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    Farmboy0: This project never got past Alpha/Beta stage. It is possible to play and get through Valley of Shadows iirc, and the Lost Temple was unplayable. The reason was that creatures was automatically converted by the code, which made most monsters ridiculously strong. Essentially, you can play what used to be the IWD1 demo using this, and no further. And nope, the project hasn't been worked on for years now.
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    Why, hello there. Uhm, not much to say, nothing much changed, yes creatures still has to be tweaked manually and all that. Just saying hello I guess.
  3. Thank you, I am familiar with it, but not very interested (because I don't like the BG2 engine and 2E). Was more interested in IWG2, for all it's problems.
  4. (Wow, been ages since I've been here.) That sounds like even more work than your earlier idea of porting BG1 into ToEE (Which would have been awesome beyond belief, but more work than a single man can handle in a life time). Besides that, I keep hearing more and more comments that DA might just be worth a try, I think I have it packed away somewhere unopened, I should give it a shot. Anyways, at least make iwd1tutu work past chapter 1/the demo before giving up on it!
  5. A little late but thanks, that did work. And played a bit, somewhere in Kresslack's tomb, and struggling as everyone else. Not had time to finnish it yet, time is at something of a premium nowadays. Lots of fun though! I'm also really looking forward to seeing the XP awards beeing straightened out, to make it easier to test it (liek say stealthing past a few very tricky enemies.....) Only found a few minor points so far:\, nothing really important, but I'll list them anyways: Orc shaman in north west of orc caves was invisible at start of the fight there. Became visible after I killed teh two other orcs. Might have beena placement/Line of sight problem ? The first created character's name always seems to be the one talking, no matter who I set to leader/talker. Don't know if it has any other impacts, just looks silly at times. Vale of Shaddow, spawning points for creatures like shadows and yeti's seems to spawn at some odd places compared to the original. I don't mind, makes it a bit more fresh when you can't always expect where they stand. My group recived no XP at all from killing the mummy at top level in Kresselack's tomb, entire group at level 3 so there should be no lowering of xp yet. Minor stuff, loving it, wish I had more time ot dedicate to it right now. Still get a warma nd fuzzy feeling inside whenever I get to actually play it though
  6. Finally got some time to try this out, but got an error, or lack there off... Installed according to plan: IWD1 +HOW +TOTLM, IWD2 + patch. Copied all the files from iwd1tutu folder right into the iws2 folder, and ran the iw12.bat a window pops up and dissapears. So I open CMD and runs the same file from there, and it says it can't find CHITIN.KEY (in the same folder...) and the log says the same. So don't know what it is I am doing wrong, probablly something redicolouslly easy and dumb. IW12 (version 10, weidu 192) *** Reading Global Configuration *** [iw12/configuration] parsed (12 rules) ERROR: Unable to find CHITIN.KEY in: C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale ERROR: Failure("Unable to find CHITIN.KEY: run me in an Infinity Engine game directory") WeiMorph Timings parsing rules 0.000 main 0.000 TOTAL 0.000 So please enlighten this dork Edit: After toying around some more, it seems that it keeps checking: "C:\Program files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\" Instead of whatever folder I am playing from, or have installed to. I never use my C:\ drive for games, and use it only for OS and programs. Been trying to look around in some files to find out if I can edit or change this, but so far no luck. Hoping for a hint on how to make it recognise a different folder, or how to just make it read whatever is in the same folder it is placed in ? ***************************** Regarding the XP: I remember doing this once back last time you where around, but since I needed to kill a few hours today anyways, here we go again: Icewind Dale 1 from start to end of Kresselacks quest, with a fresh group of 6 characters. Thagdarf (LG-DM-F1) Axe Hrif (LG-DM-F1) Hammer Mjor (LG-DM-C1) Mace/Sling Tamj (CN-HF-B1) Bow Silhanna (CG-EF-F1) Bow/2hand-sword Ledgewalker (CG-EF-F1/T1) Bow/longsword Edit: Forgotten, can anyone remind me where teh first Batleaxe +1 is ? Getting tired of having Thagdarf waving around with a morning star whenever there is enemies immune to non magical weapons... I've summarissed a bit here, so I give the XP I had on the "leader" person (the one in front always get a few XP more than the rest) and group total. I've checked this at several points in the game, so you can get a flow of how things are supposed to go. Lastly, I'll compare this to what level a pure class Cleric would have been at each place, as cleric is about the most "average" speed at leveling up. Easthaven Leader: 1249 Party: 7469 Cleric: 1 Orc Pass Leader: 1418 Party: 8880 Cleric: 1 Avalance Leader: 2522 Party: 15020 Cleric: 2 Goblin Pass Leader: 3269 Party: 19315 Cleric: 3 Kuldahar Leader: 3946 Party: 23379 Cleric: 3 Vale of Shadows Leader: 8125 Party: 48219 Cleric: 4 Kresselacks Tomb 1 Leader: 11640 Party: 69200 Cleric: 4 Kresselacks Tomb 2 Leader: 13620 Party: 80904 Cleric: 5 Kresselacks Tomb 3 Leader: 17066 Party: 101559 Cleric: 5 Kresselacks Tomb Complete Leader: 19759 Party: 117689 Cleric: 5 Comparing this to IWD2 and D&D 3.X Ed, just compare it to what XP they need to level with a class in 3.0. so basically IWD2 characters should hit 10000 xp each (level 5) somewhere in the middle of Kresselacks tomb part 2. And should end Kresselacks quest with something like 12000-13000XP each.
