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  1. Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness has launched its Kickstarter campaign! Depending on how much they raise, advanced modding support is possible too!
  2. BlackWyrmLair will support Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Our friends at Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness are launching their Kickstarter campaign this month. If they raise enough money to make the game moddable, Black Wyrm's Lair is planning to be one of the first modding communities that supports fan-made modifictions to Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. We encourage all fans & modders in the community to support them in their efforts. Their website: http://www.blackgeyser.com Their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackgeyser/ Introduction to game controls and gameplay:
  3. Improved Anvil: EE is a continuation of ideas that were brought to life by the original Improved Anvil. The mod's content was expanded, compatibility with Beamdog's Enhanced Edition was introduced for the benefit of new players who are looking for a challenge. Detailed, online readme Visit the Forum Download at Dragon's Hoard Have fun!
  4. The Drizzt Saga-WeiDU has a new version! Download link: http://dragonshoard.blackwyrmlair.net/bwl_mods_download.php?mod=36 Readme link: http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Mods/Readme/drizztsaga_readme.htm Forum: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showforum=103 Have fun!
  5. Hello, As it was published already, BWL has overcome its financial difficulties, and is open again for all visitors. Therefore, Improved Anvil v6 is available to everyone. Forum link: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showforum=99 Download page: http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Mods/anvil.php Moreover, there was an error in the forum software which displayed that moderator approval is required for all posts. This is not true. Posts appear immediately. Have fun!
  6. Hello all, BWL has overcome its financial issues. It does not ask for a donation any more from those who want to see all forums. All forums are now public. Have fun!
  7. Chill man, and get a life. Downtimes and outages happen with all modding sites, just some users like to pretend it's a big deal in case of BWL, their problem is that some of our website content is available to site supporters only. The prefixes "vital" to modders can wait for a few days, modders will survive that. The list you posted is incomplete and outdated.
  8. About what you call "paywall", its only purpose -- as repeatedly mentioned at BWL -- is to make BWL a self-supporting site. I lost interest in IE modding (for the time being, at least), so I don't want to pay a site (especially which offers gigabytes downloads on Dragon's Hoard) from my own pocket. Instead, the site should support itself from voluntary donations, and those who help us will get some gifts (e.g. earlier access to closed betas of mods) from BWL. The self-supporting site covers its own costs from member donations. This didn't magically guarantee that it's RELIABLE WHAT WE PAID FOR. The provider was unreliable, the fact members also helped to cover costs didn't make it magically reliable. Now the same donations (+ admittedly much money from my pocket) will be used to pay for a (hopefully) BETTER HOST and provider. We don't plan closing DHDC for the time being, as site stats show it's still relatively popular. Maybe some mods will be removed from it though, because I don't want that the big initial traffic immediately kills the new host...
  9. A friend suggested I should clarify it after all to Valerio, I don't have much time so I'll be quick. The plan to move to a new host is not new indeed, but first we were always talking about an UPGRADE. In these days, finally, we'll move to a new host. I hope that will be more cost-efficient than the current solution (needless to say, it is expected to be more reliable, otherwise we would have chosen another provider). The first upgrade was done due to high traffic generated by Dragon's Hoard, server couldn't cope with it. It was SAME provider. Later, there were issues with this provider, and since I didn't have much time to deal with it, I mostly informed the support to fix it. They always fixed and then it went down again and again. Then it was fine for at least half a year, I clearly remember noone reported any issues. When the problems started again, I asked them to check if hardware is alright. They said yes. Yesterday I run fsck and server was fine again. Then it died again. Today it found and corrected more errors. There are harddisk issues. So I decided to give up some RL priorities in these days and migrate BWL to a new host. People who donated the site will get advantages, of course: about one month additional special gifts from BWL (e.g. you can access closed betas of mods). Most problems were also because I had no time for BWL (organizing the new membership system already took much time), so couldn't really examine what's truly wrong etc. Yeah, I don't do IE modding anymore but BWL will not close because of that.
  10. It's Baronius personally What an incredible collection of s*** has been created here in one year, hahaha I see the forum rabble wasn't bored... what a vermin I wonder if they'll be extending similar censorship to the prefix list, should the author registering be making a morally inapprorpiate mod Actually, I don't think there will be any extensions, because even the abovementioned "new rules of BWL Council" originated from Sir Carnifex (who resigned in the meantime); we disagreed because I think I didn't let him remove all gay/lesb content (I am not THAT much conservative) or something like that Geh4th is a liar by the way, he writes a lot of lies (not that I wasted more than 2 minutes reading this **** here, but from what I can see, he is lying a lot). I think it is because he is personally disappointed in things I don't want to list here, so it made him obsessed to PROVE something here...but why, oh why the wasted time man... poor noob Baronius Head of the BWL Council The Black Wyrm's Lair http://www.blackwyrmlair.net
  11. In that form, regardless of what it was intended to mean, it is strongly misleading. It is not an accident that you also interpreted it for the first time in the same way as I did. "as a note, I was warning that is not compatible with much, and not to go into it. ", then he should have written this in advance. He didn't, OK, but then he should have edited the post. In its current form, it implies nothing else (even inside the thread's context) than that some mods may "break the game" in certain circumstances, and this wording -- especially for newbies -- means that such mods should be avoided (i.e. if they remember a mod's name mentioned in such a context, they will associate it with game-breaking and will avoid it). A possible correct answer in harmony with your latest intepretation could have been: "Pocket Plane and Chosen of Mystra are modding communities, much like Gibberlings3, but yes, there are some mods that will not be compatible with certain (I think, with many) G3 mods when installed together. A common one that comes up is Improved Anvil, from Black Wyrm Lair (see its readme for concrete details on which G3 mods it does not support)". To sum up, the wording is too general even if it is interpreted completely in the context of its preceding posts -- I don't think this is accidental. After all the lies I read about Improved Anvil in the past, it is difficult for me to believe that this statement wasn't meant to imply "Improved Anvil breaks the game, avoid it" (which is a common lie). Especially because it wasn't edited after your initial reaction to it. Nonetheless, in the future, I expect Icendoan to draw more attention on what he writes, especially in case of statements without proof.
