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  1. Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness has launched its Kickstarter campaign! Depending on how much they raise, advanced modding support is possible too!
  2. BlackWyrmLair will support Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Our friends at Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness are launching their Kickstarter campaign this month. If they raise enough money to make the game moddable, Black Wyrm's Lair is planning to be one of the first modding communities that supports fan-made modifictions to Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. We encourage all fans & modders in the community to support them in their efforts. Their website: http://www.blackgeyser.com Their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackgeyser/ Introduction to game controls and gameplay:
  3. Chill man, and get a life. Downtimes and outages happen with all modding sites, just some users like to pretend it's a big deal in case of BWL, their problem is that some of our website content is available to site supporters only. The prefixes "vital" to modders can wait for a few days, modders will survive that. The list you posted is incomplete and outdated.
  4. About what you call "paywall", its only purpose -- as repeatedly mentioned at BWL -- is to make BWL a self-supporting site. I lost interest in IE modding (for the time being, at least), so I don't want to pay a site (especially which offers gigabytes downloads on Dragon's Hoard) from my own pocket. Instead, the site should support itself from voluntary donations, and those who help us will get some gifts (e.g. earlier access to closed betas of mods) from BWL. The self-supporting site covers its own costs from member donations. This didn't magically guarantee that it's RELIABLE WHAT WE PAID FOR. The provider was unreliable, the fact members also helped to cover costs didn't make it magically reliable. Now the same donations (+ admittedly much money from my pocket) will be used to pay for a (hopefully) BETTER HOST and provider. We don't plan closing DHDC for the time being, as site stats show it's still relatively popular. Maybe some mods will be removed from it though, because I don't want that the big initial traffic immediately kills the new host...
  5. A friend suggested I should clarify it after all to Valerio, I don't have much time so I'll be quick. The plan to move to a new host is not new indeed, but first we were always talking about an UPGRADE. In these days, finally, we'll move to a new host. I hope that will be more cost-efficient than the current solution (needless to say, it is expected to be more reliable, otherwise we would have chosen another provider). The first upgrade was done due to high traffic generated by Dragon's Hoard, server couldn't cope with it. It was SAME provider. Later, there were issues with this provider, and since I didn't have much time to deal with it, I mostly informed the support to fix it. They always fixed and then it went down again and again. Then it was fine for at least half a year, I clearly remember noone reported any issues. When the problems started again, I asked them to check if hardware is alright. They said yes. Yesterday I run fsck and server was fine again. Then it died again. Today it found and corrected more errors. There are harddisk issues. So I decided to give up some RL priorities in these days and migrate BWL to a new host. People who donated the site will get advantages, of course: about one month additional special gifts from BWL (e.g. you can access closed betas of mods). Most problems were also because I had no time for BWL (organizing the new membership system already took much time), so couldn't really examine what's truly wrong etc. Yeah, I don't do IE modding anymore but BWL will not close because of that.
  6. Neither igi's forum, nor BWL's Tutorials forum and BWL's Infinity Engine Modding Workshop forum are mentioned; the TeamBG tutorial site also has a new location at BWL. Forgotten Wars has also changed its name, to Spellhold Studios. This thread would welcome an update
  7. For Your Information: in the next weeks, the prefix list might get unavailable for a shorter period of time (the host is moving to a new server).
  8. Gladly. The original list contained other spelling mistakes as well, if anyone notices any, don't hesitate to inform me.
  9. The Council, and it was a good idea. They were temporarily closed for a day or two, for various reasons. Yesterday they have been opened again. If this had been a permanent decision of the Council and not a temporary status, it would certainly have been announced somehow. We always keep our visitors informed. By the way, Rastor, the list is always available at http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/prefixes.php . No need for any forum to check the list.
  10. The community filename prefix list was reorganized and greatly upgraded.
  11. Someone is a LoTR addict (not fan, ADDICT) here...
  12. Centralization is a nice dream. As for IESDP, it is possible because it is a collection of technical knowledge. (We, the community, can be proud of IESDP -- it is a real community work, the example of how we can work together) However, the central place for downloads or tutorials (I took these two examples from igi's post) is not really possible. Modders, modder groups, people, create their own works, realise their own ideas - and naturally do not agree in everything. It is natural that they aren't in the same group, same part of the community. Additionally the natural (and healthy) rivalry is always there, let's not deny it: a modder wants to his mod be better, the best etc. As far as this is between natural and honest limits, I think that it is acceptable and correct. The 'big unite' will never happen. However, the good and cultivated relationship between modding groups (I could say: communities; but we're one big community, aren't we?) is primary and important. EDIT: grammar and style (*sigh*)
  13. People browsing dialogs? What do you mean? Mods are for players, and players should meet the dialog in-game. If modders want to browse among my dialogs, they are free to, but it's not my task to make my dialog filenames obvious as recognizing the files easily is only primary for the mod's author or developer team An update for the prefix list, Domi? If so, I'll gladly add it, feel free to register and post a reply there
  14. Grim - who forces me to use those conventions (e.g. the 25...)?
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