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  1. I'll package a few things like this on my dropbox and then let agb1 know that a new build is ready. I still cannot make my github app to work again.
  2. The problem is that, just like Kreso, I can't reproduce the issue and it seems you are the only player experiencing this issue thus I have very little clue of what is going on on your install. That being said, I'm probably going to remove basilisks from MSIX (I really liked them but it seems they are too problematic).
  3. Welcome on G3 and thanks for the feedback! It has always been like this and I'm not sure I can block it. If I do, then a creature under a fire shield-like spell would be immune to enemy shields as well, letting him attack them without fear of retaliation. I can't reproduce the first issue while I can guess the second one might be caused by Spellhold Imoen cre getting FS (blue) by default, I'll check it. Are you sure? I'm sure plenty of testers used them just fine. Yeah we still haven't decided which of the two solutions is best. Do you prefer the +2 apr to single ta
  4. Yeah I put that line there ages ago to eventually copy/paste it when I was ready.
  5. Wow, kudos to both of you. I'm not sure Mike will like the lack of documented commits, and most importantly the way we packaged it (source code only) but I guess he would have liked even less to share my screen again on skype to try figuring out why the hell my GitHub application isn't working...
  6. I'm f*****g sick of GitHub. After wasting all my spare time for the last 3 days trying to understand why it doesn't work anymore I simply give up for now. In the meanwhile, use the build stored here. - Update to WeiDU 240 - various fixes, a few more EE string ref issues fixed - many code improvements (thanks Kreso) - fixed an issue with Shaman spells being applied to all divine spellcasters - fixed a compatibility issue with Dispelling Screen and EE - Icelance's projectile animation fixed, scroll range fixed, new sound effect - Summon Shambling Mound icon fixed - Find Familiar changes
  7. I cannot speak for Kreso but if I don't manage to upload the full new build on github within 24 hours I'll give you my own via dropbox.
  8. My deadline is December 20. I hope to upload a new SR build this weekend though.
  9. The latest uploaded version is linked here - I can't edit Demi's posts. In all honesty, I'd wait a few days. It will be worth of it, especially if you r using EE. I'd also tweak some of SR spells (namely, Haste, Globes, and Spell Trap) but I need Demi's confirmation on it. Send me a PM with your plan man. I'll work on everything you need me to do.
  10. Here I am (for once I keep a promise). Let's see... Monster Summoning spells We discussed Trolls ages ago and I discarded them because their minHP death mechanic is some serious mess and cannot be handled properly by the AI. I said that if it was for me I would completely discard such a stupid mechanic, replace it with vulnerability to acid/fire (20-25%), give them in exchange either a bit of dmg res or a higher regen, and call it a day...but if I do that for summoned trolls without also patching all other in-game trolls we would end up creating an inconsistency. Am I wrong? Also, ot
  11. I hope Demi will find some time to discuss this; I only tweak some code stuff with SR, not the spells or summons. I will, starting this afternoon.
  12. Could you disable it for the Revised SCS? I fully agree. Better stats, abilities, scripts, or simply replace with a different creature?
  13. Very strange, it worked fine for years. o.O It ctd at character creation? EDIT: check your PMs, it could be that I exceeded the max lenght of the class description because the "secret build" I gave you yesterday includes the new Charge Attack ability.
  14. My eta was yesterday. Bad Demi,bad! It should be a matter of days. Paladin's +2 to all saves is hardcoded. Monk class is fine too imo: - without KR -> no weak save plus high magic resistance - with KR -> no magic resistance but best saves in the game
  15. Hi! Wait a sec, deva/planetar models doesn't work on EE? We found no use for saves vs. wands but we used polymorph saves for a few effects such as slow, polymorph and petrification. I'm not sure if you are asking to merge an already existing tweak into SR or if you are suggesting that we should code that tweak... Actually the game almost never do that "natively". Saves vs. spell cover something like 90% of spell effects while other saves are very rarely used (e.g. Fireball doesn't use save vs. breath without SR). Save vs. death is used a bit more consistently but it doesn'
  16. I added KR's revised saves to SR a few builds ago. As Kreso says, it is a necessary tweak even without KR because SR's saving throws system doesn't really go well with vanilla's one where save vs spell covers 99% of things. On a side note, b14 is closer thank you might think but in the meanwhile a quick fix for anyone wanting to use b13's Icelance: put this file into your override (no need to re-install) to fix a mistake I made on its projectile animation.
