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  1. A little late but thanks, that did work. And played a bit, somewhere in Kresslack's tomb, and struggling as everyone else. Not had time to finnish it yet, time is at something of a premium nowadays. Lots of fun though! I'm also really looking forward to seeing the XP awards beeing straightened out, to make it easier to test it (liek say stealthing past a few very tricky enemies.....) Only found a few minor points so far:\, nothing really important, but I'll list them anyways: Orc shaman in north west of orc caves was invisible at start of the fight there. Became visible after I killed teh two other orcs. Might have beena placement/Line of sight problem ? The first created character's name always seems to be the one talking, no matter who I set to leader/talker. Don't know if it has any other impacts, just looks silly at times. Vale of Shaddow, spawning points for creatures like shadows and yeti's seems to spawn at some odd places compared to the original. I don't mind, makes it a bit more fresh when you can't always expect where they stand. My group recived no XP at all from killing the mummy at top level in Kresselack's tomb, entire group at level 3 so there should be no lowering of xp yet. Minor stuff, loving it, wish I had more time ot dedicate to it right now. Still get a warma nd fuzzy feeling inside whenever I get to actually play it though
  2. Finally got some time to try this out, but got an error, or lack there off... Installed according to plan: IWD1 +HOW +TOTLM, IWD2 + patch. Copied all the files from iwd1tutu folder right into the iws2 folder, and ran the iw12.bat a window pops up and dissapears. So I open CMD and runs the same file from there, and it says it can't find CHITIN.KEY (in the same folder...) and the log says the same. So don't know what it is I am doing wrong, probablly something redicolouslly easy and dumb. IW12 (version 10, weidu 192) *** Reading Global Configuration *** [iw12/configuration] parsed (12 rules) ERROR: Unable to find CHITIN.KEY in: C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale ERROR: Failure("Unable to find CHITIN.KEY: run me in an Infinity Engine game directory") WeiMorph Timings parsing rules 0.000 main 0.000 TOTAL 0.000 So please enlighten this dork Edit: After toying around some more, it seems that it keeps checking: "C:\Program files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\" Instead of whatever folder I am playing from, or have installed to. I never use my C:\ drive for games, and use it only for OS and programs. Been trying to look around in some files to find out if I can edit or change this, but so far no luck. Hoping for a hint on how to make it recognise a different folder, or how to just make it read whatever is in the same folder it is placed in ? ***************************** Regarding the XP: I remember doing this once back last time you where around, but since I needed to kill a few hours today anyways, here we go again: Icewind Dale 1 from start to end of Kresselacks quest, with a fresh group of 6 characters. Thagdarf (LG-DM-F1) Axe Hrif (LG-DM-F1) Hammer Mjor (LG-DM-C1) Mace/Sling Tamj (CN-HF-B1) Bow Silhanna (CG-EF-F1) Bow/2hand-sword Ledgewalker (CG-EF-F1/T1) Bow/longsword Edit: Forgotten, can anyone remind me where teh first Batleaxe +1 is ? Getting tired of having Thagdarf waving around with a morning star whenever there is enemies immune to non magical weapons... I've summarissed a bit here, so I give the XP I had on the "leader" person (the one in front always get a few XP more than the rest) and group total. I've checked this at several points in the game, so you can get a flow of how things are supposed to go. Lastly, I'll compare this to what level a pure class Cleric would have been at each place, as cleric is about the most "average" speed at leveling up. Easthaven Leader: 1249 Party: 7469 Cleric: 1 Orc Pass Leader: 1418 Party: 8880 Cleric: 1 Avalance Leader: 2522 Party: 15020 Cleric: 2 Goblin Pass Leader: 3269 Party: 19315 Cleric: 3 Kuldahar Leader: 3946 Party: 23379 Cleric: 3 Vale of Shadows Leader: 8125 Party: 48219 Cleric: 4 Kresselacks Tomb 1 Leader: 11640 Party: 69200 Cleric: 4 Kresselacks Tomb 2 Leader: 13620 Party: 80904 Cleric: 5 Kresselacks Tomb 3 Leader: 17066 Party: 101559 Cleric: 5 Kresselacks Tomb Complete Leader: 19759 Party: 117689 Cleric: 5 Comparing this to IWD2 and D&D 3.X Ed, just compare it to what XP they need to level with a class in 3.0. so basically IWD2 characters should hit 10000 xp each (level 5) somewhere in the middle of Kresselacks tomb part 2. And should end Kresselacks quest with something like 12000-13000XP each.
  3. Been away for some time, Going to try the demo the moment I get some freetime. Naturally I can not resist posting opinions! Easiest work-around, just upp the quest rewards after what level you want people to be. Also encourages people to "run through" to test things, and only kill all the gazillion goblins to test things out. Makes it faster and more interesting to try specific things and reruns. Example a team with all stealth could just run through first parts of game to try the laters for changes etc. Yay! I would not mind letting this remain in the game, at least to some extent. Always hated the enemy acting to dumb.
  4. Unfortunatelly, there has been next to no life signs from Fred since late summer. Edit: If Fred is not going to, or don't have time to continue this mod. Would have been fun to at least get to try the last version he worked on. Tried Icewind Dale 1 again couple of days back, and I just really can't stand the 2E system anylonger. Loosing interest to play the game becose of that.
  5. I belive Fred mentioned earlier he was interested in making the "difficulty settings" into a mod for a bunch of the users to fix, and rather consentrate on getting things "right" with the main mod. From the sound of things, this would make the game hard, and be dependent on fans to make various difficulty settings (There is a thread about this further down, lots of interesting opinions). So it seems to allready be more or less desided While there might be a large favor towards the more "hardcore" gamers, there are also some that would appreciate a lesser difficulty, and I remember at least one said as much on this forum. Besides that I agree whole heartedly though, like the challenge.
  6. Yes, there is a very large difference between the IWD2 User Interface, and the one used in BG1/2/IWD1, The difference between BG1 and BG2 is just the "colors" more or less, so the mod you are refering to is mainly about extracting the BG1 graphics and put them into the override folder of BG2 (the tutu install). All the buttons and such are placed in the same manner, and does the same things. IWD2 have a completelly different layout/look, all the buttons are placed at different places, the info box, portraits, etc all is in different places, and setup in a differetn manner. Also you can change the buttons on the menu, how would that work with the old BG1/2 style buttons that are a set "list" ?
  7. I don't think so. The game will be using the IWD2 engine, and thus defaults to the IWD2 look. Also with the large changes to how the User Interface works, both with changable buttons, and different setups, no longer using the sides etc. I don't think it would be possible to put the IWD1 lookinto IWD2 at all.
  8. Just completed IWD1 again, and started on IWD2 with plans to use the same party. I had forgotten just how horrible Fighter/Wizard was in this game (iwd2) So just checking if there is any activity (been quiet for a couple of days). Also whatever you do, remember to let everlast arrow be available in the change! >_< *Looks through the minibar for annother potion of patience*
  9. *crosses fingers, and hopes he actually get to beta test something this time!*
  10. Good to hear progress! As always waiting to hear of anything new
  11. Still waiting for you master! Good to see you back!
  12. Signed and dated roughly a month ago with no reply... Please! Don't leave your faithful following! Don't worry, he probablly just had a little happenstance of real-life interference (It is spring after all!) but will be back later with a genious idea or solution that will bring the project back on track with more awesome and genious fixes that will bring us all a step closer to happiness! So just buckle up with a Potion of Patience , and await the glorious return! Rome wasn't toppled in a day you know.
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