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  1. You'll probably be surprised by the download numbers, I'll bet.
  2. For what it's worth, I'm still waiting patiently, Rob. You just keep what you're doing, and do what you can, I'm sure there'll still be a throng of us when Aklon comes out.
  3. I'll say one thing, it's a testament to your tenacity that you're still at it seven years later!!! I'm still here, as well, BigRob, and Aklon'll be ready when he's ready, but I'm fairly certain there'll be a couple of fan girls still here, waiting to snap him up when he's released. Good luck with juggling RL and modding, we'll be right here when you get back.
  4. Hey, I've been around for years, and I still haven't given up on Aklon, so I'm willing to wait a little longer (especially if it means less potential gamebreaking bugs). Hang in there, BigRob, we're all rooting for ya! (and Aklon, of course!)
  5. Kudos on the release!!! And thank you for the nod in the readme, but in truth.... *you're* the one who truly, truly rocks! Thank you for all the effort you put in bringing this wonderful, endearing Lathander priest to life!
  6. I agree with Ankhesenpaaten, I thought that was *hilarious*! Even though, I was a bit annoyed when I couldn't manage to resolve said problem in Ust Natha. I thought the solution was absolutely priceless (although Ajantis chose the Shadow Thieves' basement to solve his little problem, maybe that's not the most appropriate spot?). I won't say anymore, as I don't want to give anything away, but well done!
  7. As far as I know, in v8, as in the previous versions, a PC of a healing class can restore Deheriana. Witness the readme:
  8. Bah! Readme, scheame (don't ask, that made no sense)!!! Who reads those anyways??? (just kidding) Good luck with the alpha, jastey, we'll all be here when time comes for the beta!
  9. Hooray for progress! I'm still here too, awaiting Aklon patiently (don't care how long it takes, I'm certain he'll be worth the wait!). We all know how RL gets, so we'll never hold it against you! *hands BigRob some ice cream* You've earned it!!!
  10. Will do!!! Sooo, when's the beta??...
  11. Hoooooorayy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Jastey!!!! I didn't dare bump this thread or inquire about the progress (figured I had nagged you enough as is!), so I'm super happy to hear the news! Sooo... release cute lovable paladin fiancé soon?...
  12. Yaaaaay!!! Ice cream!!!!! Oh dear, that sounds particularly nasty!!! Good luck getting your putter back on track!! As someone who just spent a week tinkering in her own computer (and almost went insane because of it, long story!), I really feel for you. Indeed, technology's awesome until the day it fails you!
  13. ROFL!!!! Thanks a million, Cal, you just made my day!!
  14. I am aware of that, but I didn't want to appear over-enthusiastic in my praise, as I often come off as too cheery, gushing, fan girl...
  15. I thought it was the opposite (allowing you to use Xan's BG2 voice in BG1). Anyway, I found Xan incredibly annoying in BG1 (using BG1 NPC) but I like him much better in BG2. Maybe it's because he whines less, maybe it's because I like his BG2 personal quests (especially the Eldreth Veluuthra one), I don't know... You can indeed use the mod's soundset in BG1. Just head over here to Xan's page and scroll to "A BG1 Soundset for Xan using the BG2 Xan voice actor (separate download) is also available." However, I'm fairly certain that you can restore the original voice from BG2, it'd probably take a bit of tinkering in the override folder, but nothing as complicated as brain surgery. Although... why would you do that?!? I really liked the voicing for the mod! Of course, maybe it's because I played the mod before I played BG1.... Buuuutttt..... back to Angelo, and that awesome review! No thanks necessary, Cal Jones, that was well-earned praise for you! Edit: a silly typo...
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