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  1. // replace kivan's halberd proficiency with spear proficiency COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^_?kivan[46]?\.cre$~ ~override~ LPF ALTER_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 233 match_parameter2 = 99 parameter2 = 98 END BUT_ONLY Should work on BG:EE/EET and Tutu. It's harmless on BGT but not needed since he has a spear proficiency instead of a halberd proficiency there already.
  2. No, it doesn't need to be copied over if it already exists. Thank you, I thought that it sounded familiar but I didn't want to lay blame based on a vague recollection. There are two locations in SPL files where icons are specified: the spellbook icon is stored in the SPL header and this is where the .BAM file variant with the "C" suffix should be used the stone icon is stored in the ability header(s) and this is where the .BAM file variant with the "B" suffix should be used In Near Infinity, the place to assign the spellbook icon can be found by navigating to th
  3. @Chitown Willie That is probably a better general install order, but it may not make much of a difference in this case. The important thing is that IR's global tweaks are installed after mods that add items and the less important thing is that SR's update spellbooks component is installed after mods that add joinable NPCs. There may be a couple of items added depending on which components are installed in Tweaks Anthology or SCS, but the impact would be minor. IR used to recognize certain components in BG2 Tweaks and prevent installation of duplicate components but I don't think it's be
  4. While I'm not the author, I've dedicated a lot of time to maintaining SR and IR and improving compatibility wherever possible. The patching vs. overwriting discussion is a big red herring. The goal of the mod is to overhaul every vanilla spell, so whether it overwrites the files or rebuilds them using patches, the effect would be the same. (One was just easier to implement.) The mod is supposed to be installed early, so that it does not overwrite changes from other mods. I recognize that does put most of the burden for adapting to SR's changes on other mods, but I'm happy to help out
  5. I took a look at your readme and a bit of the code. I wouldn't think you'd have to make too many alterations to account for SR in the sphere system. Some changes would definitely be required to account for new spells, disabled spells, and the few spells that move around (cure wounds), but the vast majority of spells have the same flavour and purpose in SR as they have in vanilla, and it's just the mechanics that change, so sphere assignments should be the same for most of them. Are there any compatibility issues I'm missing outside of the sphere system?
  6. If that's your install order, it could be causing issues (though I don't know about this one in particular). SCS should be installed after SR and IR. If you post the full contents of your WeiDU.log file, we'll be able to see the specific components and versions of mods you installed and can advise from there.
  7. Replacing SR's ADD_SPELL usage with that function would be a significant endeavour that would impact not just SR, but also mods like SCS that interface with SR's spell system. It would require writing custom compatibility code to replace the built-in logic that comes with ADD_SPELL to avoid seeing the same spell duplicated in multiple mods. I don't think it would be worth the effort. Also, I'm not interested in having to support separate versions of the mod for the EE and vanilla games at this time.
  8. Did you maybe remove the Druid Remix component at the same time? Because that's the component that would affect armor usability, as I described above. That directory should be fine.
  9. For better compatibility, I don't think the Windows line endings should be stored in repos. Users on Windows can easily deal with this by changing the git configuration setting "core.autocrlf" to true. I think @CamDawg might not have had that set, which would explain the files in this repo. The Windows installer for git sets "core.autocrlf" to true by default, but there are a variety of ways of installing git on Windows, and they might not all do it.
  10. Yes, but that's irrelevant unless Jaheira was turned into a mage or something in the saved game.
  11. Woops, I didn't think of that. Your pull request looks good. There's some funkiness going on with the line endings that's messing up the diff but that's because the file in the repo is weird, so maybe I'll try to fix that up first. Edit: oh god, so many files are CRLF.
  12. Yes, that would be a good solution. I don't have an active BGT install to check the files, but looking at the BGT code and this folder, I think Xan, Xzar, and Quayle are the only joinable NPCs who get their own special files. Edit: The Edwin and Dynaheir components should work fine as they are now.
  13. I have no idea why her sling wouldn't work. All classes are allowed to use slings. In regard to the armor, that's part of what this component does. ~DIVINE_REMIX/SETUP-DIVINE_REMIX.TP2~ #0 #200 // Druid Remix: v8 For the record, changes to ITM usability are not stored in the save file, so uninstalling the component should have been enough to revert the change without you needing to start a new game. If you're still experiencing this issue, something must have failed during the uninstallation process and this component is actually still installed. Edit: The
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