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  1. The original item is indeed supposed to be the "belching fire" technique. Hence the short range methinks.
  2. More work than it's worth IMO. It's far easier to just build a new kit. You just need a spell each level that removes all cleric spells, and grants all druid spells. The others are cosmetic. (Disable TurnUndead button, name changes, yadda, yadda.)
  3. As Igi said. Just be sure you pick an animation slot to replace that has an original casting animation. Otherwise it does indeed blank out. Oh, and for the record, the process was discovered by Max of DLTC fame.
  4. IIRC an item already in the slot gets bumped into the inventory with ADD_CRE_ITEM.
  5. I believe that if the killing blow is done by magic fire/magic cold damage, the game crashes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sweet. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Confirmed. I wonder if this is because it's supposed to have it's own little post-damage animation which is lacking? (Like char and flames for regular fire damage, electrical arcs for electricity, etc...) I further wonder if this can be "fixed".
  6. No. So long as it's not set to zero it should be okay. 100xp is just good for a safety net.
  7. Eventually, yes. It's intended for that as much as modding the original games.
  8. Damn fine movie! Any inconsistancies on physical appearances, etc... just don't add up the pure entertainment value of the flick itself. Besides the great storyline, which kept you guessing, entertained, and without cheesy tactics to do it - the cast has been given some of the best lines in modern film. Edit: Oh, and Kostner should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch his own movies back-to-back for an entire weekend. It'd be a violation of human rights according to the Geneva Convention, but it'd stop the horror the future movies of his may bring.
  9. JC has a point. I looked into doing exactly this for my TC. Instead I decided to change the base currency to silver, and ignore copper. Too much of a bean-counting happens when copper are involved. In old PnP campaigns I'd changed the base currency to silver as well. It helps prevent the gluttonous bank accounts. Doing a direct change too you can just leave things at their original pricing, but the number's now in sp. I use the old values: 20sp = 2ep = 1gp with 1pp = 5gp. The silver icons already in game are a timesaver as well. Good luck with it.
  10. Your memory is good, just outdated. 1st ed. did have those 1/2 elves reaching the 300yr mark or so before being venerable. *sigh* Damn I miss that game.
  11. mfist1.itm to mfist8.itm. Use a spell via CLAB to apply them with the kit.
  12. I'm wondering if it's just me. For the last couple days I have been unable to update as I keep getting Any ideas? *bump*
  13. To quote the everwise Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try."
  14. Sounds quite interesting. I'd go further to suggest that there be multiple versions of each gemstone/jewlery of different values. From cheap glass/brass&gilding copies of low worth, to high-end flawless specimens of exceptional value. And if you do this, then I don't have to.
  15. Heya Cam, the links to the new versions of G3Tweak and TuTuTweak packs haven't been updated to the new versions released this AM.
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