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  1. Version 9 is out It has fixes for some annoying bugs. Thank you again to all who worked on the mod and to G3 for continous support!
  2. A Great Worry-ier that I am .... Keeping my fingers crossed that your back ups are current and no data loss had resulted!
  3. I am very pleased to present Kulyok who is bringing in Xan's Romance for which she had already written core lovetalk sequence. She will start working on Flirt-Pack and a bit of additional content/ties in with what have been done so far and then I will have it implemented. It will push back the Phase III release, but since a great amount of work was already done, it should not be a significant delay. So, please join me in welcoming Kulyok on board!
  4. Version 9 - the Phase I-II with crucial fixes and some never before seen interjections - shall be available for public download soon. The work continues on the emotionally charged end of things Some interesting new texts had been submitted as well, for customized PIDs (great job everyone ) and directly from Theodur to druids with wisdom are 3 class-specific talks for druid PC with Jaheira
  5. Branwen's Romance core lovetalks were alpha-tested and are beta-testing ready. Additional interjections for Imoen, Branwen's and Ajantis' flirtpacks, PID's options are being worked on.
  6. That's an elven diet for you...
  7. Waaay nice Thanks for posting.
  8. There's a cut line that indicates otherwise. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It depends on how you interpret it
  9. Chinchilla could serve as a jelousy point for PC, if romance develops. Once a rodent, as they say...
  10. Ah, speaking of Misnc, Minsc banter preview? Pweety please?
  11. I like the idea of the new kit; if it is a Monk hybrid, to continue with Minsc's connection, perhaps you can call it the Goodly Buttkicker.
  12. Hmm... I agree with Rastor in a way; Misc is really into mages, despite the misfired spell - he adored Dynaheir... How about starting him off as a fighter and giving him an option to chose depending on the influences? Say, if Yoshimo is in the party, he could become a Monk or Kensai, if Korgan is in, then he can become a Berserker? If Valygar is in, then a Wisardslayer? That all would be done of course with the loss of levels...
  13. Will Misnc and Boo be an inseparable couple, like Dynaheir and Minsc were in BG1?
  14. Domi


    He sounds cool
  15. Domi


    My only quirk is that according to what I read most Gith are chaotic But other than that, I adore githzerai... o, all the talks about Limbo! Yay!
  16. Domi


    Updated the list if you see any misspellings of you aliases, or the credit is not there - please, let me know! I am trying to keep it up to date and I appologize in advance if I missed someone and will amend this error immediately.
  17. Just wanted to wish you good luck and may this thread fill with many a notes on your progress
  18. Here is a quick update: I use P# as well on BG1NPC
  19. Here it is Thank you, guys.
  20. Yay, the dog sled finally stopped by our igloo here in the white North and dropped the card. Will post it once I get home...
  21. Trust me, I am well aware of that.
  22. Since when is having more NPC's a bad idea? Because when one project offers too many NPCs they will either remain underdevelopped or writing will take years, because you have to create interactions for all possible NPC combinations.
  23. Domi


