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  1. Really good story-- short and sweet. I like how you take time to develop the PC's character, and how haunted and jaded she is, before introducing "him." (Nice choice, by the way; I thought it was maybe Valygar until the end, but I think Kivan's much better.)
  2. My interest in BG2 seems to go in fits and starts, and, this being another one of my starts (or is it a fit?) I'd just like to say great job so far, BigRob, and good luck for finishing this!
  3. I'm pretty sure he comments even if your PC isn't an elf, though he tries to kill you if Viconia's in the party.
  4. Vestrael

    Sweeney Todd

    I saw this movie just a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were both perfect for their roles- I couldn't imagine anyone else playing those parts better than they did. He was as brooding and intraverted as she was vivacious and demanding, and he's so absorbed in his obsession with revenge that he never notices her affections. I never saw the on-stage version, so I don't know how it compares, but the movie is a very de-Broadwayized version, with no big dance numbers or anything, and the singing is more about expressing the characters' thoughts and feelings than showing off the actors' voices. (All of the leads have surprisingly good voices for never having sung before, though.) There is a lot of blood, but it looks kind of like red paint, and I didn't find it too bad. ...oh, and the costumes were wonderful- I wanted to steal just about all of their clothes. Anyway, that's me gushing about Sweeney Todd. If anyone else, er, wants to say something, they... can. Yeah.
  5. I think it's a testament to just how unattractive Anomen's voice sounds that you actually get a chance to comment on it when you first meet him. ("Where did you get that ridiculous accent" and so forth.)
  6. they have a constitution penalty. probably because they have to walk faster on their frail little legs.
  7. ditto. i've been experiencing a growing obsession with yoshimo ever since i finished reading "City of Sorrows" er... yesterday. *wipes brow* i must go lie down.
  8. i heard somewhere that in ancient Egypt they used papyrus... but like Kulyok, i'd rather not think about it.
  9. great conflict, BigRob! Yep, Aklon will be able to make various potions. You'll need to get his pharmacopoiea back if you want anything more than basic healing potions, and he might need a rare ingedient or two for the more powerful ones, but he'll be able to provide some liquid assistance for the party. would this be something similar to a thief's Alchemy ability?
  10. ugh. that was me. this thing always logs me out!
  11. yay! christmas preview! (does victory dance, then sees crowd of people staring at her and stops.) ahem, thank you, BigRob.
  12. i really like it so far. the relationship between the siblings interests me, and i especially like Ophelia. is she a drow, or just a surfacer with a certain affinity for spiders?
  13. wow, i havn't been on here in a looong time. but i haven't lost faith in you, BigRob!
  14. heh. this is why i could never write mods: i have an attention span of approximately three minutes.
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