  7. Been away for some time, Going to try the demo the moment I get some freetime. Naturally I can not resist posting opinions! Easiest work-around, just upp the quest rewards after what level you want people to be. Also encourages people to "run through" to test things, and only kill all the gazillion goblins to test things out. Makes it faster and more interesting to try specific things and reruns. Example a team with all stealth could just run through first parts of game to try the laters for changes etc. Yay! I would not mind letting this remain in the game, at least to some extent. Always hated the enemy acting to dumb.
  8. I am glad to see this is still alive, still looking forward to it. *Is running on my last crate of Potions of Patience*
  9. Unfortunatelly, there has been next to no life signs from Fred since late summer. Edit: If Fred is not going to, or don't have time to continue this mod. Would have been fun to at least get to try the last version he worked on. Tried Icewind Dale 1 again couple of days back, and I just really can't stand the 2E system anylonger. Loosing interest to play the game becose of that.
  10. To me at least it did not make sence, sorry The XP needed to level up is amazinglly smaller numbers than the ones used in Seccond editoin (aka iwd1). A 20th level character in 3rd ed have 191000 XP, while a similar amount of XP would not even give you a 8th level Ranger in 2E (or 10th level thief iirc). The XP per creature is heavilly modified, but basically you can get lots of XP killing monsters with higher challenge ratings (Example killing Ogres at level 1 will give you immense XP infact you should get 600 XP for killing a ogre for the first 4-5 levels. That is more than the lousy 270 XP you got for them in 2nd Ed, which was static so you never got more or less. They simply added the challenge rating system so you would get more XP for fighting big mosnters, and very little to nothing against small puny enemies you should not have the least problem with. In general this avoids such situations as camping for lots of small kills just to get a level up etc. It is a "punishment" at the higher levels of a sort, as killing 100 goblins gives you no experience points, but this system was really intended for Pen & Paper and not computer games, so in those cases you rather got a "quest XP" from the DM for "having cleared the docks of more annoying puny goblins". At low levels this is basically just a big boon, as it helps you up the first couple of levels very fast. In 3rd edition a goblin gives you 75XP a head, and orcs 150XP per head for a first level character, and you only need 1000XP to level up. In 2nd Ed a fighter needed 2000xp to level up, and you got (From memory, might be wrong) 15 or 35 XP for a normal goblin, and 65 xp for an orc. In all effect you level up 4 times as fast in 3rd ed compared to 2nd ed at low levels. In general, with standard encounter levels, you should level up faster in 3rd ed rules. Uhm yeah, annother long post from me, getting a bit to enganged into this rules stuff... Uhm if I was unclear, overly technical or just making an ass of myself do tell and I'll try to remedy. Right now I gotta head out and crack some orc skulls! Out!
  11. I belive Fred mentioned earlier he was interested in making the "difficulty settings" into a mod for a bunch of the users to fix, and rather consentrate on getting things "right" with the main mod. From the sound of things, this would make the game hard, and be dependent on fans to make various difficulty settings (There is a thread about this further down, lots of interesting opinions). So it seems to allready be more or less desided While there might be a large favor towards the more "hardcore" gamers, there are also some that would appreciate a lesser difficulty, and I remember at least one said as much on this forum. Besides that I agree whole heartedly though, like the challenge.
