 (incredible pic BTW, really drawn well) That said, I made this portrait for personal use for Angelo since I really didn't like the original default one (no offense to the artist, but I think it's a bit goofy-looking for a BG2 portrait.) I haven't played all through the mod, so I'd like your opinion if this portrait suits him. Thanks for a very well-made mod to the creators!
  9. Thanks That sounds good. Seems like you've got everything figured out, BigRob! Props to ya for the IMHO astounding attention to detail. Doesn't make the wait seem any shorter though
  10. Hmm...no posts in awhile. In the meantime, can you sate my excitement a bit with some more questions, this time more about the gameplay aspect rather than story? I haven't played a Monk before, and from what I understand, Monks are missing their own HLAs, yes? So will there be any stuff that will differentiate Aklon from other monks? Like special skills maybe, or new HLAs? Or even a custom AI script? I have seen a Monk HLA mod here in G3, in case you won't be doing any custom Monk stuff for him, will the Oversight mod be compatible with Aklon? Hehehe, too many questions, I'd think. It's the only way to keep sane while waiting (it's a good thing school is keeping me busy from gaming for a while)
  11. Hey, it's no problem at all (though an avatar change is now in order ). Yeah, it's about time I found a guy who looks heroic w/o looking like a weirdo or an old geezer
  12. Thanks! Hahaha...I'm doing the exact same thing, checking in on the page every 2 days or so, finding out, in vain, that there's still no release. I guess he is indeed easy on the eyes, but I'd rather not comment on his looks (I'm a guy), and rather focus on his story and character He'll be the first romanceable male I'll try out.
  13. That's great! Now I'll let myself be as I obsess over my party choices for my next game (with Aklon of course...haha)
  14. Hi! I'm new to the whole scene of BG2 modding (and gaming, it's only been a few months ago since I've found a copy), and I've been looking through Aklon's progress for a few weeks now, and I've been very eager about its release, since I've been looking for a good romanceable Monk NPC that I can use for my female PC (so I can have the different party dynamics than with a male PC). The banters and the personality I've seen from Aklon's development has been superb so far, IMO,and am intrigued by the Pharmacopoiea item. All I can say is keep it up, great job thus far! Anyway, I've been so excited with this mod that I've been planning a party for play once it sees release, and I thought about maybe using Kelsey as my party's spellcaster (I don't like using Edwin), and I've got to ask: will Aklon have any content for other NPC mods? At least the major ones? It'll be great if he has interactions with Kelsey, or at least maybe kill the romances for Kelsey (I'm gonna romance Aklon, obviously ). Though I understand it's enough work already for the other NPCs though, just gotta ask Anyhoo...I'm looking forward to its release, hope we can see it soon Thanks!
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