    added, thank you
  24. Domi


    The BG1 NPC Project It takes many people to contribute to a project as large as BG1NPC. Thanks to Jason Compton for his help in spotting where Andyr messed up with the very first alpha, and for letting us use his accelerated banter script! Big thanks also to Amok for letting us use some fantastic artwork for a few of the portraits. For invaluable help and consistent patience teaching working with WeiDU, thanks to CamDawg, the bigg, Grim Squeaker, Smoketest, devSin, and Nythrun. Thanks also to Domi, who authored and coded a large amount of content, has organized and directed the BG1NPC community for several years, and who constantly tracks down answers and bugs for you, the player. And thanks, of course, to the Infinity Engine modding community for its continued existence. The current list for this release shows the dedication of a community for many years: Project Leads Blucher : Project creator Kish : Project co-creator Domi : Coordinator Andyr : Putting-together person cmorgan : Wrapup and modernization Coordinator, traification, cross platform implementation Project Contributors (in alphabetical order) Ajnos: playtester Amazing Maurice: writer Amgot: playtester Andrew: playtester Andyr: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator Annalena: playtester Arian: writer Ascendency-Down: playtester Ascenscion64: coder Aurelius: writer Baronius: coder berelinde: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Big Rob: proofreader Black Elk: proofreader Blucher: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator BobTokyo: proofreader Bookwyrme: proofreader Bren: coder, proofreader Caillean: playtester Cam: coder CamDawg: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Catseyes: playtester Chevalier: troubleshooter, playtester Clary: proofreader cliffette: writer, proofreader cmorgan: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator Creepin: playtester Culain Mainframe: playtester Cybersquirt: proofreader Dan_Co9: writer Deathmage: writer Delvar: writer Daulmakan: Proofreader devSin: coder DGR: proofreader Domi: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator Dorotea: writer, coder Echon: playtester Elena: coder erebusant: playtester, troubleshooter Eric: coder, proofreader Ginger: playtester Gorilym: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Grand Dracolich: proofreader, playtester Greis: proofreader Grim Squeaker: coder Helseth: proofreader Hendryk: writer, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator Hlidskialf: coder Hoppy: playtester Htn: writer Icelus: coder, proofreader INS-Hyacinth: proofreader Insolent Worm: proofreader Inuna: playtester jastey: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Jinnai: writer -JW-: troubleshooter, coder K.Lou of Combs: proofreader Kabuki: proofreader Karkadinn: writer Katerina: playtester Katerine: proofreader Kenyon: playtester Keryvian: coder Kiki & Mr. Kiki: writer(s) Kish: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator Kitana: playtester Kulyok: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Lisandro: proofreader Macready: coder Melisah: proofreader Memnoch: proofreader Merja: writer Milkfed: troubleshooter, playtester Miloch: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester Minerva: proofreader Mordenkainen: proofreader Mr. Ennigma: proofreader NiGHTMARE: writer, coder, troubleshooter Nim: playtester Nythrun: coder Princeps: proofreader Quana: proofreader, playtester Quijana: proofreader Qwinn: playtester Rastor: coder Reverendratbastard: proofreader Riane: playtester Sarah J: writer ScuD: playtester, troubleshooter seanas: proofreader Seifer: writer Sevialith: coder, proofreader Sgàth: proofreader Shed: proofreader Sir BillyBob: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter Sir-Kill: coder smoketest: coder Sphira: writer Tancred: writer TGMaestro: coder Thanatos: writer the bigg: coder Theodur: writer ThomasL: proofreader, playtester Turkish Delight: writer Twani: playtester Unrelated Personage: proofreader Vagary: proofreader Volly: proofreader, playtester Western Paladin: playtester, proofreader Weyoun: writer WizWom: coder, troubleshooter Wyvern: proofreader XVIII: coder ycvflute: proofreader Zulrik: writer 10thLich: proofreader Additional Components: Dorotea: NPCs can be sent to wait at an inn JCompton: Accelerated Banter Script SixofSpades: Expanded Sarevok Diary cmorgan, berelinde: Bardic reputation Adjustment Ascension64, CamDawg, devSin, Nythrun, the bigg, Miloch, Wisp, cmorgan: Deep Code. Don't Ask. Zulrik: charmed dialogues Contributors, by NPC: Ajantis: jastey(romance, PID, interjections), Merja (banter, character concept), Seifer (banter, character concept, PC dialogues) Alora: Kulyok(PID), NiGHTMARE (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Weyoun (banter) Branwen: Karkadinn (character concept, banter, interjections and PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID, romance