  12. Yes, there is a very large difference between the IWD2 User Interface, and the one used in BG1/2/IWD1, The difference between BG1 and BG2 is just the "colors" more or less, so the mod you are refering to is mainly about extracting the BG1 graphics and put them into the override folder of BG2 (the tutu install). All the buttons and such are placed in the same manner, and does the same things. IWD2 have a completelly different layout/look, all the buttons are placed at different places, the info box, portraits, etc all is in different places, and setup in a differetn manner. Also you can change the buttons on the menu, how would that work with the old BG1/2 style buttons that are a set "list" ?
  13. I don't think so. The game will be using the IWD2 engine, and thus defaults to the IWD2 look. Also with the large changes to how the User Interface works, both with changable buttons, and different setups, no longer using the sides etc. I don't think it would be possible to put the IWD1 lookinto IWD2 at all.
  14. Well there are those that have become max level in IWD2 on normal mode with 6 characters. It's a little bug really, in how the machine calculates XP. Playing normally with 6 people on normal mode and doing all quests should get you as you said to about level 16-19 somewhere for most (generally a level or two more if you have a good mix of non ECL and ECL races). Also playing solo shouldn't give you that much more XP really, you will definitivelly reach each level faster, but the higher level you get the less XP you get for defeating lower monsters. So only quest XP is unmodified, thus if you level to high the quest XP is the only XP you get. I would estimate say 5 levels higher than what you would be with a full party. (I haven't really tried this so can't say for certain just how much you would be over "normal party").
  15. I'm not certain I understand the problem here ? Are you complaining that IWD2 have to low "calculated" level at the end of the game ? IWD1tutu will be using the IWD2 system, and even if it was planned to change, I'm not exactlly certain how that could be done. It is not the challenge rating system that keeps you to "only" become level 19, it's the amount of challenges, game, monsters, quest XP etc from start to end of the game. If you play IWD1 withouth expantionpacks you even had a XP limit that set you to not even gain level 8 and 9 spells (and as such, those where even impossible to write to spellbook in iwd1). Considering this, IWD2 isactually more free in this regard. The Challenge rating system is generally considered a much needed improvement over the old "set xp per monster" that could let you camp out at the forest waiting for random spawning goblins for lousy XP all year long until you managed to levelup that last level. If anything, IWD2 is a bit TO forgiving in this part, considering how it calculates things wrongly, and makes people making level 30 characters before finishing chapter 2. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I guess the ansver is just "no".
  16. I'm going to try to ansver things as far as my limited knowledge of this goes, then Fred can clean up the mess afterwards 1: Judging from how BG1tutu and IWG2 did this, I'd say no. bg1tutu overided entire game in all effects. IWG2 for some reason refused to change start map so you startedin targos, and could be teleported out from there, but never managed to get past that one map, then the game crashed. 2: They should be the exactlly same thing, Both beeing characters generated in IWD2 engine. Naturally copying one over to the other (either having two separate installs, or uninstalling/installing iwd1tutu etc) should probablly lead in "working" but lacking items and spells etc that are not the same in the two of them, this occationally might crash the gameusing this character, but commonly not. 3: From what Fred has been talking about thus far, nope. Step 1 getting iwd1 converted into iwd2 (and roughly playable). Step 2: We'll see when he gets there 4: All monsters will ahve to be converted, so they should at least get assigned skills and feats etc, if they use them or not is something else entirelly. Might be a project best of for some sort of "patch" mod for the convertion as there is some talk about. Same with monster strategies etc. Well, if I said anything wrong, I'm fairly certain Fred will come and correct in a few days time.
