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  1. khayman

    The FAQ

    If you happen to have too many problems making it in WeiDU, I`m sure one of the WeiDU grandmasters would gladly help you -- probably for a fee of at least 100 gold coins/kilobyte written. (I`m not a WeiDU guru so I may not be wise of talking instead of others, but still).
  2. khayman


    I`d rather not give details about this right now, since (s)he`s going to come up with a few surprises. Let`s just say everyone sees her as a charming low level wizard...
  3. khayman


    New questions asked by Galactygon. 1.) Since this is a mod specifically centered on wizards, will there be new spells? I don`t think so; our aim is to make a quest mod and many (upcoming) mods offer new spells, so this isn`t really our concern. 2.) Will the cowled wizard encounters when spellcasting is restricted be changed? No, they won`t. 3.) Is there a way to alter the path of whom you serve in case you mess up? Meaning that can you switch to the vampires/shadowthieves if you angered the superiors? Yes, although this depends on how involved in the organization of the Cowled W
  4. khayman


    I forgot to add: if you have other questions, please post them here.
  5. khayman


    Disclaimer: This FAQ contains minor spoilers. Also if you are the kind of person who is offended by the lack of usage of 'she' and 'her', then please replace 'him' and 'his' with the respective words and shut up, kthxbye Q: What exactly is this Perils of Wisdom? A: It`s a mod. Q: I mean what does it do and add to BG2? A: It is a quest mod mainly dedicated to players who play with spellcasters. Although the majority of the quests will be playable by any class, some of them are restricted to mages and sorcerers. It adds a new way of getting to Spellhold, one beside the two officia
  6. Good luck with it, Rob! ^_^
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