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  1. She doesn't seem to consider Fade's presence either
  2. Err not quite sure what berelinde is on about but you have to create a multiplayer game with 2 players and save it. Then you move the save from the mp folder to the sp folder (create a sub folder there as per naming convention) and fire up bg again, this time loading a sp game. Your mp game will be listed there and be fully functional as a sp game with 2 players.
  3. GhostNWN

    Rashryn won't appear

    Basically to the left of the guy that upgrades the horn of valhalla, near the stand with all those pelts.
  4. GhostNWN

    Ambers Bracelet

    I think I was able to get her to give it up before the underdark with ring of human influence. I was quite advanced with the LTs though
  5. GhostNWN

    Just wondering

    Likely added from one of the other mods you got installed. No such issue for me.
  6. GhostNWN

    The kids won't spawn

    Wait at least a day. Maybe 2-3 as sometimes the time things with Amber are a bit screwy.
  7. GhostNWN

    Amber Romance Problems

    Oh yeah. you have to pause the game while you do that and then also type SetGlobal("m#amberfriend","GLOBAL",0)
  8. GhostNWN

    Bug in Amber mod?

    Just use standard attack for her then. Maybe that fixes it.
  9. GhostNWN

    Bug in Amber mod?

    Custom as in do nothing when attacked and basically passive?
  10. GhostNWN

    Amber Romance Problems

    SetGlobal("m#ambermatch","GLOBAL",1) SetGlobal("m#amberromanceactive","GLOBAL",1)
  11. GhostNWN

    Amber's Map

    Identify the map and then move to the slum district exterior
  12. That's what I was doing when I tested the play2 romance option Started a BG1 mp game with two characters and dumped the save into the sp folder.
  13. I used party members to estimate her attacks. And she seems to have 4. She also has the proper 5 if using the pantalon contraption for instance. I also noticed that she seems to hit party members with a high AC (-10) much better than she does a hostile critter with an AC above 0.
  14. By the end of ToB she was 27 / 34 or so. Which is why she can wear gloves, full armor etc
  15. Yep that's right, she wears those gloves. I can see misses due to critical miss also without having hitrolls enabled. Having them enabled only seems to show when i actually hit someone, not when I miss.
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