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  1. Yeah - I didn't do that. I have tons of space (the computer has 4 500 GB hard drives in it). I just freshly installed the OS so wanted to just get into a new game of BG2. So... I didn't lose anything. I just wanted to report this.
  2. Actually, the brand-new fixpack is installed, as is the brand-new version of SCSI and II (I downloaded 2 weeks ago).
  3. When I attempted to install several components of SCSII onto a brand-new install of BG2:ToB (patched fully), the installer itself actually crashed. So it never installed the components I requested. Furthermore, now every item unique to Irenicus's dungeon instantly crashes the game the second I right-click on it. The WeiDU.log file shows that no elements of SCSII were installed, but some actually did complete the crash, including the Irenicus Dungeon modifications, so I'm wondering if that's what's causing this problem? I'd post my DEBUG file and weidu.log file except that neither was created because the installer crashed. My system didn't, it's been running perfectly fine. I also can't uninstall SCSII and start again. I'll have to totally wipe BG2 itself to fix this. Furthermore, every item actually shows up as perfectly fine in DLTCEP. Any ideas what's causing this?
  4. Thanks, I was hoping it would, but wanted to make sure before I went through the effort of coding it up this way.
  5. Can ADD_KNOWN_SPELL/ADD_MEMORIZED_SPELL accept variables? For instance: COPY_EXISTING ~dragred.cre~ ~override~ ADD_KNOWN_SPELL ~%newspell%~ #1 ~wizard~ Where %newspell% is an array variable being fed into this in a loop? Or do I have to code each spell to add into the tp2 individually? Thanks!
  6. RPG Dungeon I have been receiving several messages about RPG Dungeon lately and its status. As some of you may have noticed, the site has been offline for several months. I'd like to provide an update about what has been going on. Back around August or September, the server that was hosting RPG Dungeon got hacked and was basically turned into a zombie machine for spamming purposes. It was taken offline at that point. However, I was able to retrieve all the data from the forums and CMS following the hack. I have ceased paying for the server so the old device is no longer online. I purchased a new server to use for the RPG Dungeon site as well as my various other internet projects, but I have been too busy with work lately to get the data uploaded to the site and get it set up. I still own the domain name and I plan to get the site back up when I get the chance. In the meantime, Graoumf has been gracious enough to set up a mirror for our mods at SHS. You can download all RPG Dungeon mods here until I get the site back up. Link: http://www.shsforums.net/forum/234-miscellaneous-released-mods/ Rastor
  7. RPG Dungeon RPG Dungeon is now back online and ready to serve your modding needs. Thanks for your patience while all the issues were resolved.
  8. RPG Dungeon RPG Dungeon is temporarily down due to a hacker attack. We will be back up as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience while this issue is resolved.
  9. RPG Dungeon Version 101 of the venerable Improved Asylum mod has been released! This release includes an update to the French translation of the mod and bug fixes to both the German and French versions. Prior to v101, neither language would display properly in game. That has now been fixed and players using either language should now see the text appear appropriately in your desired language. This version also includes a fix to a minor installation error. Important Links RPG Dungeon Homepage Improved Asylum Homepage Improved Asylum Forums Readme Download
  10. RPG Dungeon Version 100 of the Improved Asylum mod has been released! This release includes a fix to a bug that was causing installation failures on some machines (not everybody was affected by this bug). Additionally, an improved French translation has been added courtesy of Mornagest at d'Oghmatiques. There were a number of lines added to the mod since the last French translation was done and so Mornagest graciously updated the translation. Important Links RPG Dungeon Homepage Improved Asylum Homepage Improved Asylum Forums Readme Download Central
  11. What kind of files do you want to create? WeiDU scripts are just text files so any text editor can do it.
  12. Well, there's no reasonable reason that I can think of that a mod will introduce the same creatures using the same death variable. In essence, I want to remove all the creatures from the area and add my versions (which are tougher). I would rather use mine with no death variable because I don't want to edit creatures outside of the original area. What I'd be concerned about would be something like if I choose to upgrade these via TP2, then I could cause the player to be fighting incredibly tough hobgoblins in Windspear Hills or the Sewers of Athkatla when I don't want that.
  13. I'm looking to remove all creatures with a specified death variable from an area, including any that are spawned in by scripts. I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure how to accomplish it. What I am attempting to do is to do a READ_ASCII on the creature's death variable. I figure that I can compare it against the creatures that I want to remove via a STRING_COMPARE. If it evaluates as true, then I want the creature to be removed. I want to remove it completely from the area. This includes the ARE file, the BCS spawning, everything. I'm figuring that I can compare against the creature filename, but I'm not 100% sure how to do that. Any ideas?
  14. RPG Dungeon Version 0.99 of the Improved Asylum mod has been released! This version includes a few fixes to parse errors that were causing errors on some machines running v0.981 of Improved Asylum. I have confirmation now that these fixes correct all compilation errors that were still outstanding with the mod. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible. Please see this thread in our forum for more information. Important Links RPG Dungeon Homepage Improved Asylum Homepage Improved Asylum Forums Readme Download
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