  17. I am talking about the original games spell in BG2, and the penalty sets the score to red, which means it can be easily restored. Afaik, no.
  18. Find Familiar I have no personal experience but aren't you able to cast this spell again if/when your first Familiar dies? Yes, and no. You get a permanent -1 CON penalty if your familiar dies. Everyone and their mother would re-load there imo. In your dreams. Unless you are suggesting that as a tweak.
  19. Find Familiar Because having to lear&memorize that spell makes little sense considering you can only cast it once (for the entire game). I also planned to use its scroll for MSI (I ended up using Friend's scroll instead) and to free 1 spell slot for an eventual new one (it may not be needed though). Overall, I guess within SR I may revert this change (I don't want SR to mess with kits), KR will do it if we want all mages to get it by default, but I may do what Kreso suggests if I end up needing the spell slot (there's no point writing the spell on your spellbook, just cast it via sc
  20. This was reported already, else where... Demi screwed up the spell in the latest v4 b13 release. It seems so, but it it's not what the Imp suggested on the other topic because: - main spl has spell type innate - spell header has ability location innate slots (4) It must be something else... That being said, it should not appear on the speelbook! Could it be that the "learn spell" mechanic puts it there by default even if it is an innate? In that case I have to remove the scroll, hide the spell, and add it to clab files.
  21. Sorry I've been away for the 20 km Strongman Run (epic stuff), I'll try to catch up asap. @Graoumf great! I'll update it immediately. @Shin you'll have to install "Force_No_HLA_Repeats" in the .ini be used to make the AI play fair with this, but I guess we can ask Kreso tomake it the default option for Revised SCS.
  22. Let's keep in mind SR will have to work fine with vanilla's AI (or base EE's AI) because we cannot impose SCS, revised or not. Anyway, let's analyze suggestions a bit more... On a related note, it seems like you are trying to remove magic dmg from pretty much everything. a) even if we changed ProMagicEnergy as discussed below to still cover Horrid Wilting, I cannot imagine ProCold blocking Horrid Wilting, nor fire creatures taking dmg from it. Even the opposite, making it deal magic cold but bypass ProCold and deal no dmg to fire creatures, would seem starnge imo. The way I see it,
  23. Shaman Spells Wow, that's indeed a weird design decision from SoD. Anyway, if it's just a matter of updating the hide 2da it's an easy fix, no? I just have to add the following spells to that 2da: - Spirit Ward (sppr150) - Writhing Fog (sppr250) - Spiritual Clarity (sppr350) - Spirit Fire (sppr450) - Recall Spirit (sppr550) - Spiritual Lock (sppr650) - Ether Gate (sppr750) Dispelling Screen By the "old DS" do you mean my old DS (magic res and dispel on attacker?) or vanilla's SI:Abj? Anyway, I seriously need some feedback on the current DS, and imposing such change is go
  24. Ehm...I missed it before. Nice read, but I'll try to summarize it a bit to post it as mod description. Ok, let's see what players think about this DS. I wouldn't remove it. Just add a save for it, or lower its duration or even better let's make Lesser Restoration cure it. a) mmm...I see were that is coming from but I'm not fully convinced (only a truly "unspecified" dmg type would make perfect sense imo). Necromancy spells using magic dmg is kinda established right now... b) Mordenkainen's Force Missiles is still a good candidate to be added and it's supposed to do some co
  25. I haven't touched those spells at all... I'll look into it. - SR solution is better imo, but it makes fighting those creatures at mid-low levels a lot harder... - I think EE makes this redundant - Store Revisions should handle this... - Revised SCS should skip it - Revised SCS should skip it - Revised SCS should skip it
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