  12. I'm probably going to be unpopular by reacting to an old post of this thread, but since I logged in to G3 after a long time (for another reason), I can't let this unanswered. How can you make a self-confident statement about anything without any reasoning and then, on top of it all, ask others to shut up about the matter you referred to?! You should know it very well that all mods can break the game depending on what else is installed. All (well-made) mods have readmes and they state the exact compatibility conditions. Of course, no one has to believe my two sentences above: interested readers should verify them on your own (or can PM me at BWL and I will offer general proof, i.e. will explain it to them). You abused that 99% of newbies (not just the original poster) who read this internet topic immediately and unconditionally believe what they read. This way, you don' t have to take responsibility for what you write. And, on top of it all, you try to prevent anyone from calling you to account ("don't go into that in detail") regarding your misleading statements. Well, you can't prevent it, because I found this topic. Statements have consequences, Icendoan. P.S.: After a long time, I've just encountered a few Gibberlings3 topics and it seems the user "temujin" will immediately start trolling in any topic where BWL, Improved Anvil or myself is brought up or involved. So G3 moderators, you can expect him to appear in this topic as well within minutes. It's up to you whether you allow such a person -- in the name of freedom of speech -- to hijack (and eventually to get locked down) even more topics, or you finally decide to remove him. I don't care, I just reminded you . I have finished. Incredible, I don't log in to here often, but when I do, it's 100% that I find some lies. We got used to lies regarding Improved Anvil (envy is a big lord), but it doesn't mean I won't call authors of misleading posts into account when I encounter such misleading posts. Improved Anvil is the intellectual work of a mod developer (combined with the selfless work of several testers and contributors), and although all this is about gaming and fun (which might imply that lies shouldn't be taken seriously), no intellectual work (no IE mod) deserves malicious lies.
  13. Why certain people judge (condemn) others without actually knowing the exact details and past? I don't say that the certain (and several) things did and said by Moongaze are acceptable. They're not, and he also admits this. But I don't say he should be blamed for everything, because I don't know the past and the exact details of where it started. So it's a bit of exaggeration that he is "only" to be blamed. Perhaps for the recent years, but you can't know the details of the start. However, I do know that someone who is more sensitive than the average and gets involved in online forums too much -- where he meets people like many of you* -- will easily become desperate. After that, it's no wonder it may change someone, and results in bitterness. So I'm not saying that exclusively others should be blamed and Moongaze was a saint (as I don't know Moongaze, neither the beginning of the IE modding scene problems), but I don't think anyone has enough information to state "You are responsible for everything". *many of you, who lack even the smallest sign of empathy and tolerance, and use the forums and some members as a toy for your own entertainment, regardless of how it may affect or hurt others who are possibly more sensitive (or just different) than yourselves. I'm sure the following advice will be ineffective on most of those who it addresses, but seeing how Moongaze still couldn't forget this community, I'll share it, perhaps it will open the eyes of some readers: You shouldn't judge someone who you don't know. Judge his specific acts that you actually *experienced*, *seen* (and not just heard from others or read somewhere). It's like my Grey Clan Episode One. Somewhere someone said GCE1 affected the final battle of BG, and somehow more people started to TAKE IT AS GRANTED (until I was personally asked about it and the issue was cleared up -- no, it never changed the final battle). At least try to check it on your OWN before believing something, and don't judge something/somebody you don't know. This has been the last time I wasted my time by asking most online visitors to refuse the brainwashing** and actually start to think on their own, especially before making a judgement or decision. The only reason I wasted my time here with this is Moongaze, because despite what he did, I'm sure he is also a victim as well. A victim of some cowardly nitwits who enjoy the strain they make for others. **This is meant generally; has nothing to with IE modding politics or mods.
  14. Sometimes you can also wish good luck to people you don't understand. (Also note that my small remark was based on a general observation, not to just this issue.)
  15. gertjanvh: I suppose he is undecided yet, that's why there is no answer (based on what he wrote to me at BWL). Honestly, are you able to write anything normal and clear at all? I haven't seen anywhere a post by you or kulyok with something simple like "good luck", "I wish all the best". Always either some sort of cynicism, or some sort of criticism (or some sort of comment that's supposed be funny, like this one). Seriously, you and that lady could be the metaphor of cynicism...
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