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  1. Hooray! Lucky old us ! Thanks and congratulations, Berelinde. Gavin's one of my favourite people - it will be very nice to see this story play to its end.
  2. I also had the problem Eviane mentioned, about having two Douglases show up one after another, with the engaged path firing first. There was one point where he addressed me as 'love' but my romanceactive value was 3 (damn that interfering Anomen anyway). I can't remember which one; I'll have to find it again. The globe - I have been thinking about this, because it took me a while to work out what to do with it....Perhaps adding a note that it should go in the quickslot? I kept chatting up the priest and had him send the portal people through to us - I thought that was all you could do. (It wasn't until I was reading this thread that I realised I'd missed the huge quest!) I also haven't played BG in a while and am only just remembering all of its how-to-use-this-item quirks, so this may just be me. Other unique items in the game have the note about quickslot use at the bottom of their descriptions, however, so I thought it worth mentioning. Very, very well -written, Jatsey! I'm enjoying it greatly.
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