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  1. Been waiting for this mod for years ever since I played a Druid in IWD. Cheers.
  2. 1) Change appearance in Shadowkeeper. 2) Use the Avatar Morphing Script from BG2 Tweaks. 3) Robe of the Archmagi has a hood, don't remember if/where you can get one in BG2 though.
  3. Thanks for the shapeshifter fix, seems like the most balanced so far
  4. I forgot to install SCS on my Tutu game and have already progressed up to Chapter 3, I'm definitely not starting a new game now. After going over the readme again, I'd really like to add the "give yeslick axe proficiency" and "improved balduran's isle" components to my current game. Would just like to know, will this be fine or do either of these require new games? Thanks.
  5. I've been using this for mine, it's from the Chosen of Mystra portrait section:
  6. "As of version 5 of SCS, the assassins only spawn once your main character is above 3rd level. (The way I normally play the game, I'm always above 3rd level by the start of chapter 3, but apparently some people race through chapter 3 and then get slaughtered by the assassins.)" They spawned when I levelled up to 4 inside Cloakwood. I might have had a slim chance against one of the groups, but they both teamed up and bullied me and even if I use the easiest setting my 5 characters are dead before I've killed a single one. It's an impossible battle. I'm guessing it's because I levelled to 4 (I'm a Sorcerer and roleplaying, go figure) after Chapter 3 and so instead of them arriving seperately throughout the chapter, it spawns both hunter parties at once? Either way, I'm having to uninstall the component so I can continue with the journey, just wanted to share my experience.
  7. Probably not a bad idea. You might check out the "Natural Selection" stuff in Wounded Lion's Morrow Gate too. Natural Selection's been on my modlist for a while, I wouldn't play a game without it, however I didn't realise it'd been added into a larger mod...guess I need to pay more attention. My BGT is so modded that I won't risk adding it this time And thanks for the reply Caedwyr
  8. I find it hilarious that someone actually made this. The character I always wanted to play was someone who mixed druid/mage powers into one single class but I assumed that short of getting into modding myself, it would never happen. As it is, it's an almost flawless match to what I wanted so obviously I'm pretty pleased I'm playing it through BGT, currently just starting Cloakwood so I can't comment on it fully yet, but the HLAs look great on paper and you've done the impossible and implemented shapeshifting in a way which I DON'T hate. I always played druids wanting to be in human/demihuman form for spellcasting and combat and leave the shapeshifting for other means: stealth/scouting, flying, etc. so I'm loving the prospect of using those "other means" provided for the geomantic sorcerer. 3rd edition's focus on wildshape and 4th edition's "druids are shapeshifters that have a couple of spells" are awful. However, it leaves me to beg something else...what about giving some druid love too? Even just adding/adapting some of those druid-focused HLAs, shapeshifts and spells from the Geomantic Sorcerer (plus bow use ) would be a nice bumper for what I find to be a really weak class. Thanks for the cool kit [Oh and a Shadow Druid mod adding a stronghold in Cloakwood in BGT/tutu and the Druid Grove in BG2, making Faldorn a joinable NPC and continuing your harassment of Trademeet and returning it back to Nature! Yeah ok now THAT'S never going to happen ]
  9. Diriel could make a nice cameo within Kulyok's Xan mod, as part of that elven-supremacist group...but more relevantly, I'm slowly trekking my way through IWD2 and I may give some feedback within time.
  10. I never understood why the cleric class is (I understand to be) fairly common among halflings, and the thief the halflings most suited class (it would be argued), yet they can't be cleric/thieves. What gives there? (*goes to roll a halfling and edit to cleric/thief with shadowkeeper*)
  11. Indeed, I've still yet to go there because I heard that there was really no point.
  12. Will it be there? Lovely little place just north of the Cloudpeaks.
  13. My game's bugged too. There's no "Shut up!! I hate you, cowface!" *halfling appears and headbutts Jaheira in the kneecaps* option.
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