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  1. RPG Dungeon was hacked and the site ended up getting taken offline. I don't own the domain name anymore and frankly I'm not going to pay $2,500 to get it back. So my choices are: - Find hosting with another modding community - Relaunch the site under a new name I'm leaning towards the first option. I could definitely do GitHub but I really want to have forums and such to collect input from players.
  2. @Gwendolyne Nobody told me that. How would I go about updating them? I have some fixes for Improved Asylum for example. Is there a forum there for the mods?
  3. @Endarire I honestly don't know anymore.
  4. @theacefes What do you say?
  5. I've been getting a lot of requests to revive the RPG Dungeon mods to allow other modders to finish them in the areas where I or my colleagues fell short. I have no objections with this. I have all the mods as released sitting on my NAS. I just need a hosting community to offer me a forum or a series of subforums to work on them... a few like IWK and Improved Asylum still need my input because I did a lot of work on them that was never released based on user input. Does anyone know a good place for me to do this, or do I try and reobtain the RPG Dungeon name?
  6. Permission granted. I may still make some updates to the files (in particular, there's a few fights in Improved Asylum that I want to fix) but I don't know how long that'll take me given that I'm now married with a young daughter and don't really have the time to devote to this stuff like I used to.
  7. If no other backups can be found for the mods that they host, I have a couple thousand terabytes (no exaggeration) on my corporate CDN that I could throw mods onto. But this can't be abused because this costs me real money.
  8. I'm thinking I'm gonna upload all the files to a cloud drive somewhere since I now have about 3 TB of CDN space. Thoughts?
  9. Hmm, well that looks like only a subset of what they once had. Specifically, I was looking for Rastor's item creation tutorial I linked in this thread, but it seems to be gone now. I'll get them back up and post a link here.
  10. No it's not. It worked perfectly find for my sorcerer in vanilla BG2 with only the official patch.
  11. How important is Boo being a wizardslayer? Somehow, I think Monk might be more suitable, especially considering that he's unarmed. I can understand your reluctance in making yet another monk, though.
  12. Fixed and posted. Fixed this one as well. There are quite a few other bugs with Bodhi's Lair that occur while working for the Shadow Thieves, so I'll post them all up at once.
  13. That would be useful, icelus. Do all of the bugs marked in red in this thread still need to be fixed?
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