author) Coran: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, romance, quest) Dynaheir: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, romance, quest), Sarah J (character concept, banter) Edwin: Domi (PC dialogue, interjections, quest), Kulyok(PID), Merja (character concept, PC dialogue, interjections, banter, quest) Eldoth: Hendryk (character concept, banter, PC dialogue.) Faldorn: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Merja (banter) Garrick: Andyr (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest) Imoen: Blucher (character concept, interjections), Domi (interjections), Jinnai (banter, interjections and PC dialogues) Jaheira: Htn (character concept, banter and PC dialogues), Domi (editor), Kish (editor), Theodur (character concept, banters, interjections, PC dialogues, quest) Kagain: Delvar(early dialogue ideas), Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections and PC dialogues) Kivan: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest) Khalid: Arian (character concept, banter), Domi (banter), Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue) Minsc: Aurelius (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Delvar (early dialogue ideas) Montaron: Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest) Quayle: Andyr (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID) Safana: Kiki & Mr. Kiki (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue) Shar-Teel: cliffette (romance), Domi (banter, interjections, romance), Kish (character concept, PC dialogue, banter), Turkish Delight (character concept, banter) Skie: Amazing Maurice (banter, interjections, PC dialogues), Weyoun (banter, character concept) Tiax: Andyr (interjections), Kulyok (PID), Hendryk (PC dialogue) Turkish Delight (character concept, banter, PC dialogue, interjections, quest) Viconia: Andyr (interjections), Dan_Co9 (character concept, banter, PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID) Xan: Domi (banters, PC dialogue, quest), Kulyok(romance, quest, PID), Sphira (character concept, banter), Thanatos (banter) Xzar: Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest) Yeslick: Deathmage (early dialogue ideas), Tancred (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue) Spanish translation: Bhasbuto: translator Bittman: translator Calamity: translator Chocobo_Tyrael: translator Elthalas: translator Elwe Alcarin: translator Eresh Kigal: translator Excalibur: translator garciafigueres: translator Ghildrean: translator girfut: translator Gorobei: translator Hector Blanco: translator Immortality: proofreader, translator, translation coordinator InFlames: translator jade: translator JK_Eye: translator Karnak: translator Kronos: translator L@Zar0: translator Miguelan: translator Perse: translator Rhaenys: translator rMz: translator Saemon: proofreader, translator Samurai_zero: proofreader, translator Xanatoss: translator ¿Quien si no?: translator French translation: for support, please visit <a href="http://www.baldursgateworld.fr/lacouronne/baldurs-gate-reloaded-les-mods-tutu-et-baldurs-gate-trilogy/">La Couronne de Cuivre</a> Eleima: translator (Xan) Galathée: translator (Ajantis, Coran romance, Garrick, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Montaron, Tiax, Female Romance Challenges) Garfield: translator (Kagain, Yeslick) Graoumf: translation coordinator, proofreader Isaya: translator (Imoen, items, characters), translation coordinator, proofreader, packaging, translation retriever tool La Voix 2 la Sagesse: translator (Dynahéir, Eldoth, Shar-Teel, Skie), proofreader Lefreut: playtester, verification tool Le Marquis: translator (Alora, Branwen, Faldorn, Quayle, Safana) Lothringen: translator (Coran, except romance, Edwin, Kivan, Viconia, Xzar, Bardic Reputation Adjustment) Tools Used in Creation WinMerge GNU freeware file comparison utility, developed: Grim; Project Lead: List Soundset Utility by Macready BAM Workshop by Glenn Flansburg BAM Workshop II by Andrew Bridges DyValiTool by Dyara Aptana IDE html/xml javascript editor. © Copyright Aptana, Inc. 2007. Portions copyright Adobe, 2007. ConTEXT by Eden Kirin TextPAD purchased version 5 by Helios Software Solutions WildEdit purchased version 1.1 by Helios Software Solutions Crimson Editor by Ingyu Kang Dragonlance Total Conversion Editor Pro, DLTCEP by Avenger Infinity Engine Structures Description Project, IESDP maintained by igi and Avenger Infinity Explorer by Dmitry Jemerov Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid, FredSRichardson and devSin Shadowkeeper by Mud-Master Weimer Dialogue Utility WeiDU by Wes Weimer and the bigg WeiDU ConTEXT Highlighters by Idobek, updated by cmorgan WeiDU Crimson Editor Highlighters by cmorgan WeiDU TextPAD Highlighters by cmorgan Baldur's Gate Trilogy builds by Ascension64 Platform Conversion Utility by Ascension64 for initial translation work to Baldur's Gate Trilogy Tutu by japheth, assisted by Ghreyfain, SimDing0, and Kish EasyTutu builds of Tutu by Macready
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