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  1. I think it's the one attached. AR_0900.WAV
  2. No Moonblade, sadly, but there's quite a few IWD items in mod: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/824-item-pack-v18/
  3. Yeah, there are lots of critical bugs around, from what I've read. I'll be waiting for the patches to roll out, I want to play this one as clean as possible.
  4. I salute you, Mike, may your reign of terror be long and brutal. Congrats!
  5. This annoyed me as well. I'd endorse adding an option for removing the sound effect (combat log details when the song is reapplied anyway, so there's no real loss).
  6. Naah, it's just under the Items/Kits/Spells category. Link. Thanks! Cam should update the first post.
  7. Did the mod link suddenly vanish? Can't seem to find it (downloads section only has IWD in BG2 and the related fix/tweakpack).
  8. In that case, I'll build my own Tweak Pack, with blackjack and hookers.
  9. Just when I was just about to suggest Infinite Tweaks... EDIT ninja'd by Cahir
  10. Congrats! Really nice to see a mod in progress from way back finally get completed. Kudos for that. Checking the Readme, am I right to assume that this component from another mod is already covered by NPC Strongholds?: If not (either at all or only partially --e.g. no for chapter X but yes for chapter Y), would they conflict if installed together/on top of each other?
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