  17. Just completed IWD1 again, and started on IWD2 with plans to use the same party. I had forgotten just how horrible Fighter/Wizard was in this game (iwd2) So just checking if there is any activity (been quiet for a couple of days). Also whatever you do, remember to let everlast arrow be available in the change! >_< *Looks through the minibar for annother potion of patience*
  18. Installing... Option 1: Converted completelly correct from IWD1 with no laterations whatsoever. Option 2: Converted and edited to match as identical to how it appeared in IWD1 as possible Option 3: Converted and edited to make it better balanced and more playable Choose 1,2 or 3: Yes, I realise that might be a bit into the future yet, I'd say all three is as right as they are all wrong. Toss a coin. Remember the difference between 2E and 3E, for one thing, 2E have different XP requirement to level up on each different class (that's the reason I wrote up separate levels for 4 different classes). 3E (thankfully) removed that and set all classes to same XP for next level. Also 3E XP requirement for levelup is much lower than 2E, so directlly comparing XP doesn't work, especially the longer into the game you get. Example, if I had soloed this game and got all the XP mentioned above for one character in 2E he would barelly be 7-9th level, The same XP on a 3E character is 15+ levels. I'd say, use fighter levels as a decent indication to what level they should be for the parts I've run through. Later in the game I'd have used mage as hes XP table speeds up, and the warrior tables ebbs of to become the slowest in the game. Also, naturally our parties will seem different, one is made in 2E and the other in 3E
  19. In the 2E games (BG1/2/IWD1) strength did not aply to bows (at least to my knowledge), in 3E strength should always aply when you have a negative bonus (strength 8 or less) and never aply if you have positive bonus (strength 12 or more) unless you used a composite bow. Not fully certain how this is implemented in IWD2. Alternayivelly give them slings, it does only 1D4 damage, and always aplies strength bonus. And just take away their weapon proficiency for sling (all classes comes with this one though). You would have goblins with -4 to attack, deald 1D4-1 blunt damage. If they're considered level 1 warrior they should have base attack +1 (warrior) and +1 or +2 from dexterity with -4 for lack of proficiency. Now back to say hello to my good old pall Kresslack, I think he's already put over the tea, so I better hurry with the bisquits! EDIT: more xp as I just finished chapter 1. Place XPeach XPtotal Fighter Cleric Thief Mage Easthaven 2500 15000 2 2 3 2 Avalance 3200 19200 2 3 3 2 Kuldahar 3900 23400 2 3 3 2 Vale-Cave1 4500 27000 3 3 3 2 Vale-Cave2 6300 37800 3 4 4 3 Vale-Cave3 7000 42000 3 4 4 3 Vale-Cave4 8500 51000 4 4 4 3 Vale-Cave5 19000 114000 5 4 5 4 Temple-F-God 26000 156000 5 5 6 5 And that is end of chapter 1, I'll make similar inchapter 2 when I go through it (per level-cave). I've run half my characters as multiclasses, so not gotten all the same levels myself, group that I'm using: Thagdarf: Dwarf, male, LG, Fighter/Cleric, hammer, sling Hrif: Dwarf, male, LG, Fighter, axe, sling Garron: Human, male, NG, Ranger, bow, great sword Kern: Human, male, LN, Fighter2 dual Thief, Bow, Large sword Gnimsh: Gnome, male, TN, Cleric/Illusionist, club, sling Tamj: Human, female, CN, Bard, Bow, Dagger In that marching order. XP get's split slightly in favour of the front character, so I compare Hrif and Tamj (order 2 and 6) and average the XP between them to get the numbers.
  20. This is a repeater in entire Infinity engine (BG1/IWD1 especially), basically you don't use any of the penalties for shooting in the engine (There should be various penalties for shooting into combat and for range etc), so you hit more, and especially bows with their TWO attacks in base (before warrior levels or specialisation, not to mention longbow ot heavens forbid composite longbow!) and you have a weapon that will pretty much autokill most low hitpoint enemies/players. BG1 you could complete near entire game with nothing but dedicated archers (Character, Kivan, Coran, and Imoen filled up both mage/thief, and Yeslick is handy with a sling). The same thing is obvious in IWD1, though it get's a bit limited later in the game (Dragons Eye for eks, trolls, very though Yuan-ti etc, later on the various zombies that can only be hurt by magic etc). IWD2 already fixes alot of this by not letting bow get 2 attacks, and that multiple attacks doesn't use the same attackbonus/Thac0, and that composite longbow isn't quite as nasty, also weapon specialisation is changed and weakened fairly much. Also, goblins should have a strength score of 8 iirc, which should already give -1 to all damage, including bows, but excludding crossbows. Some of the suggestions I made in one of my previous posts should also be able to deal with this one, without making large changes into the rules proper. (From top of my head, difficulty affect luck, give access to more anti missle equipments like plate, heavy shield, adventurers robe etc earlier). You could also remove the weapon proficiency for bow on goblins, that would give them a -4 to hit, this can be usefull with converting goblins from iwd1 into for example cleric levels that does not have martial weapon prof bow. Wee, nice to be ranting