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  1. Happy birthday Cam, may you enjoy it in its fullest.
  2. Long live teh two of you! Happy birthday.
  3. khayman

    :D !

    It`s on a sort of hiatus for another month or so, but with the help of others it will regain its strength and reborn from his ashes.. err... or something. ^_^ We`ll be back.
  4. Happy birthday, Domi! If you`re visiting the castle of good old Dracula, make sure you hop in at my house, I`ll wait with a hearty dinner.
  5. I don`t see anything bad in that; in fact why the hell isn`t there a Forgotten Realms TV station available???
  6. khayman

    The FAQ

    If you happen to have too many problems making it in WeiDU, I`m sure one of the WeiDU grandmasters would gladly help you -- probably for a fee of at least 100 gold coins/kilobyte written. (I`m not a WeiDU guru so I may not be wise of talking instead of others, but still).
  7. khayman


    I`d rather not give details about this right now, since (s)he`s going to come up with a few surprises. Let`s just say everyone sees her as a charming low level wizard...
  8. I don`t know, I`d most likely enjoy it at the beginning; then yes, lose everything I currently have. And gain others. And then lose them again, at a certain point deciding to get out of this circle and probably continue living all alone. Having the.. gift of being immortal would probably allow me to.. acquire more than enough money to build myself a castle or two and try to live in solitude. Probably educating myself & reading an immense amount of books, like liches do, would be a viable option. At least the expression of 'wasting time' would be missing from my vocabulary.
  9. You are perfectly right.
  10. I`m not entirely sure we should change the game`s main plot this much. I mean the scope of the mod actually is getting hired by the Cowled Wizards, doing quests and gaining Spellhold. Maybe some extras with the Planar Sphere mod.
  11. khayman

    :D !

    Thanks. Although I must admit I haven`t really lost anything related to the mod. Mainly because we haven`t started coding anything yet.
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