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  1. You'll probably be surprised by the download numbers, I'll bet.
  2. For what it's worth, I'm still waiting patiently, Rob. You just keep what you're doing, and do what you can, I'm sure there'll still be a throng of us when Aklon comes out.
  3. I'll say one thing, it's a testament to your tenacity that you're still at it seven years later!!! I'm still here, as well, BigRob, and Aklon'll be ready when he's ready, but I'm fairly certain there'll be a couple of fan girls still here, waiting to snap him up when he's released. Good luck with juggling RL and modding, we'll be right here when you get back.
  4. Eleima


    Yeah, why always blame Russia, after all? Some good things come from Russia too, right Kulyok?
  5. Eleima


    You just had to say that, didn't you? I get up this morning, and bam! Two spam messages in Russian!
  6. Eleima


    I don't see what some users are getting so riled up about. Obvious spam is obvious spam. Just report them if you wish and move along. Nothing to see.
  7. Hey, I've been around for years, and I still haven't given up on Aklon, so I'm willing to wait a little longer (especially if it means less potential gamebreaking bugs). Hang in there, BigRob, we're all rooting for ya! (and Aklon, of course!)
  8. Happy holidays to all!!! =)
  9. Eleima

    Gavin's luck...

    That is absolutely priceless... Poor clumsy, adorable Gavin!
  10. Thanks a bunch, Graoumf, for catching that. I keep forgetting that the accents disappear in the install strings, having done mostly dialog files...
  11. Kudos on the release!!! And thank you for the nod in the readme, but in truth.... *you're* the one who truly, truly rocks! Thank you for all the effort you put in bringing this wonderful, endearing Lathander priest to life!
  12. Happy birthday!!! Have some cake!
  13. Greetings Berelinde!! I was wondering if you still needed players for the alpha test. I have to admit that I want to jump at the opportunity the second I saw this thread, but I had to make sure my schedule was cleared before committing to anything. And since it is, well... I'm offering! I don't know when your deadline is, but I can probably cram in at least two playthroughs (since I have a tendency to play rather fast), in order to test the "engaged in BG1" path and the "Gavin is interested" path. Time permitting, I'll cram the friendship path in there too. Just tell me if you need an extra alpha tester, otherwise I'll just go back to playing Mass Effect 2.
  14. Wow, that's a lot of options, enough to keep any gamer happy for quite some playthroughs. However, that does also mean more work for you, Berelinde! I wish you all the best for the next stages, we'll be sitting right here, waiting patiently for Gavin!!
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