a bit again. The XP and CR system is an interesting one, but even if you start with a higher level, you don't get "less" experience (counting the start XP) than if you did not. At level 4 and outward you will be reciving slightlly less XP per kill, but it is nothing to noticable really. You will still reach th next levels to the same max limit. So if you start as level 1 or level 3, and sit spawn camping on the skelettons and hadows respawning points, you will reach the same level before you start reciving no experience. But with the start at level 3, you will be 3000 XP ahead to get there. Don't read more into the CR/XP system than there really is About level 7-10 somewhere it should have evened itself out so much that you wouldnt have noticed much of a difference if you started at level 1 or 3. Also, the way it count's your levels is idiotic and wrong, I really wish they stuck to the 3E way of splitting XP, calculating XP for each character individually per CR of opponents compared to their own level, and then divided on number of party members. That would have made the dumb muling zero efficiency. Also, just installed IWD1 with HoW and TotLM, and started a new group. And desided to write up some XP/Levels for you, since you asked for it earlier somewhere. I ran a full 6 man group, been ages since last time I did that, as I generally don't like playing with that many characters. I wronte up the XP I had averagelly on each character as I was done with whatever map I was on, so for example the Easthaven XP is what I had right as I left Easthaven: Fighter Cleric Thief Mage Easthaven 2500xp each 15000 total party 2 2 3 2 Avalance 3200xp each 19200 total party 2 3 3 2 Kuldahar 3900xp each 23400 total party 2 3 3 2 Vale-Cave1 4500xp each 27000 total party 3 3 3 2 Vale-Cave2 6300xp each 37800 total party 3 4 4 3 Vale-Cave3 7000xp each 42000 total party 3 4 4 3 Vale-Cave4 8500xp each 51000 total party 4 4 4 3 At the moment I am standing right in front of the last cave, the one that leads to Kresslack's Tomb, and I have beaten up everything in the valley, including all the yeti's even inside the cave. I also did all the quests (at least that I can remember, which should be most) in Easthaven before leaving. From memory most classes should make at least another level in the last tomb, some probablly two. I'll continue this tomorrow to finish the tomb!
  21. Remember to take respawning monsters into account (like skelettons in the caves in valley of shadows).
  22. Remember that all the maps in ToEE uses 2D images, so those need to be converted manually. All the rest of the graphic is 3D. So just adding a BG1/BG2 map over would cause some really interesting problems with size and angle differences etc. Fancy redrawing the BG1/2 maps by hand to get them right for ToEE ? I sure don't Also regarding to the difficulty, I know there are alot of people that have fun with playing through iwd2 on Heart of Fury from level 1, and think it is to easy. So perhaps leaving it as "though as nails" as it is now, for at least those harder difficulties might be a nice "feature" If it is as hard as you make it sound like, then I'm looking even more forward to this!
  23. Just to try to sound smart! But total convertion is any mod that alters the entire story/campaign in a game. So recreating an entire new game within an existing one is just as much a Total Convertion as moving one game into another. That said, I've been wanting to play Baldurs Gate 1 etc in ToEE's engine as well But just imagine converting those maps *Shudders*
  24. Just some alternatives I thought of: As someone else said a couple of days ago, keep the conversion as one mod, and the balancing as annother mod. Alter the difficulty settings, as there should be possible ot have "more or less" monsters upon difficulty settings, becose of IWD2's XP system, this actually becomes viable as opposed to IWD1 where putting it on the hardest made you levelup twise as fast (Thus easier in the long run). Let for example Hrotgar give you a "training session" if you wanted to at the absolute start of the game (first chat before you get to do anything else) that give each charactter 1000 pr 3000 xp to get a head start for those that find it difficult. Adjust the "luck" by difficulty setting if possible ? Give all characters option of buying better armor and shields easier (helps alot against arrows with plate and large/tower shields etc). EDIT: Also that robe that gives bonus AC vs missles! (Adventurer robe?) Slap a bunch of various potions and scrolls of things like web, entangle, sleep etc around so it is easier to deal with the hordes. Put lots of them in the random item tables etc. Lots of flaming potions and what not. I could probablly think of a couple of others as well give time, that does not alter the rules per say. Also ToEE is really the most awesome combat in any cRPG I have ever played, love the game (Heck this made me want to play it again!), Also some of the graphics I have enjoyed the most in a cRPG game. Co8 have done a fabolous job with it, all thumbs up! Also looking greatly forward to the Keep on the Borderland (Think I have the 2E modul lying around somewhere, and also enjoyed the novel-book version of it!). Tata!
  25. Not beta tested yet. More than ready Been waiting for this mod since way before you started at it!
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