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  1. Yeah, maybe, I was talking vanilla BG2. In P&P Baator is not an anti-magic area per se, but you need to have the proper spell key. I guess flagging it as a dead magic zone was seen as an acceptable compromise. Side note: in the past I would've quoted you separately for each reply line, seems I can't do that anymore. So may I just say that the new forum software sucks oh so much and makes me not want to post anymore.
  2. Watcher's Keep dead magic zone is set by script, whereas Saerileth's areas simply use the Area flag "4-Antimagic Area". I think the flag never quite worked as intended, since you CAN cast spells if you place them in the quickspell slots. Maybe that's why the vanilla areas went the script way and left the flag unused.
  3. I think it's the one attached. AR_0900.WAV
  4. No Moonblade, sadly, but there's quite a few IWD items in mod: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/824-item-pack-v18/
  5. Congrats! Really nice to see a mod in progress from way back finally get completed. Kudos for that. Checking the Readme, am I right to assume that this component from another mod is already covered by NPC Strongholds?: If not (either at all or only partially --e.g. no for chapter X but yes for chapter Y), would they conflict if installed together/on top of each other?
  6. This problem still persists in v3 for anom25.bcs (it still points to the non-existing anomen subfolder).
  7. Daulmakan


    He did say it was essentially done and that Grim Squeaker was doing the voicing, so I'd be surprised if he didn't have a copy. *Casts Summon Grim*
  8. How much % of the mod would you say is already done? Are you working on ToB content as well or just SoA?
  9. Daulmakan

    ToB news

    "Both" romances? Is Amber going to romance someone else, if not the main character, or (gasp!) female protagonist? (maybe it was said elsewhere, sorry if so, don't think I've seen any details about ToB part, though) http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=6399
  10. I know, I was just extending on your general point about the intrinsic value of PnP.
  11. IMO it's blown out of proportion. SOME things being broken/unbalanced is a far cry from making the entire 2E system broken, that is simply nonsense. Yes it is. Volume 2 of the Priest Spell Compendium. And I don't think it's that big of a deal. IIRC there aren't that many deities with access to the Time sphere, and most that do have access to it are restricted from other useful spells from different spheres. Of course, introducing it into BG2 would clash with the ingame implementation of Wish, given the nature of the game. But complaining against something that hasn't been done seems
  12. You say that we can use several spells to generate XP out of nowhere, perpetuum mobile? It contradicts laws of thermodynamics, and while I know we're talking about magic in fantasy setting, I'd find it strange to not apply it onto well-developed game system. If, by some bizarre way, you manage to get an enemy wizard to keep throwing summons at you without killing him or getting killed in the process, which is inevitably halted at some point, as there's a limit to spells per day after all (after which you can just kill him), making this assumption pretty pointless, then I guess so. Note, howeve
  13. You keep ignoring what I say: the nature of the products is entirely different. Nope. Making a save and just taking damage requires nothing, and then you have all your action points for that round available for making an attack, without having to worry about the summon in question. But the main point here is not the caster, but the summons. If the summoned monster would yield XP when killed individually, why killing it when summoned by a mage doesn't? Perhaps a separation of points is best. If you prefer no XP to be awarded for summons because it makes the game harder, then
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